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It is a great pleasure to announce that the Public Front for the Pakistan Nationalist Association has been hosted and is now actively searching for members who can prove their Nationality and their absolute loyalty to the Pakistani Nation. As such we need nothing but a Passport or National Identity Card and simply the will and resolve to serve Pakistani Interests.

Do note that we are a professional organization. Do note that we will host events and parties for our members. However we are here to stand for Pakistani Interests. In Pakistan we will be undertaking a number of projects that concentrate on Business growth, Education and Healthcare. One of our tasks in foreign nations is to lobby and lobby hard for our interests to be maintained and kept in mind when making decisions. We will also transfer money from these places and members will be active in deciding where this money is utilized.

Our other tasks include bringing forth the great message of Pakistani Nationalism to the people. Nationalist members from the other fronts are welcome to join. However this is a public organization that will be listed as required by the government and as an aid agency as well.

Please contact us for further information.

Pakistan Always First.


Pakistani Nationalism Vs Bollywood

The battle between those who believe in globalization and those who stand against it has been going on for several years.

The country of Pakistan is in an intensely complex situation due to globalization. Having fought 3 wars with archrival India and growing up to see their country at war with it many Pakistanis are still vary about Indian influence and goods in their markets. However at the same time Indian influence is growing worldwide and Islamabad has definitely not been left out from this new development. Indian goods seem to be flooding Pakistani markets. Indian textiles seem to be in fashion amongst Pakistan’s elite while Indian poultry, fruits, vegetables and other edible items are now available in the country as well.

Indian goods may be making their way into Pakistan but the largest representative of growing Indian influence in Pakistan would be Bollywood and the positive response a large section of the population has given to it.

Bollywood’s effect on Pakistani Music

Undoubtedly Bollywood’s influence is continually growing across the World. With the huge success of Slumdog Millionaire the Indian Movie Industry and along with the music industry that supports it has crossed another threshold. The movie has received 10 Academy Awards at the Oscars. Whether it was merely hyped up and deserved all these awards or not the fact is that Bollywood is gaining exposure Worldwide.

If Bollywood is now accumulating fame in far off USA and Canada it is definitely having a major impact on its immediate neighbour Pakistan a country which shares with it a common language. While Nationalists and traditionalists are exceedingly infuriated with the influence it has on Pakistani society large sections of the population especially amongst the youth seem to be either oblivious or purposely ignorant over its effects on the Pakistani Music Industry and on an already crippled Movie Industry.

In Pakistan the effect of Bollywood can be seen everywhere. Though the influence of Pakistani Nationalism has not diminished completely and Bollywood is still seen negatively by a very large section of the population the effect it has on much of the younger generation in Pakistan is clear. Conversations between youth and college students often focus on new Indian songs and movies or discuss the affluent lives of actors and actresses. Pakistani girls idolize Katrina Kaif, Karina Kapoor and other actresses and equally admire actors like Shahrukh Khan. Many of them have very minimal knowledge of the Pakistani Music Industry since Bollywood has become a complementary market for them. This trend is further represented by the shrinkage in the sales of Pakistani CD’s and Cassettes.

Many segments in society don’t see this as a problem at all and simply claim that people shouldn’t be told what to do and cannot be directed. They simply feel that the entire topic is pointless claiming that Pakistanis simply should not over concern themselves with such affairs. They claim that just like Lollywood, Pakistani music simply is not good enough or really useless and the Indian music is likely to “inspire the Pakistanis” into making something for the local population

No doubt Pakistani bands, artists and film-makers may need to create something better suited for the local population but are Pakistanis willing to give their own countrymen a chance at all? How is it that a song by the same singer gains immense recognition when it features in a Bollywood Movie while no one even knows about it when it is released in Pakistan? Didn’t Adnan Sami feel that his talents were ignored and disrespected by Pakistani Society initially? Did he not skyrocket to fame when he made his debut in India? The same is true with Atif Aslam. To gain an audience and fanfare these artists have to cross the border and have limited opportunities in Pakistan.

The Nationalist Belief: Is banning the solution?

Several Pakistani Nationalists believe that a complete ban on Indian music and movies in Pakistan is the solution for the losses suffered by the Pakistani music and movie industries. This movement is gaining steam and a petition is being signed all over Pakistan demanding such a ban as well. Some of those signing this petition are so passionate about the ban that they have planted stickers on their cars demanding an end to its influence. The fact that they are supported by the studies of local market analysts also motivates them to demand a complete ban on Bollywood. One such media analyst is Mahmood Agha.

Mahmood Agha is a critic of Indian media influence and penetration in Pakistani society continually argues that if Pakistanis stop giving excess attention to Bollywood and instead direct this attention to the Pakistani Music Industry they can inject 25 Million Rupees into the Nation. Despite this many people continue to claim that only some of these funds go outside the country as only local intermediaries benefit due to the wide scale of the copying of Indian music. However the fact that the sales of Indian audio CD’s and cassettes (copyright infringed or not) are gaining steam while the sales of their Pakistani counterparts are declining heavily at the same time seems to support the analysis of Mahmood Agha. At the same time CD’s and Cassettes are often imported from India to be sold in Pakistan for Millions of Rupees is a glaring fact in the face of Pakistani Society.

However in Pakistan all questions and solutions to our problems begin with “What is our government doing to power our Entertainment Industry” and end there. In any case several senators have been arguing for a ban in assembly as well but mostly for their own political gains or to take pot shots at another party. Therefore there is no such major movement against the Indian Medias influence in Pakistan.

Counterarguments: Is a complete ban possible?

First of all this is not possible because this is not a Dictatorship and neither is Pakistan gifted with a Nationalist government. With shady individuals who would readily sell National Interest for their own interests carrying the flag of so called “freedom” there’s no point in even trying.

Any such move will be met with stark opposition locally as Bollywood is already well ingrained in Pakistani minds. Unfortunately the reality in Pakistan is that Bollywood dominates every corner and every mind especially amongst girls and women. The fact is that once an audience is gained it cannot be banned as the entire industry is firmly ingrained in local minds.

Furthermore in reality banning is not in any way a viable solution. Any ban will in turn be met by a similar ban on Pakistani music in India and will spoil improving ties between the Nations. This added with media sensationalism and mass nationalism on both sides will ensure hardships for Pakistani artists who seek their fortunes in India which has so far been willing to give Pakistanis a chance in Bollywood despite them being Pakistani.

It is also very well known that laws are extremely difficult to implement in our country. Even if Indian music is banned until there is a constant demand for Indian music the Pakistani industry will continue suffering. Unfortunately Pakistanis are lions of number 2 methods. Piracy already takes place in Pakistan at every nook and corner but it will become an even more lucrative trade if Bollywood is banned. If there are people in the country that want a certain good there is no way of stopping them from attaining it in the first place.

The role of the government is deplorable here. If it was well known that Bollywood would have an impact on our Entertainment Industry we should never have let it penetrate so deep into Pakistani society in the first place. After all isn’t it the duty of the government to promote National Interest first? Since Bollywood is here and within Pakistani minds there is no point in trying to ban it.

Clash of Ideologies

As far as the question goes from the individual standpoint each one of us needs to decide whether we are willing to put personal interest first at the cost of National Interest or are we going to make some sacrifices for National Interest. Certain people value their freedom above all else and believe no one has the right to tell them what to do.

From the Nationalist viewpoint it’s completely a different matter since Personal interest is expected to be National Interest and love for the Nation is the only thing to be held above everything else. As such each decision is expected to be made keeping in mind whether Pakistan would benefit or suffer.

When there are people in the Nation with such opposite lines of thinking it clearly calls for an explosive mix and the situation though not as volatile as some other religious identity issues the Nation faces the situation is representative of the struggle of two warring ideologies in Pakistan.

