Current Leaders for Various PNA Chapters

March 5, 2010

Current Leaders for Various PNA Chapters and Factions

By Feroz Nabi

The news that a Public Wing of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has finally been hosted has been the subject of much talk lately. However there is still much confusion about the recent election and many Nationalists barely know who their leaders are.

A leader who is responsible for the day to day running of affairs will be chosen every 2 years in each of the respective countries. Therefore for the various chapters the next election will be held in early January 2012. On the other hand the Supreme Leader is someone who is known for ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan and will be elected by every member of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and must be a member of the organization for over 2 years. He will be responsible for the overall running of the organization and will run affairs in Pakistan.

This is a list of the leaders who have been elected for the main chapters of our organization and their background:

Zerab Salamat, Supreme Leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.

Zerab Salamat is a name that has become a legend in the Nationalist Circles. The entire Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Nationalism was his brainchild. Almost this entire movement is run from the money that comes from him and he is responsible for hosting Pakistani Nationalist events across not only Pakistan but across the UAE and Saudi Arabia as well. This has brought him immense support and recognition.

Zerab is reputed to be an ace with his AK-101 and is responsible for the death of two Taliban traitors to the Motherland having joined the army in order to take part in Operation Raah E Rast. It was his patriotism that led him to the field of battle. Other than displaying his patriotism by putting his life on the line for his Country he has done the same by building a school and managing it in interior Sindh. Zerab is also revered by minorities as he advocates for a Secular Pakistan where all are treated as equal yet is still considered religious and prays 5 times a day.

Zerab is most well known for his emotions. Buying food for a poor woman and her children in a Kachi Abadi of Karachi and making sure they get their bread two times a day daily, giving a thousand Rupees to a beggar at Sohrab Goat while at the same time losing his temper and screaming and slapping a person at Karsaz who was insulting Pakistan despite eating and living in it, crying over the death of a Captain in the Pakistan Army in the field of battle are all events that are well remembered by the community and spoken of about him.

By profession Zerab is actually a doctor owns a Medical Institute in the heart of Karachi that gives free healthcare sometimes. However being multi-talented he is also known as a very tough soldier who has fought in Swat and as an example of Pakistani Nationalism. On the other hand Zerab has been actively fighting corruption and corrupt government officials. He is one of the rare people to have done this successfully. Zerad also knows 7 different languages spoken within the boundaries of Pakistan.

Being a perfectionist he seeks to achieve perfection, after all he is such an immense figure in Pakistani Nationalism and spoken of by all Nationalists with pride he serves as an example to the entire community.

*More information about him has not been shared on his own request.

Haavi Zayed, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, Canada Chapter:

Having suffered major terrorist death threats from Hindutvadi terrorists in Canada and USA over a mistaken identity of another Nationalist and from Taliban terrorists in Pakistan over his direct assault over whose interests they are serving may have forced one of the youngest Nationalist Leaders to be quieter and more careful about what he shares and who he shares it with but it has certainly not reduced his Nationalism but increased it.

Perhaps this is the reason he has been elected the President of Pakistan Nationalist Association’s Canada Chapter. Haavi is one of the most active people to be floating the idea of a Public Wing of Pakistan Nationalist Association which has finally been successful. His articles featured in the Magazine the Nationalist Monthly in Canada have been very famous and cover subjects such as Minority Rights, the intense Foreign Interference in Pakistan’s affairs, hypocrisy presented by such Nations and their interests, Pakistani music and of course news related to Pakistani Nationalism. This site has many articles by him for the reason there are very few writers. He is also writing a book.

Other than this he is a perfect graphic designer and has designed the logos and promos for over 12 Nationalist groupings for a much lower price than it would cost them otherwise. This is one of the means he is currently earning. However instead of investing the limited money he earns on his family which needs it he has invested if not all of it then much of it on Pakistan, namely the school for poor children in Gulshan E Iqbal. To add to this he has the rich experience of social work and has arranged several Pakistani Events for Nationalist Wings in Canada.

Despite this experience Haavi has been reluctant to take on the position as a leader. However after being pushed by the Nationalist community he has taken his position as President of the Canada Wing. He has become an extremely famous figure due to both his work and his social nature.

Tariq Ziyad, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UAE Chapter:

This is one of the few leaders using a traditional Urdu name who has been elected but Tariq has some very strong beliefs about the use of the Urdu language when using names and has not adopted Hazai at all even to make the language survive.

