Nationalist Leaders Wife attacked in Toronto

May 16, 2010

By Flora Xavier

A Nationalist Leaders wife was attacked yesterday at Gerard Street by a group of two South Asians and a White. According to Salman Chaudhry’s wife her purse was stolen and she was pushed by one of the youth. Two of the attackers were brown and spoke in a mix of English and Hindi using English to address her and their white friend and talking in Hindi to each other. This would be a very simple issue of robbery if one of them had not called her a ‘Paki slut’ before leaving.

“I don’t know what they wanted from me. I told Salman to stop with this work. I can understand he loves Pakistan but its costing us our life now. He can’t hear anything bad about Pakistan. Now just because of him our family is being affected.” she says. It is still unclear whether racism led the thieves or it was a simple robbery.

Although news about exactly what happened is still very limited with husband and wife not wanting to talk about the event a very large group of Nationalists from different organizations gathered at different locations and were very emotional. Angered youth continued to pour into Thorncliffe’s Nationalist locations all day long discussing what should be done. A small angered group went to Gerard to find the three attackers. Luckily they did not because it would do more harm than good when reporting to police.

There are rumors that Salman who limited his role with Nationalism after the marriage will now even limit it further to a role of only generating funds for education and health in Pakistan. This time its due to fear of increasing rascism and intolerance.

New Precautions needed after this

We are requesting our members to be careful from now on and not to show off Pakistani Nationalism. A sense of identity may make our members proud but we advise them to keep this pride to themselves. Its better to stay safe than be proud. Members are requested to share as little information about the Nationalist Organizations as possible even if it is just your trustworthy friends you are talking to. News spreads. Keep a low profile.

Some members have moved from and have family links to places that are now owned by India. Whether they see this as an invasion of their land or an illegal occupation it is now officially their land. It best to talk about the issue where debate is possible not where there is risk. This goes especially for our members with a Kashmiri or Hyderabadi origin. Please forget those links and do not talk about them in public because they bring unnecessary attention.

We request all members to remember that this is not the first such event that deserves to be reported to the police. Havi Zayed has also received Death Threats while he has been in Canada after which the Nationalist Alliance released article 25 (Article 34 in the new rules and regulations pages) limiting members to share little information about their work except with the necessary dealings with law enforcement, banks and local government as is custom.

Newer rules have been introduced and there will be a briefing soon discussing them and their implications on our ordinary lives.


7 Responses to “Nationalist Leaders Wife attacked in Toronto”

  1. Bullshit!!! said

    It is still unclear whether rascism led the thieves or it was a simple robbery.

    Are you crazy? What could be more clear than this? The same people who sent Havi death threats were involved and they have been learning about the movement bit by bit as it goes public and enjoying. Its same people who killed 27 civilians just because they happened to be Muslim. The fellow killed his own fellow Indians would he even think before hurting a Pakistani?

    Not to say Havi uncle has a group of ‘Indian friends’ who have an interest in sending him death threats and in robbing and pushing innocent Pakistani women around only because their husband is a coward and a joke of a Nationalist and can’t show them that the Nationalists are a force training to defend Pakistan for 40 years.

    Personally I think both these guys Salman and Havi are cowards and unfit to be leaders. If someone did this to someone I was close to just because I am a Pakistani I would make sure they died before they knew it. I spent 5 years of my life training to fight and be a Military Nationalist Forces member and protect Nationalist Organizations. I did not train to be a coward and be with a group of cowards.

    And you plan to have public organization status where everyone hates you? We sacrifice all the traditional ways. Set up in other countries while we have no security though we should operate only out of Pakistan where we are allowed arms to defend ourselves. We go about advertising our Nationalism like we won a fucking lottery. Why to get us all killed?

    These guys are taking confidence from your cowardice. Is Havi using his brain at all or is he trying to commit suicide and take you guys along with him? Not even a police report filed. Is this how ‘Powerful’ we are in Canada. This has become a joke.

    If Havi could do anything better than chilling with his ‘Indian friends’ who put the lives of other Pakistani Nationalists in danger there might be something useful. Before anyone says a word ask Havi where he was a few days ago. I may be in Pakistan but it doesn’t mean I know nothing. News travels far including the one about Havi and the new girl hes running after.

    Shouldnt a leader be spending time with his people and working for his country? A leadership position gives you more responsibility not the right to give someone else the work and chill whenever you wish.

    Khatam karo ye Maa Chudai.

    Darghast oh shom dera brazte so nor eda? Ashi mazaro khos ter deni ze. Shabar gaste public wing bullshit. Na zor shana res tarken zeri sha no boden?.

    • Listen up. I did not want a leadership position nor did I beg for it. True I did not want the responsibility but fact is I did not want this position not because I could not take the responsibility. I knew when it is about Nationalism it is my duty to even put my life on the line if necessary and that’s what I did. Remember Nationalists in Canada elected me.

      The reason I did not want to take the position was because I knew I might have to hear this after putting my writing and journalism to defend Pakistani interests and represent Pakistan, use my graphic design and video production skills to represent Pakistani nationalist organizations and design ad campaigns for them and most importantly put my neck on the line knowing that a sob murderer who killed 27 civilians with no qualms about killing me was out there after brazenly threatening to kill me.