I remember meeting a Nationalist friend who had a very interesting story to relate. He very proudly boasted that he had slapped an individual for listening to Indian music and dancing to it in the Mazaar E Quaid. “Next time I see this sort of thing I will slap his mother who didn’t teach him to respect Pakistan” he exclaimed proudly under an outburst of verbal abuse. I tried to explain to him what he had done was wrong but my conversation didn’t bear fruit.

“The Quaid was responsible for the formation of the country.” He argued “His respect is the most important aspect in Pakistani society. I don’t care what these traitors do but they don’t do it in places of National Heritage and where we Nationalists come to pay our respects” He continued. “I love my country and I will die for it.”

I could say nothing more and shut my mouth as there was no point arguing because when a Left Wing Nationalist says he can die for his country he means it. Yet the lack of respect shown for National monuments is indeed a cause of concern. The only thing is there are more logical ways for dealing with such behaviour. Many Nationalists don’t seem to understand that.

Interestingly if we are expecting better from those who call themselves “liberals” it’s unfortunate that they don’t seem to be any less fanatical in their approach. When I related this to one of my new Pakistani friends from College his exact comment was “if someone would slap me for doing what I want I would actually kill him.”

Solutions Anybody?

Liberal or Nationalist it is evident that the government needs to invest very heavily on promoting Pakistani talent and ensuring that Pakistani people support their own industries, companies and artists before they head towards others as that will result in the money being circulated within Pakistan rather than going abroad. The same is the case with music.

While Nationalism in Pakistan is definitely on the rise for it to be utilized in a proper manner Nationalists need direction. People within Pakistan need to understand how their actions affect their country as a whole. It is the duty of the government, intellectuals, academics, philosophers and artists to promote Pakistani Nationalism and raise awareness over how our actions may affect the country. We do not need blind Nationalism that has no direction but Nationalism that seeks to find solutions by first looking at our own pattern of living and starting to work for our country from ourselves.

Until Bollywood remains embedded in the minds of Pakistanis and until there is no real sense of responsibility to improve our society and put Pakistani interests first no major change can begin to occur. To make the Pakistani Music Industry stronger Pakistanis have to take charge.

Why are Pakistani artists and bands so eager to perform in India?

Adnan Sami. One of the greatest singers Pakistan has produced is living in India. Unfortunately one of his most famous comments is “I’m as Indian as anyone. I’ve been here for 10 years. Mumbai is my home. The procedure to acquire an official citizenship is still on. And I don’t want to jump the line. Or jeopardize it in any way”

This was in 2008 and was the third time Adnan Sami applied for Indian citizenship. When Adnan went to USA for concerts it was common knowledge that Pakistanis all around were complaining that he never displays patriotism for Pakistan or any love for the country oftentimes to get that citizenship. The same Adnan Sami was seen covering for help from the same Pakistan he readily abandoned when he received death threats in Mumbai post 26/11. This was while his application for Indian citizenship was still being processed.

But the question is can we blame Adnan Sami for trying to get Indian citizenship in the first place? What have we as Pakistanis given Adnan Sami for making music for Pakistan and bringing a good name to it and its music industry? Has he received a larger welcome in Pakistan or in India?


An Unfortunate Phenomenon

A common and unfortunate phenomenon exists in Pakistan where whenever Pakistanis are questioned if they like Pakistani music they simply say Pakistan doesn’t have any good music. Even if it is true answering this very question naturally does require knowledge about the Pakistani music industry. When these same people are asked about the various bands and artists in Pakistani it often turns out that most of them don’t even know a quarter of the bands and artists in the market out there.

“They need excuses to ignore their own music industry now. It may be true India produces better music depending on the choice of the person but in every country the government and people support their own artists and bands. In Pakistan both don’t care. In turn if the bands and artists will feel unwelcome in their own Nation or feel there is simply no demand for them there they will just go elsewhere. It’s a business after all. If we don’t get recognition, fame or money from your time and effort then you will turn to a market where we will be more openly accepted” says analyst Mehmood Agha. “In any case it’s the duty of the government to promote the local music scene. In US, UK and Canada albums from local artists cost less than foreign albums. Unfortunately in Pakistan’s case when Pakistani albums are much more expensive than their infringed Indian counterparts what sort of message does that give to the Pakistani public?”

A band or artists ticket to fame: Bollywood

It’s only natural that most bands and artists have seen a skyrocketing of their career when they have gone to India and performed there or when they have used their songs in Indian movies. Before that many of them were unknown even by the Pakistanis. Amir Jamal’s song Kaho Na Kaho brought him the fame he needed however virtually no one knew about the album in the Pakistani market but everyone heard the song in Mahesh Bhatt’s film Murder. Even now many Pakistanis may know the song due to its link to the Bollywood movie but will not know the singer. Najam Shiraz had a single in the same movie.

Atif Aslam is one the greatest representatives of this trend. He has also done several concerts across India while his songs have been featured in Indian movies. He has introduced Tere Bin in the movie Bas Ek Pal, Juda Ho Ke Bhi in the movie Kalyug and Pehli Nazar in the movie race. His latest venture consists of two songs in the movie Ajab Prem Ki Ajab Kahani. Jal, Call and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have also done concerts and have even produced some of their videos in India.

It’s definitely not a bad thing that Pakistani artists are featuring their songs in Bollywood as it proves that Indians don’t want to close their doors on artists from Pakistan just because they are Pakistani. However the very fact that Pakistani artists and bands need to go there to make a real impact on the music industry is the pressing issue as it proves that in Pakistan there are few ways of ensuring the proper promotion of an artist or bands song.

Do we have anyone to blame?

To put it bluntly the Pakistani fans of these bands and artists never really are willing to admit the fact that there still are people in Pakistan who simply don’t care about anything Pakistani. Several of these hardcore Pakistani music enthusiasts still believe the reason Pakistani artists feel more welcome in India has to do with relative size of audiences there as it is a larger country and Pakistan is a smaller country with fewer people.

True or not channels that conduct any effort to promote local bands and artists are not getting as much viewership compared to the channels promoting Indian music. According to the 2008 consumer viewership trends show that all the Pakistani Music channels put together don’t get as much viewership as B4U Music in Pakistan. On the other hand Pakistani music enthusiasts actually complain when artists and bands from the country take up ventures in India and claim they are running after the dollars but the problem lies within the population itself.

Adnan a model and guitarist from Karachi make’s an effort to explain this phenomenon and the problems that artists and bands face today. “One of the reasons artists in Pakistan don’t get as much promotion may be that Pakistan has a very weak film industry which is needed to support the artists. Also let’s face it people do like sensationalism. They want to watch women shed their clothes even if they will never admit it. This is also the reason for the growth of Bollywood and Indian artists amongst other factors such as better direction.”

However there are people who refute this claim “Well they have Bollywood so what? That doesn’t mean that the Music industry can’t operate without a movie industry at all. After all we don’t see American artists dependent on Hollywood or Arabs dependent on Arabic movies. I think the issue is simply there isn’t enough powerful Pakistani media willing to promote the local music scene.” counter’s Maras a student at NED. “The foreign music scene has taken preference over our own music scene. Many songs that come up are really good but even the channels that used to play the videos of upcoming artists have stopped doing so. ARY Music and Aag have all switched to different medians of entertainment instead. We can’t blame them because the public isn’t willing to give our own artists a chance which is sad because these same artists shoot to fame when they launch their songs in Bollywood Movies”

Both claims stand true but not only the general public but also Pakistan’s media is responsible for taking part in “killing off” Pakistani talent as they want to play simply what the majority wants to listen. They are not willing to invest on trying to create a new trend or inspiring the youth of Pakistan.

Needless to say the non-operational government has no significant role here at all and has itself brought Indian music, Bollywood and English music to our homes without providing any sort of assistance to improve the local entertainment industry. Freedom in what we do is no doubt valuable to all of us and many of us may listen to English and Indian music but it shouldn’t cost in terms of Pakistani interests.

