Liberal and Traditionalist dissensions cause delay in PNA hosting

January 13, 2010

The hosting of our Public wing has been delayed as a result of complications involving limited funds from our sponsors and most importantly the absolute lack of support for the idea of hosting a Public Wing at all amongst other Nationalist Elements.

Despite having an entire Nationalist Production Companies such as “Dimension117 Productions” and “United f4 One Cause Creative Ideas”  at our disposal, with a logo designed, print ads already designed and an entire cover magazine for promotion purposes already produced for the first month of operation the project has come to a complete halt.

It must be noted that we Pakistani Nationalists are doing a crime to Pakistan if we keep ourselves unnoticed forever even though we have the chance to expand and bring the movement to all of Pakistan instead of having an extremely minor movement with membership almost impossible to attain.

Pakistani Nationalism needs to be promoted. The PNA is an inspiration to Pakistans and its members have a way of influencing others. The beliefs of our members in Pakistani Nationalism are unerasable. Therefore a Public Wing will not result in the disintegration of Pakistani Nationalism but will result in bringing Pakistani Nationalism to the masses and end the disunity we see today caused by the Each man for himself attitude.

The membership rules of Nationalist Organizations need to be loosened up in order to make our movement powerful and influential amongst Pakistanis across the World. A mass movement of the people calling for Pakistani Nationalism can change things for the better and bring an absolute end to corruption, crime, terrorism and the constant selling of National Interest by corrupt inefficient politicians in our Country.

To find individuals willing to put Pakistan before everything else a Public Front is ideal. From this Front we can enlist the most Patriotic elements and have a constant stream of believers in the Pakistani Nationalist ideology.

As such there is no Registered Organization open for Public Access by the name of Pakistan Nationalist Association and the way things are progressing there wont be any in the future which will only result in the ideal of Pakistani Nationalism being where it always was.

We cannot simply lie idly by despite having the means to bring our movement to the people at our disposal. Pakistan needs an awakening and the Pakistan Nationalist Association can BE that awakening.


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