      Now trusting this information is true you know very well that it is also true that one of our guys giving us news cannot be trusted and we cannot say what the hell they were doing on youtube fighting and spreading information about a movement that had never even been public. Some Nationalists are as responsible for this. Also the IP of the e mail goes to an anonomizer service like ours while the IP of the account on yt goes to google so who can say it’s the same person?

      If u’re saying I don’t take precautions I have already quit the South Asian Unity Forums promoting peace on the basis that there may be someone in there who was linked to these murderers. I don’t even talk to foreigners about Pakistani Nationalism. What else do you want?

      As far as Salman’s case is concerned. U r getting carried away. The ‘attack’ could as much be a simple case of robbery and I have already talked to the officer I know and he will be taking this up. An investigation will be launched. Its hyped up as were things when I got death threats.

      And enough is enough! I have faith in my Indian friends. Just because they are Indians does not mean they are Shiv Senik or RSS mass murderers and have any role in this murder. If I stop hanging around with them it will only prove that Nationalism makes me moody and Anti Indian which is untrue. Does having Indian friends have any effect on my Nationalism? No. This is a stupid thing to have to hear.

      Though I am annoyed with ur language I will not launch a personal attack as I know you are trained to be a soldier and it is the patriotic Pakistani soldier within you that says this. But remember when I heard this bastard admitting murder like it was a game and threatening more it turned my blood cold but what should I do? Become cold like him or use my head. How happy would this guy be to see us fighting like rats over a piece of bread?

      Going public will give us benefits. It is giving us access to a whole pool of patriotic people who deserve to be assimilated into the movement. It is necessary if the Nationalist Movements are to expand at all. Why don’t u understand this? Times have changed and there is a mass media campaign against the country. Our ability to think to question the international media will die if we don’t go public.

      U may have differences in the way you think but you are a brother in arms for me. Just understand where your role is using the rifle to defend our country mine is to use the pen and my abilities to do so. Our ways our different but the cause is the same.

      Best regards. I will forfeit my position as the Supreme Leader of the Canada Chapter if anyone in Canada amongst the Nationalists is willing to take it and believes I have done a bad job.

    • Ghazi said

      I dont know who you are or how Havi can recognize from ullshit writtne inside name but evenI am in Pakistan and I think this guy was voted leader not became leader by own choice. The Canada Pakistanis voted for him so you are either saying they cant vote or they are idiots.

      The guy has can be a leader and has skills to make PNA proud. All our organizations wouldnt have those ads you saw if he did’nt make or these articles

      You should not waste time swearing at elected leader and consentrate on solving problems if you are such big man. If these hindutva motherfuckers attacked Chaudhry’s wife then we have a problem.

      From the death threats we should have found these piglets but they are cowards who can only hide and create problems from behind computers.

      Even Quaid E Azam said we want to have peace with our neighbors. Only India should stop sponser terrorism on our country and support of Taliuban. Its stupid to say Havi shouldnt have Indian friend. The best thing is even still having Indian friend he still Love his country no less or talk about Indias bad things. Read his articles and you will learen that.

      Also death threats and killing 27 civilians is taken too seriously I thinl. No one would come online and admit he did such huge crime. He wants to scare Havi into stop writing but good thing is he wont stop defending Pakistan. You should support not insult.

    • pakistaniprincess88 said

      You’d better mind your language.

      Havi does spend time with his people and works for his country and has used every single skill he has only for his country whether its graphic design, video editing or journalism.

      How does it matter if he hangs around with his friends. You want a leader to sit at home and do nothing except work for Pakistan?

      Tumhara comment hi bullshit he. Mind your language when you talk about our leaders. Specially people who put their lives forward for Pakistan. Maybe you can become leader and then see how hard it is to be a leader with a death threats on your head. We have full confidence in him so we elected him. Either we are wrong or you are a bullshitter.

  2. Flora I have edited this so it is current and changed a few words here and there. Sorry but u’ve been correcting my bad english for long enuf… I tht it was my turn.

    • pakistaniprincess88 said

      Thanks. Don’t mind this dude. Things are changing and progressing to the liberal side and he don’t like it so hes taking it out on you.

      Have confidence in yourself the reason you were elected is because we trust you. Just because one idiot says something does’nt mean people want you to stop being the leader.

  3. Muneer said

    Guys it was just a godamned robbery. Don’t make it a huge issue. Its just those death threats making everyone edgy.

    And why isnt anyone defending Salman. The guy is running oru new event. The guy is the source of all Nationalist activity in Canada.

    His wife gets attacked and you find an opportunity to call him a useless leader? Shame on you dude. Without his funding we won’t be nowhere I’ve been seeing his work in Canada for 4 years now.

    And Havi has problems and maybe he gets carried away with the friendships but he is still running the organization well otherwise he would’nt be leader.

    Khaze ne devisin kor sama ne ros faida?
    Tere nedam sho goal isna de roza khidmad Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

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