What can we do?

All that is left for Pakistanis is that they themselves start seeing it as a responsibility to support their own bands and artists and at least ensure that they stay updated about them even if they don’t truly admire Pakistani music.

We, the general population need to encourage the good artists instead of trying our level best to find something wrong and particularly focusing on how useless most Pakistani musicians are in order to ignore them. No doubt the problems need to be addressed but we are as much a part of the problem.

This at least can be a start to the revitalization of our music industry. We should remember that not only our artists and bands make up the music industry but also the audience. We Pakistanis may have great bands and artists but until we make these bands and artists feel at home in our own country they will continue seeing the Pakistani music industry as a secondary one and will find the Indian market more lucrative. Only Pakistanis can strengthen their Music Industry. We can’t expect any helping hand here.

Are we not hypocrites when it comes to Pakistani Media?

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon in Karachi and unlike our other days in Pakistan when there was always something to do there was very little to do that day. I had just taken off from my internship early and had decided to spend some time with my friends before heading home back to Defence.

So while everyone was sitting bored in the drawing room talking about stuff that barely concerned us it was decided that we’d check out what was on the television. While we were flying across the channels trying to find something useful that we could watch we came upon Play TV. We watched the channel for about 10 minutes but we stayed on the channel for this time only because I complained that I was going to Dubai and wouldn’t be able to see these music videos there. Unfortunately no one had any interest in any of these channels. First we watched a song called Sitara by Mizmaar. The discussion turned to how the Pakistani music could not compete with Indian music and was simply “useless.”

The next song however had a significant impact on a rather sinful lot of people. Dumbstruck, I gaped in alarm as a song by Sahar known as Bheega Mausam turned a rather nonspiritual group of young people into religious zealots complaining that Pakistani musicians had “no shame”. I could barely find anything wrong with the song considering the fact that only a few minutes ago everyone was drooling on about Pamela Anderson and Salma Hayek.

Excuse to change the channel or not just 5 minutes later we were watching B4U music on the 24 inch tv screen where a group of women were dancing in a club sporting something that was close to a bikini with short skirts and a top that leaves little to the imagination.  No member of our group either male or female had any qualms watching and the air was filled with appreciation about the way Kareena Kapoor danced and her “sweet relationship” with Shahid Kapoor. Since we had women amongst us the discussion inevitably veered on to Shahid Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Katrina Kaifs eyes, makeup and jewellery… that’s when I took my leave and said I’d be taking a bus and going home as people at my defence home would be waiting for me.

In any case being perplexed by this phenomenon I raised the point several times with my friends. One person seemed to have a very bizarre clarification of the behaviour that pervades our society. Unfortunately his explanation made me lose faith in the entire population of Pakistan when it came to supporting our own artists and music industry. His explanation for not listening to Pakistani music was “We all love girls dancing around and all that stuff but no one’s going to say it. That’s why we watch the Bollywood videos. But we are in a religious society. We can’t say that in public now can we? This isn’t Canada obviously”

I was completely dumbstruck by this explanation and I understood that the reference to Canada naturally was more about my being a student there for some time even though it had no connection to what I had just questioned. It also proved that there were certain bigots who believed that spending 6-9 months outside the country simply for the benefit of the Nation meant you weren’t a Pakistani which sufficiently managed to annoy me. This isn’t Canada simply meant to ask me “why would you actually care?”

But unfortunately this is just one example of the hypocrisy that pervades Pakistani society today. People are looking for reasons to ignore their own people and music industry. Other examples are even more extreme.

I had with the help of some backers once funded and hosted an event for Pakistani youth. I was sitting on the table discussing the penetration of Indian media in Pakistani society and its negative consequences with some of my friends. In that time a girl keen to introduce herself came up and soon joined our conversation. She agreed with most of what was being said and to conclude the conversation said she never watched Indian movies or their songs and disliked Bollywood because Pakistani movies and musicians were better

The reason she had come to our Pro Pakistani table was because she wanted favours from me. One was to get her on the stage as a model using my links with Yaseen Modelling Limited and the other was that she wanted to sing on stage. Bold girl you might say but unfortunately she didn’t really have the striking looks we associate with models. In any case we managed to become friends and I gave her the stage in my next event to sing and she did have a fine voice.

Then later on I noticed that she was going to watch a Bollywood movie and saw her with her friends discussing Indian movies. Gajini was the name of the movie she was discussing and when I questioned some of her friends if she just started watching they pointed out that this girl watched every Bollywood movie that came out. At that point I broke the friendship. When she called me the next time I told her I would have equally been her friend if she hadn’t lied to me and that also just in the hope of getting a few favours. I said our friendship could have lasted longer had she not had the impulse to lie. I told her I had Indian friends and many of my Pakistani friends did watch Indian movies and I never told them not to do so.

No doubt the fact that Nationalists were all across the table may have impacted her and made her want to fit in but that doesn’t mean one has to give up what he or she believes in?

The reason I broke my friendship is obviously not that she watched Indian movies but because of the fact that she lied and thought those lies would help her get a few favours and develop friendship with a person who could help her with her future career. This is sadly the way people see Pakistani Nationalists.

Can we blame the TV channels and artists for the videos we see today?

I have always been a believer of media freedom in all its forms and believe that everyone should be free to not just think but also watch or hear what he or she wants. But what surprises me is the hypocrisy prevalent in some sections of Pakistani society. The use of a fake display of piety as an excuse to avoid Pakistani videos and in other cases lies and putting another person down to present oneself as patriotic have become a useful way to avoid everything Pakistani and putting the game on one who questions the hypocrisy.

When on one hand people in Pakistan are often heard saying that Pakistani television is unwatchable these days as Pakistani channels are not portraying “our culture” the same people feel no shame watching Bollywood and English movies.

The question is don’t they simply ignore the fact that they themselves watch Indian movies and listen to Indian music. Don’t many of them watch English movies? What culture does all that show? In Pakistan Star Plus has the second highest viewership than any other channel. B4U music has a higher viewership in Pakistan than the total viewership of Pakistani Music channels combined!

Despite these channels having fewer restrictions on what type of “culture” they can show are they not being watched? Won’t artists be more inclined to produce videos that the general population seeks to watch?

Producing songs and music is a business after all. Would an artist keep producing videos that are completely ignored by the general public, neither give him fame and don’t even cover the massive production costs involved for one video? It is natural that several channels have changed the way they operate and today’s dramas and music videos by Pakistani artists have accommodated according to what Pakistanis are only too keen to watch on Indian channels.

Today the unfortunate phenomenon with Pakistani people is that we are seeking excuses to ignore our own industries. Nations are built when there are citizens within them willing to support their own people, industries and economy rather than trying to find all sorts of excuses to avoid them.

Being Pakistani is not simply about raising a flag on our roofs on the 14th of August. Neither is it about supporting our team in cricket matches. Those aspects are definitely part of it but that does not even cover half the picture. Until all of us Pakistanis resolve to change their attitudes and bring forward a society that cares starting with ourselves things in Pakistan will continue the way they are. As Pakistanis we must remember that this land is our responsibility and no one will fix it except us.

A recent survey conducted by Pew Global Attitudes (a project of a research center in Washington) in Pakistan has proven that the 64% of the people of Pakistan despise the USA and see it as one of the greatest threats to Pakistan. On the other hand only about 9% believe that the US can ever be Pakistan’s allies. However 70% of the Pakistanis who were questioned are absolutely against the Taliban and seek their utter elimination. Another survey conducted for the international broadcaster Al Jazeera by Gallup Pakistan found that 59 percent of Pakistanis felt the greatest threat to the country was the United States rather than the Taliban.

As the report suggests Pakistanis despise the USA but do not side with the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Generally Pakistanis view them unfavourably but they see both of them as two sides of the same coin.