Tariq Ziyad is known to promote Urdu literature and is planning to release a book of Ghazal’s himself. He works in a Computer firm and can type in Urdu with a good speed. However Tariq’s beginnings are extremely humble and he has come to achieve the current position with effort alone. He believes in hard work and loving ones country which had actually led him to the Nationalists in the first place.

Tariq has also hosted many get-togethers and is very involved in trying to create Nationalism among the youth. He is involved with a number of public aid agencies and humanitarian outfits such as the Citizens Foundation and the Sufferers Witness.

Tariq is fluent in English, Arabic and Farsi other than his remarkable Urdu. He has utilized these languages to host events appealing to these groups and has created a lot of friends for the Pakistani Nationalists amongst many Arabs and Iranians who have common interests and goals as we do. He is also sending a great deal of money to schools in Rural Sindh and Balochistan. Tariq is also very vocal against the terrorists waging war against the Pakistani Nation.

Shabir Awan, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UK Chapter:

Shabir Awan is known to be very rich and he is one of the few people who have utilized this richness in the best way possible. By giving his country all he can. He is as cunning as a politician and knows their mindset through years of dealing with them. This is why when he sends money to Pakistan he ends up paying nothing to corrupt government officials who stand to take money out of even what is meant for aid projects.

After the death of his sister in artillery bombardment during the Kargill war Shabir has worked tirelessly worked to promote Pakistani interests and worked to make Pakistan a better place to live in. He is actively supporting with his generous wealth many business growth programs and education programs across the country. One of the programs is very famous where farmers from Sindh and Balochistan are being paid for sending their children to school. He has also undertaken the reconstruction of many schools and healthcare units in Rural areas.

Shabir is also a believer in the idea that it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to support his country industry and people. As such he is trying to promote these ideas in the youth through a program called “Live for Pakistan, Die for Pakistan” a campaign he started himself. It has been very well received by a section of the youth but needs better promotion.

* Shabir is isolated in nature and doesn’t want his good acts to be known by everyone. Therefore further information about him is not shared. This man is more commonly known by his Nationalist name which is not being shared too.


11 Responses to “Current Leaders for Various PNA Chapters”

  1. Concerned Citizen said

    First publically sharing information about members has never been acceptable and has never been done. By bending past rules I don’t understand what you want to try but if Nationalists want information they will just look at the Nationalist monthly mag in their operating countries.

    Zerab is a great person and I met him. He can defend Pakistan even with a gun if necessary. He wants us all to atleast be ready to pick it up in situations. He deserves to be a leader. He doesn’t cause divisions between us and says all nationalists are same. Left or Right. He can lead all Nationalists united.

    But this kid Haavi is a strange choice for even a small countries chapter. He is a little boy. The guy did nothing when some Indians were openly threatening to kill all Pakistanis including him for being one. How will he defend Pakistan’s honor? Those who know him just say he spends time with friends mostly in Canada. This is a very strange choice. Maybe he was chosen only because he talks to everyone. In Canada Mansur Reza would be a much better choice. Not best but better.

    I know nothing about the other two. I think Saudi still is having problems. Its a big power base otherwise for Pakistani Nationalism.

    • Mashal the light of the future said

      I think problem in Saudi and US are the same. Wo purane zamane wali thinking or dar ke old ways will come to an end.

  2. pakdevil said

    I agree about Zerab. The man is born to be a leader. He is also very tough so he is accepted and liked everywhere.

    But Haavi? Are you kidding me? The guy basically started a company from dust just to make sure that all our Nationalist organizations had logos and promos and other graphic design stuff not looking if they were left right or military groups and directing much of the funds to Pakistan. The guy writes brilliant articles.

    I think the fact some people don’t like him has to do with the obsession with a tough personality. Haavi is vary young and has gone through a lot in life. He will learn with time. Also look at the incredible effort he has put for his country even is in not position to do it. I mean he isnt grown up with degree and good job like others.

  3. I am humbled by this position but the fact is Concerned Citizen is right. This position was handed to me was a surprise to even me. I agree I have patriotism within my heart but that does not mean I have the power and the position in society to take on the responsibility required of me. This is a great burden on my shoulder. I am humbled by the responsibility conferred upon me by my people and will do my best to work for Pakistan’s glory.

    However one thing is clear. I am overrated. I have my faults, my problems and have made many mistakes in the past. Over all this unlike all the other leaders I am not standing on my own 2 feet. Please understand this.

