Pakistani Nationalism at a Glance

January 13, 2010

Where do we stand today?

It is the duty of every family to protect its honour and its home. In the same way Pakistan is our home and we are its people. Being a part of this family and as those belonging to this Sacred Nation we have a most basic responsibility to put Pakistan before ourselves and serve it with every passing breathe because without Pakistan we are nothing. We must remember that Pakistan was the only hope when we were oppressed and weak. Pakistan was all we could look forward to when we had no where else to go and this same Nation Pakistan gave us a new life by giving us a land where we could live free of oppression and tyranny. Therefore it is our duty to work for a better future for our Land and our People. It is also absolutely true that Pakistani Nationalism by all means is the hope for our country and for every action we need to think of the benefit and effect it will have on Pakistan.

Therefore with this end in mind and to ensure that there is always a grouping of like minded individuals who understand their responsibility to their Motherland and live and die for the honour of Pakistan the various Nationalist Organizations and Fronts were formed. Their purpose was to guarantee that there is a common platform for all individuals who wish to continuously work for the Unity, Prosperity and finally the Supremacy of Pakistan. Through these same Nationalist Organizations Pakistani Nationalists worked and continue to work today in various fields to make their country a better place and to build that same glorious Pakistan that the Great Quaid E Azam envisioned.

The movement when it began in the aftermath of 1971 expanded rapidly and became powerful quickly. However later hostility by certain corrupt government interests resulted in resentment and the Nationalist Movements were forced to adopt a few changes and kept mostly to themselves in fear that putting themselves in the path of corruption they directed punishment towards themselves.

For a long period the tradition of staying away from the mainstream held on but as a result today it seems that even these movements have begun to falter with only a handful of Nationalists remaining while the population continues to grow.

The Situation Today: From a Nationalist Perspective

The major question remains despite over 30 years since the hosting of Revivalist Nationalist Movements aimed primarily at creating a Pakistan where people were willing to sacrifice all else for their Nation has there been a recorded increase in Pakistani Nationalism? Despite all the tall claims and declarations stating the Rise of Pakistani Nationalism as an ideology the fact is that Pakistanis today are much more disunited and disenfranchised than they ever were ever before and people have almost lost hope rather than adopting the Principles of Pakistani Nationalism. This may be due to the massive scale of corruption, poor governance and criminal gangs of our own politicians terrorizing our people but the question remains have we succeeded in our role? The only solution to deal with these issues is to have a Nationalist Government or Leader who thinks of National Interest and the future repercussions to Pakistan and its people before every decision. The recent surveys prove that we are no where near to achieving this goal because to reach this goal we need our ideology promoted and our numbers increased.

As of April 2009 the total population of Pakistani Nationalists Worldwide is about 10,800 not 14000 or even the 12000 which was often stated as “at least”. Though the movement may have slightly grown in size since 1979 but that does not mean that Pakistani Nationalism is increasing in a way that could create a major social change or make a difference in the basic attitudes of Pakistani Society. Considering the fact that Pakistan’s population is growing by 4 Million every year the slight increase of Pakistani Nationalists is insignificant with only 200 people joining our ranks through various organizations every year.

If we truly believe in our cause being beneficial for Pakistan and an end to CIA and RAW sponsored terrorism and our own Government’s Anti-Pakistani Policies, constant mismanagement of resources, policies aimed at personal gain, massive corruption and criminal gangs doing the work of these nefarious leaders then we should be aiming at all of the 180 Million People of Pakistan. For that we need to change the way we think and work to spread the movement.

It is indeed worrying that Pakistani Nationalism is not growing as we envisioned but if we do a self reflection about our policies which may be the only basis for any such increase we will clearly understand the reason for this is very simple. Pakistani Nationalists have not tried to promote their cause further. The fact is Nationalists have cut themselves off not only from the World but even from their own fellow Pakistanis which is disastrous. We expect those who find common ground with us over patriotism to come to us but we definitely aren’t easy to find. There may be many people who are willing to sacrifice their lives and all they value for Pakistan but there’s no point if they aren’t even being reached and their patriotism is not being directed in a useful direction.

To further complicate matters some circles have formed an almost cult like atmosphere where membership is almost impossible to attain. These circles refer to those who listen to Indian music or buy foreign goods as “traitors” and resent the fact that they even exist. They despise such people and keep a good distance from their own Pakistanis associating themselves with only those who live and die for Pakistan. This does nothing useful for the Nationalist cause and causes issues for the more Liberal and well known faces of Nationalism rather than for these people themselves who are more like shadows who appear and disappear as they wish and stay amongst themselves. The death threat situation is a clear example.

In either case these elements are making it much harder to promote the cause and find loyalists to expand.

Increased Publicity

The issue is that most people do not believe in the Nationalist ideology because it is human nature to be selfish and to look at personal interest first. Their complaints are more basic in terms of cost of living and daily difficulty of their lives.

As a result most Pakistanis fail to put Pakistan before all else in the way Nationalists have decided to. This can only be combated with increasing Nationalism and Nationalists being more accepting and welcoming of such people. Many of these people will come closer to Pakistan if they have Nationalist friends.

At this stage when the concept of Pakistani Nationalism is not in the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and Pakistanis are simply not aware of the cause at all it is impossible for us to hope for success by continuing in the current fashion.

A very heavy promotion effort is needed to ensure that every Pakistani understands his or her responsibility to the Pakistani Motherland. Pakistani Nationalists must integrate and accept “normal” Pakistanis and must not treat them as traitors because they too love Pakistan but simply do not understand how to put that patriotism into action. These people simply need direction and if we regard them with contempt we are losing out on people who can potentially help their country.

Pakistani Nationalists must understand that if the cause has to be taken further then more publicity and promotion of Pakistani Nationalist Organizations is required and several public fronts need to be formed for the integration of more Pakistanis into our groupings so that there can be a constant stream of Pakistanis working to make Pakistan one of the Greatest Nations in the World. It is true that such a strategy may result in people entering the movement who are not as nationalistic as the rest but it will no doubt increase our numbers and since patriotism and merit are the features for promotion they are unlikely to reach very far in terms of authority and power within the movement.

The fact is Pakistani Nationalism is dying; the people are losing hope and have no time to think about Pakistan or care. The people are simply sick of poor governance, mass corruption, criminal-extortionist gangs run by certain politicians and terrorism. Some are even losing their faith in Pakistan itself not realizing that this Nation is the only hope for all of us and it was our own forefathers who drained their blood for it just to save their future generations. It’s easy for us to stay within our movement and forget how the common man is thinking.

The reason for what we see today naturally remains traitors in all important sectors including the government who have ignored and purposely sidelined the Pakistani people for Years for their own corrupt gains but nothing can change until we enforce Pakistani Nationalism and bring forward those who have a firm belief in their country and want to eliminate the corruption society is wallowing in, to rule Pakistan. This can only be done when the Nationalist cause is promoted and the Nationalist Circles come out in the Public.

In that way we can eliminate the Anti Pakistani policies of the traitors that lead us, eliminate all corruption, crime and terrorism to create a prosperous and united Pakistan.


One Response to “Pakistani Nationalism at a Glance”

  1. Mashal the light of the future said

    Good insight!

    Pakistan Zinabad. Pakistani Nationalism is the only answer to Pakistan’s issues. Our lifeblood for Pakistan. Nothing before, nothing after. National Interest First.

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