Unfortunately the Americans cannot come to understand why Pakistanis see them as their foremost enemy rather than the terrorists. On the other hand Pakistanis feel they have been constantly betrayed despite seeing the Americans as allies. They believe they have been used to accomplish USA’s strategic goals and interests in the region and then abandoned.

A look at history

The Taliban were formed, supported and funded by the USA in the 1980’s in order to drive away the Soviets from Afghanistan and offset the defeat they suffered to the Communists in the Vietnam War. According to newly opened CIA files USA wanted the Soviets to intervene in Afghanistan and aid was being transferred to Anti communist elements since July 1979 which was before the Soviets had officially invaded.

Pakistan was not always keen to join the war and did so upon USA’s insistence. Sources even claim that Zia Ul Haq did not want to get involved in the war but many promises of opening up military and economic assistance were offered to President Zia by American diplomats for joining the war. This and the promise of a long lasting relationship with the USA convinced Pakistanis.

However by directly interfering in neighbouring Afghanistan on the behest of American urging Pakistan suffered over 120 incidents of terrorism which killed many citizens. One such bombing was the Islamabad depot bombings were blamed on Najibullah’s government. USA suffered no losses as they had no troops on the ground and were too far away from the region.

Not surprisingly when the war was over Pakistan was not needed and the country was abandoned. In 1990 military and economic ties were cut off with Pakistan under the Presler Amendment which required proof that Pakistan did not possess a nuclear weapon.

Unfortunately the fact that America itself has one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the World and is the only Nation to have used them is ignored when talking about the nuclear aspirations of other Nations.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Tests

India conducted its first surprise nuclear test in 1974 known as the “Smiling Buddha.” USA turned a blind eye to the first test but India’s second test in 1998 which followed a similar test by Pakistan almost immediately received international condemnation. Initially sanctions were imposed on both India and Pakistan.

However after a few months the sanctions on India were removed while those on Pakistan remained. Certain military sanctions specially relating to nuclear technology continue till today however no such sanctions are being imposed on India. The differential treatment annoys Pakistanis as India has 10 times Pakistan’s population and is much larger than Pakistan. The military as well is larger than Pakistan’s own.

Furthermore Pakistanis can also not understand why USA signed a nuclear deal with India but is not willing to sign the exact same deal with Islamabad which has sent clear signals that it wants a peaceful nuclear deal with the USA for power generation purposes. Pakistan is facing crippling power shortages that are affecting the daily life of its citizens. In major cities people have to make do without 4-8 hours of electricity in a day.

The relationship today

Americans believe that the aid they are giving Pakistan in the War on Terror is more than enough and is a message to Pakistan to forget the past and move on. However what they don’t seem to understand is that the losses of Pakistan in the WOT have crossed $35.5 Billion in damages to Pakistan (These figures are from January 2009 and the figure may now be more than 48 Billion). The aid does not compensate Pakistan for the losses given that $11 Billion is not even a quarter of this figure.

To aggravate things further much of the aid given to Pakistan has still not been delivered and much of it will be eaten up by the administrative costs of the USA.

In addition the Americans have expressed no sympathy for the 8000 Pakistani civilians and 2000 soldiers killed in a highly unpopular war but have always pushed Pakistan to do more as if it were their colony.

Many Pakistanis as a result believe that USA is supporting terrorism in their country. The fact that the US has released several Taliban commanders from its custody such as Abdullah Mehsud who have attacked Pakistani Nationals soon after their release has further supported this belief. The latest addition to the long list of such commanders is Mehdi-Mohammed Ghazali who was captured in Pakistan recently and is a Swedish National released from Guantanamo Bay.

The American media has a way of aggravating the situation and pouring salt to the fresh wounds of the Nation. The baseless suggestion that Pakistani nukes may fall in the hands of terrorists only fuels rage and in turn is seen as a scheme to take possession of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. On the other hand the constant campaigns of accusations aimed at Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency the ISI and the military are seen as an attempt to isolate and destroy the military and ISI so that it cannot stop CIA’s designs in the region.

When it is stated that Pakistan is not serious in the War on Terror despite the death of thousands of its own people it also fuels Anti Americanism. The Pakistanis have now become even more suspicious of the USA because of these media campaigns.

Due to the American policies towards Pakistan in the past and those that still continue today many Pakistanis simply see the terrorist organizations as American agents. For the majority of Pakistanis the USA and Taliban are basically two sides of the same coin.

Can US-Pakistani ties ever develop?

The very attitude of the USA towards Pakistan leaves lingering resentment and rage amongst Pakistanis. It does nothing but make terrorist organizations more powerful.

Where yesterday only a section of the population believed no productive ties could ever develop between Pakistan and USA today this phenomenon is noticeable even amongst the moderates as they see the USA as their sworn enemy.

USA’s foreign policy is based on egotism and to protect their self interest the Americans are willing to cross any limit. For Pakistan it is the moment to take a tougher stance with the USA and design a policy that is in turn beneficial to the Nation.

Most Pakistanis are already suggesting that either the Pakistanis take a tougher stance towards the USA and demand to be treated with the respect they deserve or withdraw from the War completely declaring themselves neutral to both the USA and the Afghan Taliban.

Whatever the case it is high time for Pakistan to present itself on an equal footing as the USA otherwise it will continue to be taken for granted and will be used and abandoned as has been the case in the past. Pakistan cannot have a relationship with the USA where Pakistan’s sovereignty itself is lost. After all Pakistan is not a colony but an Independent Nation.

The hosting of our Public wing has been delayed as a result of complications involving limited funds from our sponsors and most importantly the absolute lack of support for the idea of hosting a Public Wing at all amongst other Nationalist Elements.

Despite having an entire Nationalist Production Companies such as “Dimension117 Productions” and “United f4 One Cause Creative Ideas”  at our disposal, with a logo designed, print ads already designed and an entire cover magazine for promotion purposes already produced for the first month of operation the project has come to a complete halt.

It must be noted that we Pakistani Nationalists are doing a crime to Pakistan if we keep ourselves unnoticed forever even though we have the chance to expand and bring the movement to all of Pakistan instead of having an extremely minor movement with membership almost impossible to attain.

Pakistani Nationalism needs to be promoted. The PNA is an inspiration to Pakistans and its members have a way of influencing others. The beliefs of our members in Pakistani Nationalism are unerasable. Therefore a Public Wing will not result in the disintegration of Pakistani Nationalism but will result in bringing Pakistani Nationalism to the masses and end the disunity we see today caused by the Each man for himself attitude.

The membership rules of Nationalist Organizations need to be loosened up in order to make our movement powerful and influential amongst Pakistanis across the World. A mass movement of the people calling for Pakistani Nationalism can change things for the better and bring an absolute end to corruption, crime, terrorism and the constant selling of National Interest by corrupt inefficient politicians in our Country.

To find individuals willing to put Pakistan before everything else a Public Front is ideal. From this Front we can enlist the most Patriotic elements and have a constant stream of believers in the Pakistani Nationalist ideology.

As such there is no Registered Organization open for Public Access by the name of Pakistan Nationalist Association and the way things are progressing there wont be any in the future which will only result in the ideal of Pakistani Nationalism being where it always was.

We cannot simply lie idly by despite having the means to bring our movement to the people at our disposal. Pakistan needs an awakening and the Pakistan Nationalist Association can BE that awakening.

Strategic Allies or Hostile Enemies?

Many people who have constantly been brainwashed by the typical Fox News type media channels may wonder why any sane person would even think of questioning the almost understood fact that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are sworn enemies of the United States Government who is trying to eliminate them in the War on Terror. However the World often forgets or purposely ignores the fact that it is the United States itself that has not only created but also raised and nurtured the monster we see today. In this case it is not very hard to see how the Taliban and United States can work together for their own interests and how their interests meet in many aspects.