    • pakistaniprincess88 said

      Havi bhai its the same old putting yourself down. The problem is you don’t have faith in yourself. That is your only issue.

      Dear do you know with how much faith and trust we had to specially vote for you to fill this position as our leader for Canada Nationalists? When you are given this honor you accept it.

      Forget the past. Move on. You are not overrated you just put yourself down purposely.

      Aap ki pas hm sb ka trust hy or pura yakeen hy. Koi to baat hogi aap me janab jo ye yakeen hasil kia aap ne? Apne aap ko put down karna band karo Havi. You can’t always have Nationalist qawm to watch your back agar tumko apne aap me yaqeen nai hy. Remember that always. And understand that we want you to be the leader and by putting yourself down you hurt us!

  4. Mashal the light of the future said

    Zerab Salamat also knows 7 languages. All spoken in Pakistan. That is also something to add here about him.

    But I am waiting for news from the US Chapter. These aren’t our only locations where we are operational.

    In US we need more agitation and hard lobbying for the monkeys to keep our interests when the Americans make policies. Public presense uder or zarori he. What are we doing? Its the most important public wing.

    • Good point. U make an amazing point. + reaching out to the american population. They need to see the other worldview which unfortunately they have f4 a long period been blinded from.

      Someone needs to get the message across. Remember not all americans are bad. Their government is responsible for the attrocities on our people and using Nations and people for their own selfish goals and desires. The CIA is a terrorist organization and its legacy of terrorization must be brought to an end otherwise we will have to shutdown their embassy in Islamabad. USA must expel its agents from the embassy. Pakistan cannot be treated as their backyard. Especially after the mess they created in the 1980’s and left us with in Pakistan and Afghanistan for which we have to take the blame. These guys trained the Taliban in car bombings and assasination tactics. Tactics which they continue to use today. Stingers and the ideal of RPG’s was brought by US.

      The CIA is the most dangerous organization on Earth. They cannot frisk people without proof. They cannot use people for their gains and abandon them, they cannot continue to bribe our officials in return for favors. This cannot go on in our countries. Every embassy has a CIA presence and this is well known in Pakistan. Every member of the organization knows this. That terroristic presence over our lives and future must end.

  5. Ghazi said

    You forgot Saudi Arabia. We have huge movement there. I even lived there and saw with my own eyes. Huge. Saudi supports us not like Canada where we get death threats and leaders families are attacked. Much more respect.

    Who was elected in Saudi?

    • Ali Sajid said

      Yes I think this page needs update about Saudi.

      And Canada is a little bit different. Pakistani in Saudi Arabia are 1.3 Million with about 600-800 strong Nationalist. In Canada 20000 maybe and about 180 Nationalist total last census said 192 but some people are moving.

      The thing about death threat issue is it is created by leaders themself too and other Ultra Nationalist or Extreme right members who argue and fight with otherds a lot. Its obvious even Indian terrorist dont threaten without reason and if you are too talkative in such society outside your own country where people don’t like you and your country it going to cause problem.

      There is youtube video and he say some of the people commenting have same IP. That means Ananomizer was sucessfully working so we are lucky about that if this guy were looking at IP. But real thing is how this situation came where not just one person but every member in Canada is in risk from hindutva guy who openly told that he killed 27 civilians.

      Its policy fault that made sure North American chapters stayed weak. And its sad. They say Muslims send threats to people they don’t agree with. This should be in headline news that our leaders are being threatened and attacked in the street.

      • Ali I agree with u that he was severely provoked and some of our members are no angels. What must be understood by our members is that we are not animals. If someone is threatening us and insulting our country we cannot stoop this low. They represent no organization but remember what Ashar told us? We represent PNA in every single action. The best way to frustrate the interests of the Nations enemies is to pick up the pen and write… the writing should be backed by facts and well researched information.

        As for the death threats u know somethings just spread like that and no one really understands them. First the Canada chapter will remain and is going no where as long as I live and no online threats or bullying by a terrorist with some information about me can stop us. But it is also worth mentioning things are overrated back home and no real “attack” has taken place. The so called ‘attack’ on Salman’s wife was a robbery that may or may not have rascist inclinations.

        The issue is members of all fronts need to be very careful with public dealings from now. That’s all.

  6. On constant requests we will be updating this list soon. Just hold on.

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