Pakistan Nationalist Association Hosted

January 22, 2010

Pakistan, UAE, UK and Canada Chapters hosted

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Public Front for the Pakistan Nationalist Association has been hosted and is now actively searching for members who can prove their Nationality and their absolute loyalty to the Pakistani Nation. As such we need nothing but a Passport or National Identity Card and simply the will and resolve to serve Pakistani Interests.

Do note that we are a professional organization. Do note that we will host events and parties for our members. However we are here to stand for Pakistani Interests. In Pakistan we will be undertaking a number of projects that concentrate on Business growth, Education and Healthcare. One of our tasks in foreign nations is to lobby and lobby hard for our interests to be maintained and kept in mind when making decisions. We will also transfer money from these places and members will be active in deciding where this money is utilized.

Our other tasks include bringing forth the great message of Pakistani Nationalism to the people. Nationalist members from the other fronts are welcome to join. However this is a public organization that will be listed as required by the government and as an aid agency as well.

Please contact us for further information.

Pakistan Always First.


3 Responses to “Pakistan Nationalist Association Hosted”

  1. Rezen Axia said

    I’m glad we have finally come to see this day. Would not it be nice to post the election thing in Canada as well? I am in the extreme west and in a place where there is no one. I appreciate this site because it could help me keep in touch with whats going on.

    Could you guys please post the election details? It could help. We use our Nationalist names anyway so no personal information about members is being shared out here actually so it shouldn’t be an issue with the Leftists.

  2. pakdevil said

    Rezen nice to hear from you. We are considering your request which is understandable. There is a place needed where we post the latest information. After all this is a public wing and though our people don’t like sharing information it has to be done sometimes as necessity.

    But everyone still knows that Haavi will win with outright majority. He has already printed the Business Cards for PNA and his own position. There is t no proper competition in Canada against him.

    The entire public front thing still is an issue with traditionalists. Sharing names will be an even bigger issue but still the expansion is necessary. We need to bring new members in.

  3. Mashal the light of the future said

    I don’t really know if I should be happy about this because this will allow us to do more and get more members and openly or sad that this will change the ways of our past.

    Chalo kia hume kuch pane ke lia kuch kona ni hota kia? Ye boht bara issue ban jaiga traditionalists or liberals mei

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