Background of the Afghan Civil War & USA’s role:

In the 1980’s the fanatics who we call Taliban or Al Qaeda today were funded and used by the Americans to attack the Soviets and drive them away from Afghanistan for their own gains. When the Soviets withdrew from the region and the task was over the USA stopped all aid to Afghanistan leaving the country war torn and destroyed after using it as a battleground. USA did absolutely nothing to stabilize the region or develop Afghanistan at par with other Nations in the World nor did it deal with the miseries of the people that started because America used Afghanistan for its own vested interests, forming and supporting the Taliban against the Soviets and abandoning them when their task was done.

The Afghan people in turn were left at the mercy of the Taliban who slowly took control of the Nation unleashing a reign of terror on the local people. The poorer sections of Afghan society became more and more fanatical as they had no one to turn to in order to address their needs except the Taliban. The USA did nothing except give the militants a free hand as they seized power, slowly strengthened themselves and imposed their rule on the Afghans. Under the Taliban there was only one Women’s Hospital in Kabul for the entire countries female population. The militants ordered women to be locked up in their homes and treated their people brutally. In one case they locked up Pakistani and Iranian businessmen in containers and suffocated them. Furthermore they ordered an end to all entertainment in Afghanistan banning music and any form of leisure confining the Afghan public to their homes. The local culture was absolutely destroyed and the entertainment industry ruined. The effects of the Taliban’s actions were directly felt on the already war-ravaged economy of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately all this is very conveniently polished over by the US media but since the USA needs a scapegoat they use the ruse of Iranian support to the Taliban or the old rant that “Pakistan is not doing enough to curb terror” denying all responsibility for the pitiful condition Afghans find themselves in.

Although the US media and several delusional bloggers continue to deny responsibility the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” even goes as far as to glorify the way Afghanistan was used as a killing field and its people massacred in Millions with Millions others fleeing the Nation as refugees. Unfortunately unlike what is shown in “Charlie Wilsons War” very little of the money sent by USA reached National Hero Ahmed Shah Masoud or the more moderate Afghan groups involved in fighting the Soviets but it was some of the worst fanatics that got the money.

The US-Taliban Relationship Today

It is unlikely that a Superpower like the USA could not predict that in the future these same people they had used as Proxies against the Soviets would be radicalized to such an extent that they would be their enemies in the future. Keeping that in mind it is unthinkable to accept that President Jimmy Carter did not know he was raising a monster and creating immense hatred for USA itself amongst many Afghans who would find themselves as great targets for the CIA formed terrorist organizations such as the Taliban. In this case it is also safe to assume that they knew that they could somehow utilize this growing hatred for themselves to fulfill their own goals in the region and increase their influence.

This may seem like a wild allegation for many but there are a number of questionable actions by the USA that completely support this school of thought.

Taliban Commanders linked to USA

The history of certain Taliban commanders is one of the biggest embarrassments for the government of USA. Abdullah Mehsud was one such commander who in the past received American support in their war designed against the Soviet’s. When USA attacked Afghanistan in 2001 using the Taliban and Al Qaeda as an excuse Abdullah Mehsud was captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay Prison. Surprisingly Mr Mehsud who was known to have committed certain attrocities was released from Guantanamo Bay and the first thing he did upon his returning to his home country Pakistan was attack Chinese civilians and massacre several Pakistanis in a blast in Islamabad. Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar too was captured by the US and sent to Guantanamo but he was later released and the first thing he did was attack Afghan civilians and police officials. The one question that lies waiting to be asked in both these cases is that if both these men were such dangerous terrorists then why were they released in the first place and why in both the cases they attacked Pakistani, Chinese and Afghans civilians rather than the occupying US forces they claim to be fighting after being released. The US has never been willing to answer these question’s but their actions of releasing these Terrorists have led to losses for these Nations which have a limited Nationalist media to question such actions.

The list of commanders not only includes those that were released from Guantanamo Bay but also others who studied or worked in the USA but found Pakistanis or Afghans a convenient target to strike at instead of the US forces responsible for much of the plight of Afghans. One of the most shocking revelations comes from the spokesman for Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan, Muslim Khan. This major terrorist works for the Tehreek E Taliban Movement and is responsible for the massacre of hundreds in Pakistan and for the displacement of over 3 Million people from their own land. Surprisingly this man has lived an amazing life in the USA and was working as a painter in the USA, whose history of fighting in Afghanistan in the past alongside the Afghan Taliban was well known. However after the War on Terror was launched instead of attacking Americans who would be the obvious target granting the fact that officially the Taliban claim to be fighting them, he very conveniently moved to Pakistan and massacred hundreds upon hundreds of Pakistanis and became the spokesman for the countries most feared terrorist organization.

The actions of such people and the very fact that they have lived in or had links to the USA even though they are responsible for the massacre of Pakistanis and Afghans expose what the Taliban really are and make the American role in Afghanistan dubious at best.

Terrorism and how it benefits USA’s regional objectives in Afghanistan and Pakistan

It is well known that the United States has the largest presence of Armed Forces across the World. As of 2008 USA has 761 military bases around the World and this number is increasing. Not surprisingly the USA has used the terrorist threat to expand their regional objectives and confirmed they will establish permanent bases in Afghanistan as well. After the completion of several bases in Central Asia the total number of Nations with US Military bases will be 70. In addition to this there are 156 other countries in which US forces are present but there are no bases. This means the United States Military can strike at any location in the World at any time they please. However to build these bases an excuse is needed and today the excuse is the same terrorism the United States started in order to defeat their arch enemy the Soviet Union. In other places it has been “democracy” or replacing “dictatorial rule”

The USA released a statement recently saying that it would create permanent US bases in Afghanistan to ‘stabilize the country.’ According to USA the justification for building these permanent bases of course is the terrorist presence. That is all regardless of what the people of so called “Democratic Afghanistan” want. According to Afghan media sources 76% of Afghans want US forces out of their country. This is a much lower figure than the actual one because of fear of the occupying forces amongst the Afghans. The arrest of journalists such as Mohammed Nader and more recently Rahmatullah Nekzad who are simply doing their job proves how hard it can be to even have a different opinion than the US forces. In any case how the Afghans see the occupation does not seem to be a matter of concern for “Democratic USA”.

Other than creating permanent bases in Afghanistan and ignoring the wishes of the Afghan people it is also often debated whether the USA’s invasion of Afghanistan was about the oil pipeline that will carry oil from Central Asian states and Azerbaijan to Afghanistan from where it will go to Pakistan and then India. This is another benefit the USA has in occupying Afghanistan.

Where the terrorists stand in all this is simply that their subversive activities kill mostly Afghan civilians while they continue to try and use the policies of USA to recruit youth by claiming to be defend Islam or fight the USA. It is a fact that both the Taliban and the Al Qaeda have killed more locals than any foreigners. For every one of their attacks the proportion of Afghans killed by both the US military and the Taliban are much higher than the causalities on either of the two sides. However since they were brought to power in Afghanistan by the USA itself the terrorist commanders know they need the US occupation to continue the so called “Jihad” where inevitably only the Pakistanis or Afghans actually suffer.

The fact that is understood by both the USA and their Taliban allies is that if either side relents and leaves the country alone or refuses to drain the blood of innocent people in the country then there will be no reason for the occupation of Afghanistan. Neither side will ever do this since it does not serve their interests. Therefore it is understood that both of them need each other to occupy the Country and draw support for it even if it may be limited. It is also indisputable that the USA has benefited most from the murderous activities of the Taliban within the country and that if they could once form, fund and bring them to power then they can use them today as enemies in order to reach their goals. This common interest is what brings the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the USA on the same side.

Will we still stay silent?

It should be an understood fact that if the USA formed the Taliban and used them as their allies simply to fulfill their own gains in a petty war against Communist USSR then they can also use them as their so called “enemies” in order to fulfill their interests in the region.

This may be brushed off as a “conspiracy theory” by many Americans who ignore the fact that the USA has used horrible means to gain its objectives including the use of Nuclear Weapons that resulted in the death of 220,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the horrible genocide can be justified as “necessary” by the US government then why can the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan to fulfill US objectives not be “necessary causalities” in increasing the Global American muscle and influence?

Many Americans will brush this off just like they brushed off the questions they should have been asking when plane after plane hit the CN Towers. They will again ignore their mistakes and try to deny them and in the future they will once again be faced with another so called “enemy” which is formed, funded and supported by their own government. They will selfishly ignore the thousands of Afghan and Iraqi civilians who have died to date in the War on Terror while raising a hue and cry for the American soldiers who die in Afghanistan claiming that they are proof that the USA stands against the terrorists. As the saying goes arrogance has no limits however this arrogance has been the reason of the fall of every great empire.

If American respect across the World is to be restored the country has to develop a policy of non interference in foreign affairs and stop playing with the lives of innocent people.

Doing Jihad or Waging War On Islam?

Before his Death the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him gathered the Muslims and warned them about a Fitnah (A trial or Test). He very strictly warned Muslims against a number of hypocrites who would use Islam for their own benefits and lust for power and wealth. The Prophet specifically warned that these people would try to justify their Anti Islamic activities by inventing and introducing laws that had been unheard of and unseen in Islam. The Prophet further cautioned that these Munafiqeen would be a challenge to the Muslim Ummah and that they would make Muslims fight amongst themselves and would massacre fellow Muslims in the name of Jihad but in reality would be helping the enemies of Islam by their actions. He further went on to say that they would justify their activities which included murder torture and rape by posing as Pious Muslims claiming that they only wanted what was best for Islam but in truth they would be hypocrites working for the interests of Islam’s enemies. The Prophet called these people a “trial” or “curse” and described them as a major challenge to Muslims as their entire purpose would be to spread fasad in Muslim lands making them weaker and weaker.

Today it seems that this Prophecy has been fulfilled and the Pakistani people have come face to face with this Fitna that lies in the form of criminals and bloodthirsty thugs calling themselves the “Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan.” As the Prophet warned these thugs justify themselves by claiming to fight for Islam and the enforcement of Islamic Law in their areas however the murderers have let loose a reign of terror in the Swat and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan where they continually massacre innocent Muslims and hapless civilians and even the very soldiers of Pakistan whose very purpose is to safeguard Islam and Pakistani citizens.

Most recently the proof of the devious intentions of the TTP has came as the hypocrites have shown their foreign sponsored faces even though their demands for Shariah law were met and the Nizam E Adl regulation was finally introduced! Despite this they did not stop in their War against the people of Swat murdering, raping and torturing innocent Muslims to please their Foreign Masters who fund them and their nefarious designs.

The fact that Taliban fighters are receiving aid and support from across the border to massacre innocent Pakistanis is already well known and understood by the majority of Pakistanis since they understand that no Muslim can commit such horrible acts which the Prophet clearly despised and claim to be fighting for Islam while ignoring or purposely breaching entire sections of the Quran and Hadith.

The question is why has it taken so long for the Ulema and all sections of society in Pakistan to raise their voice against the Taliban and condemn their Anti Islamic behaviour and expose to the World that their work is not that of the Mujahideen? Let us take a look at what the Quran and Hadith say about these Enemies of Islam

Terrorism and challenging the Rulers by creating havoc in the land

The Quran States clearly that Fasadi elements such as the Taliban who massacre Muslims in the name of Islam and create mischief in the land are punishable by death clearly explaining to us that those Soldiers of the Pakistani armed forces that fight against this plague are the real Mujahideen:

“…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people…(Quran 5:32)”

This Quranic verse goes even further and specially applies for hypocrites of the Tehreek E Taliban who attack and slaughter Muslims with impunity and then claim they only want peace and what is best for Islam and Muslims:

When it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the earth,” they say: “Why, we only want to make peace!” Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not. (Quran 2.11-12)

Suicide bombing

Perhaps the one action that has revealed to the Pakistanis that the Taliban are in no way “Mujahids” or Warriors of Islam is the Suicide bombing campaigns that have gripped the country which clearly are under the patronage “Pakistani Taliban” leaders (Obviously supported by CIA and RAW as suggested by the huge amount of funds they would need to commit these actions). These bombings have resulted in the death of over two thousand innocent Civilians and have turned the tide against them with Pakistanis realising their true faces. Innocent women and children have fallen victim to this Genocide of Muslims at the hands of so called “Warriors of Islam” and have proven them to be amongst the ranks of the Munafiqeen.

The Hadith in this regard says clearly:

Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) observed: He who killed himself with steel (weapon) would be the eternal denizen of the Fire of Hell and he would have that weapon in his hand and would be thrusting it in his stomach for ever and ever; he who drank poison and killed himself would sip that in the Fire of Hell where he is doomed for ever and ever; and he who killed himself by throwing himself from (the top of) a mountain would constantly fall in the Fire of Hell and would live there for ever and ever. (Sahih Muslim [Arabic only]: 158)

To further make the point clear:

He who killed himself with a thing would be tormented on the Day of Resurrection with that very thing. One is not obliged to make a vow to offer a thing which is not in his possession. (Sahih Muslim: 159)

Therefore there is no room for suicide bombing in Islam as it is not permissible to take ones own life as Life and Death are in the hands of Allah. According to the Words of Prophet those responsible for these horrible acts can expect to be blowing themselves up in hellfire where they will live forever. Other than this they also red their hands with the blood of the many innocent people they massacre as the responsibility for the Murder lies with them. Allah’s Messenger said:

The first thing that shall be judged among people on the day of judgement will be crimes involving bloodshed (Sahih Muslim 3178)

Clearly Suicide bombing is a Huge Crime against Islam where the person also kills himself and many innocents at the same time. The person therefore condemns himself to hellfire rather than going to heaven which is unfortunately what the illiterate people who join the ranks of the Taliban to serve the interests of RAW and CIA actually get for their brutality.

However this also raises a point that those Muslims who raise arms against such elements and are martyred in the line of duty while trying to stop such mass murderers such as our armed forces and police are the ones who will find themselves in Janna.

Murder and unrelenting brutality

“Nor take life – which Allah has made sacred – except for just cause…” (Quran 17:33).

The Taliban in their illiteracy and evil intentions against Pakistan and Islam have even overlooked several paragraphs in the Quran and Hadith clearly saying that the bloodshed they create is Haram. This has further proven that they bear only malice against the Religion of Islam and seek to defame it with their activities. The cowardice of militants along with their lack of faith in Islam is shown as they flee the field of battle after committing horrible acts such as rape torture and murder on the local population. The way they flee the field is even more surprising as it proves how brave these “phoney mujahidin” are. The Taliban are currently fleeing the field of battle after shaving off their beards in the Face of Operation Rah E Haq II which the Islamic Armed Forces of Pakistan are undertaking to eliminate the bloodthirsty thugs and the support they get from across the border.

In any case the Quran expresses very clearly:

Whoever kills a human being, it is as if he had killed all mankind. Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he had saved the life of all. (Quran 5:32)

Furthermore the Prophet wanted to make it clear to Muslims after his time not to fight amongst each other as it would lead to their destruction:

Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: It is not permissible to take the life of a Muslim who bears testimony (to the fact) that there is no god but Allah, and I am the Messenger of Allah (Sahih Muslim 3175)

However it is completely understandable how these Anti Islamic Elements calling themselves the Taliban ignore such verses of the Quran and the very Words of the Prophet himself. The Taliban are overlooking this as they are there simply to spread havoc in the land for their foreign Masters. The excuses the Taliban make for murder are equally pathetic and they punish the entire family or tribe for a crime of one:

“Former mujahideen Amjad Islam, who was working as a teacher in a private school in Swat, was gunned down yesterday for not hiking his salwar above his ankles. The militants then went to Islam’s house and gunned down his father, Ghani Akbar, a lawyer by profession.”

The above excerpt from an article shows the paranoia of the Taliban and their foreign masters. The Taliban not only killed a person for something as simple as not hiking up his Shalwar but also killed his father who had nothing to do with the incident!

They not only slaughter anyone who dares to explain to the people what really Islam means and say clearly that the TTP is wrong in its actions against Pakistan but do not even respect those who have died. This excerpt from an article shows clearly the sheer cruelty they can commit on those who stand for Islam and try to stop them:

“Pir Samiullah, a rival tribal and religious leader opposing Mullah Fazlullah’s forces in the Matta region of Swat, and eight of his followers were killed in a Taliban assault on Dec. 16. Two of his aides were subsequently beheaded in public, while an estimated 40 of his followers have been captured. “The Taliban also torched the houses of Samiullah and 15 elders of his group,” Daily Times reported.

After Samiullah was buried, the Taliban returned, dug up his body and hanged it in public. The Taliban made an example of Samiullah and those who oppose Fazlullah’s rule.”

These activities are carried out despite the fact Prophet made it understood that it was not permissible to murder innocents and said that the Muslims greatest challenge would be infighting:

The Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) asked me on the occasion of the Farewell Pilgrimage to make the people silent and then said: Do not return to disbelief after me by striking the necks of one another.

Oppression of people of Swat FATA and Minorities in the areas

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things.” (Al- Quran 2:256)

Perhaps the most painful fact about the foreign backed terrorists is their oppression and relentless brutality against the minority community in Pakistan which is one of the greatest humiliation and shame for anyone who stands against India’s discrimination against minorities. Being victims of Hindutvadi terrorists and their violence during the time of partition Pakistanis have a major responsibility to protect their own minorities which is also stated by Quaid E Azam.

However with traitors in our own land this becomes increasingly difficult. Recently the Tehreek E Taliban attacked minority Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan burning hundreds of houses belonging to their communities in blatant disregard for the words of the Quran and of the Prophet that taught Muslims tolerance:

“Pakistani channel Geo TV reported that Taliban militants had taken over the shops and homes of the 35 Sikh families and arrested community leaders Kalank Singh and Sewa Singh in the Ferozkhel area of Lower Orakzai Agency.

Following this, a local jirga ruled that the Sikh community should annually pay Rs.15 million ($187,000) as jaziya or protection money. Earlier reports had said the Taliban had demanded Rs50 million but that this had been reduced.”

Even though the Sikhs later paid RS 15 Million the Sikh and Hindu community was attacked and the agreement was breached by the Taliban just like the Swat Taliban had breached their agreement to lay down arms when Pakistan accepted the demands of Swats people and imposed Shariah. Not only had they breached that agreement but also started attacking people in Buner.

The Prophet explicitly warned those elements who tried to harm minorities as such:

“Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Hadith Abu Dawud)

The Quran too states:

Let each person believe (or disbelieve) whatever he or she wishes. (Quran 109:1,6)

This applies to the forcible conversion of the Sikhs Christians and Hindus that has taken place on some occasions. However to expect the Taliban not to tarnish the image of Pakistan and Islam and not fulfill the designs of the enemies of Islam who wish to tear Pakistan apart is futile as they will only do what serves them best as their actions have proven well beyond doubt that they have nothing to do with Islam and are simply there to create havoc in a Nuclear Armed Muslim Nation which is a vital part of the Muslim Ummah.

Are the Taliban leaders Da’Jal?

The coming of the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan it seems indeed is the fulfillment of the Prophets warning and anyone who sides with them has failed to grasp the teachings of the Quran and Hadith and is unsure about his beliefs as he or she cannot fall into such a trap if he is a true Muslim. According to the Prophets warning the hypocrites have risen up to wage direct war against Islam and weaken an extremely important Muslim Nation that possesses Nuclear weapons. If they are not dealt with immediately the religion of Islam itself will be under threat with Anarchists from anywhere in the World changing the rules of Islam as they see fit to pillage and murder at ease while simply justifying their actions by claiming to be working for the best interests of Muslims.

It is an understood fact that such ruthless murder and bloodshed cannot be committed by any Muslim and it is only justifiable to kill such people who use such violence to defame Islam. Those who wage war against elements such as the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan that pose as Muslims yet are working for the benefit of foreign forces are the ones who are fighting for Pakistan and for Islam and deserve the support of the entire Nation. They are the real Mujahideen who drain their blood for Islam to ensure that Muslims and Pakistanis see a better future. They are the ones who are actually fighting to protect Islam and Pakistanis from anarchy and bloodshed.

It is the duty of every Muslim to support the Pakistan Army in its battle against the Taliban. Not doing so is treason to Islam itself.

Where do we stand today?

It is the duty of every family to protect its honour and its home. In the same way Pakistan is our home and we are its people. Being a part of this family and as those belonging to this Sacred Nation we have a most basic responsibility to put Pakistan before ourselves and serve it with every passing breathe because without Pakistan we are nothing. We must remember that Pakistan was the only hope when we were oppressed and weak. Pakistan was all we could look forward to when we had no where else to go and this same Nation Pakistan gave us a new life by giving us a land where we could live free of oppression and tyranny. Therefore it is our duty to work for a better future for our Land and our People. It is also absolutely true that Pakistani Nationalism by all means is the hope for our country and for every action we need to think of the benefit and effect it will have on Pakistan.

Therefore with this end in mind and to ensure that there is always a grouping of like minded individuals who understand their responsibility to their Motherland and live and die for the honour of Pakistan the various Nationalist Organizations and Fronts were formed. Their purpose was to guarantee that there is a common platform for all individuals who wish to continuously work for the Unity, Prosperity and finally the Supremacy of Pakistan. Through these same Nationalist Organizations Pakistani Nationalists worked and continue to work today in various fields to make their country a better place and to build that same glorious Pakistan that the Great Quaid E Azam envisioned.

The movement when it began in the aftermath of 1971 expanded rapidly and became powerful quickly. However later hostility by certain corrupt government interests resulted in resentment and the Nationalist Movements were forced to adopt a few changes and kept mostly to themselves in fear that putting themselves in the path of corruption they directed punishment towards themselves.

For a long period the tradition of staying away from the mainstream held on but as a result today it seems that even these movements have begun to falter with only a handful of Nationalists remaining while the population continues to grow.

The Situation Today: From a Nationalist Perspective

The major question remains despite over 30 years since the hosting of Revivalist Nationalist Movements aimed primarily at creating a Pakistan where people were willing to sacrifice all else for their Nation has there been a recorded increase in Pakistani Nationalism? Despite all the tall claims and declarations stating the Rise of Pakistani Nationalism as an ideology the fact is that Pakistanis today are much more disunited and disenfranchised than they ever were ever before and people have almost lost hope rather than adopting the Principles of Pakistani Nationalism. This may be due to the massive scale of corruption, poor governance and criminal gangs of our own politicians terrorizing our people but the question remains have we succeeded in our role? The only solution to deal with these issues is to have a Nationalist Government or Leader who thinks of National Interest and the future repercussions to Pakistan and its people before every decision. The recent surveys prove that we are no where near to achieving this goal because to reach this goal we need our ideology promoted and our numbers increased.

As of April 2009 the total population of Pakistani Nationalists Worldwide is about 10,800 not 14000 or even the 12000 which was often stated as “at least”. Though the movement may have slightly grown in size since 1979 but that does not mean that Pakistani Nationalism is increasing in a way that could create a major social change or make a difference in the basic attitudes of Pakistani Society. Considering the fact that Pakistan’s population is growing by 4 Million every year the slight increase of Pakistani Nationalists is insignificant with only 200 people joining our ranks through various organizations every year.

If we truly believe in our cause being beneficial for Pakistan and an end to CIA and RAW sponsored terrorism and our own Government’s Anti-Pakistani Policies, constant mismanagement of resources, policies aimed at personal gain, massive corruption and criminal gangs doing the work of these nefarious leaders then we should be aiming at all of the 180 Million People of Pakistan. For that we need to change the way we think and work to spread the movement.

It is indeed worrying that Pakistani Nationalism is not growing as we envisioned but if we do a self reflection about our policies which may be the only basis for any such increase we will clearly understand the reason for this is very simple. Pakistani Nationalists have not tried to promote their cause further. The fact is Nationalists have cut themselves off not only from the World but even from their own fellow Pakistanis which is disastrous. We expect those who find common ground with us over patriotism to come to us but we definitely aren’t easy to find. There may be many people who are willing to sacrifice their lives and all they value for Pakistan but there’s no point if they aren’t even being reached and their patriotism is not being directed in a useful direction.

To further complicate matters some circles have formed an almost cult like atmosphere where membership is almost impossible to attain. These circles refer to those who listen to Indian music or buy foreign goods as “traitors” and resent the fact that they even exist. They despise such people and keep a good distance from their own Pakistanis associating themselves with only those who live and die for Pakistan. This does nothing useful for the Nationalist cause and causes issues for the more Liberal and well known faces of Nationalism rather than for these people themselves who are more like shadows who appear and disappear as they wish and stay amongst themselves. The death threat situation is a clear example.

In either case these elements are making it much harder to promote the cause and find loyalists to expand.

Increased Publicity

The issue is that most people do not believe in the Nationalist ideology because it is human nature to be selfish and to look at personal interest first. Their complaints are more basic in terms of cost of living and daily difficulty of their lives.

As a result most Pakistanis fail to put Pakistan before all else in the way Nationalists have decided to. This can only be combated with increasing Nationalism and Nationalists being more accepting and welcoming of such people. Many of these people will come closer to Pakistan if they have Nationalist friends.

At this stage when the concept of Pakistani Nationalism is not in the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and Pakistanis are simply not aware of the cause at all it is impossible for us to hope for success by continuing in the current fashion.

A very heavy promotion effort is needed to ensure that every Pakistani understands his or her responsibility to the Pakistani Motherland. Pakistani Nationalists must integrate and accept “normal” Pakistanis and must not treat them as traitors because they too love Pakistan but simply do not understand how to put that patriotism into action. These people simply need direction and if we regard them with contempt we are losing out on people who can potentially help their country.

Pakistani Nationalists must understand that if the cause has to be taken further then more publicity and promotion of Pakistani Nationalist Organizations is required and several public fronts need to be formed for the integration of more Pakistanis into our groupings so that there can be a constant stream of Pakistanis working to make Pakistan one of the Greatest Nations in the World. It is true that such a strategy may result in people entering the movement who are not as nationalistic as the rest but it will no doubt increase our numbers and since patriotism and merit are the features for promotion they are unlikely to reach very far in terms of authority and power within the movement.

The fact is Pakistani Nationalism is dying; the people are losing hope and have no time to think about Pakistan or care. The people are simply sick of poor governance, mass corruption, criminal-extortionist gangs run by certain politicians and terrorism. Some are even losing their faith in Pakistan itself not realizing that this Nation is the only hope for all of us and it was our own forefathers who drained their blood for it just to save their future generations. It’s easy for us to stay within our movement and forget how the common man is thinking.

The reason for what we see today naturally remains traitors in all important sectors including the government who have ignored and purposely sidelined the Pakistani people for Years for their own corrupt gains but nothing can change until we enforce Pakistani Nationalism and bring forward those who have a firm belief in their country and want to eliminate the corruption society is wallowing in, to rule Pakistan. This can only be done when the Nationalist cause is promoted and the Nationalist Circles come out in the Public.

In that way we can eliminate the Anti Pakistani policies of the traitors that lead us, eliminate all corruption, crime and terrorism to create a prosperous and united Pakistan.

Will the Pakistanis killed ever get justice?

Over 50 Pakistani Civilians were killed in the Samjhauta Express attacks which recent findings prove that a nexus of India’s Hindu terrorists is involved yet the government seems to be completely negligent and ignorant of this. Pakistan not only allowed Lashker E Taiba to be blamed but also let the deaths of its citizens go in vain without ensuring justice despite the fact that Karkares investigations before his death prove for certain that there was a certain Hindu terrorist network involved. How long will this continue and till when will Pakistan allow itself to be trampled like this?

According to various Indian news agencies Colonel Purohit is reported to have procured 60 kg of RDX explosives to the Indian Terrorists who were involved in the Samjhauta Express Attacks which resulted in the deaths of 68 civilians almost all of whom were Pakistani citizens. Interestingly India blamed the Samjhauta Express attacks on the Lashker E Toiba and ISI much like the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai until Hemant Karkare, the Chief of Mumbai Anti Terror Squad arrested several Hindu terrorists who were actually related to the incident. This snuffed out the fires that New Delhi had been spawning for several years over the incident by linking it to “Pakistani terrorism” because in several hours Karkare proved that Lashker was indeed not involved in the bombing. Karkare worked hard trying to attain justice and to ensure that the truth prevailed but unfortunately this Officer was one of the first persons to be gunned down during the Mumbai attacks by the same enemies of peace and humanity that struck in Mumbai.

LeT not only denied being involved in the attacks but also investigations suggested that what was left of this banned organization was completely fund starved and broken. LeT also states is purpose as being to incorporate Indian Occupied Kashmir with the Pakistani Azad Kashmir and is often considered Pro-Pakistani Group. Furthermore it has never been reported that the Organization has attacked Pakistani citizens.

The final blow to the old blame game came when Karkare’s investigations revealed a link to Hindu terrorist organizations and proved that a certain Terrorist named Bhagwan was involved in the Samjhauta Express Attack. It was also proven that Lt. Colonel Shrikanth Purohit who was astonishingly from the Military Intelligence and was known to have secured the release of RDX for the attack. According to a close friend of Karkare it is reported he was certain of Purohits hand in both the Malegaon blasts and the Samjhauta Express blasts. Karkare received death threats only a day before he was killed in the Mumbai Attacks where a similar story was spun by the Hindutva Media and Government to divert the blame on Pakistan.

In light of all this the real question that needs to be asked is if the government is actually willing to protect Pakistani citizens and uphold the honour of the country. Despite knowing the history of India’s blame games and being proven false later the government is not demanding justice or reopening of the Samjhauta Express case despite the fact that it was Pakistanis that actually became victims to it. The question remains shouldn’t we be the ones demanding the custody of Purohit and shouldn’t we use this incident to remember that this is not the first time that Pakistan has been blamed for a terrorist act where Indian Hindutva Terrorists have been involved?

This question should be posed to the government however it seems clear that not only the current government but also the successive Pakistani governments have constantly failed to protect Pakistani lives, interests and most dangerously the honour of the Nation. Pakistan’s version of events and is not even being presented and the weakness of our Information Warfare has become a threat to the very existence of Pakistan.

It is understood that it is the responsibility of every government to protect its citizens and its National Interest yet the fact is that Pakistan today has become the International Scapegoat in the War On Terror and any Pakistani citizen can be framed for anything despite the fact that it is Pakistan itself is the greatest Victim of Terror which includes not only Islamic Terror but also India’s Hindu Terrorism. In spite of this the message from the government today is that Pakistani Civilians can fall victim to terrorism anywhere and be killed in any foreign nation but the Pakistani Government does not care and Pakistani lives have no meaning.

It seems that the so called “democratic” government has a lot to do to prove its commitment to Pakistan and the People of Pakistan because our new “democratic government” has failed miserably in the task to protect the citizens of Pakistan and the image and honour of the Country.