Biggest Event in Nationalist History being hosted

May 23, 2010

By Flora Xavier & Havi Zayed

Since the much hyped up recent attack on Salman Chaudhry’s wife the Nationalist community in Canada has been extremely angry and frustrated. Nationalist youth have been presenting all sorts of ideas that range from calling the police and trying to find the elements involved to extremely wild suggestions for the security of Pakistanis in Canada including one that Pakistanis must have firearms to defend themselves in Canada.  Of course that’s ignoring the fact that to even carry a weapon on person a special permit is needed and unlike the trigger happy Pakistanis, Canadians has complex laws when it comes to firearms.

In any case despite the tense atmosphere and resulting fury from the recent events Nationalists in Canada have something to celebrate. One of the largest events in the history of Pakistani Nationalists is being hosted and the turn up is expected to be large.

Even though the event will be hosted in Toronto Nationalists from all across the country are expected to turn up including a large group that is coming from Vancouver in order to take part in the event.

The sadistic attack may have definitely caused a rescheduling of the event which was planned for the coming week but it has also made the event much more important with an increased promotion effort going into it. Full media coverage for the event will be provided by AzadiUnit run by Ahmed Khan and an array of videos and pictures will be made available to members of any Nationalist or Military Organization. However mostly invites have been sent only to members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.

The event will include a series of entertainment shows including singing and cultural dances while featuring speeches by a retired general and some sponsors of Nationalist Movements. Dinner will be served as well and will include a plethora of Pakistani dishes. Other than this a small documentary has been created by Pakistan Nationalist Association to showcase the achievements of the Pakistani Nationalists in Canada over the past 5 years which have seen a very heavy increase in our activities.

The entry is strictly for people who have been invited. These include Sponsors, Nationalists, and Guests while the Canadian Police will be contacted to manage security for the event.

Not the Last Event!

It seems that the planning going into this event and the scale of it is serving as an inspiration for all other Chapters of the Pakistan Nationalist Association. Saudi Arabia that has recently elected a very liberal leader for the Nationalists is soon to follow. However the largest surprise is coming from Pakistan itself. Rumours are rife that despite the traditionalist stand towards Nationalism having a strong hold in the country a similar event will be hosted in Pakistan.

Our correspondent Afzal Khan from Karachi finally clears the rumours with a statement “there will be an even larger event known as ‘Remembrance Day’ that will make the Canada and Saudi Events seem like a joke and it will be hosted on our countries birthday 14th August where a Nationalist Guard and 4 bands will be performing. The audience is expected to be youth as it will be aimed at the Youth Wing and this event will be held in Karachi.”

Invitations cards are to be prepared by Revolutionary Studios-Pakistan and will be sent to all members of not just the Pakistan Nationalist Association but also all other Nationalist Movements whether the members are currently based locally in Pakistan or Overseas. This means that Nationalists from every chapter of every Nationalist Organization are invited and makes the Canada Chapters event where 160 people are expected to arrive, an insignificant number.

Clearly for now Nationalists in Canada can be glad that they are getting some entertainment that for the first time isn’t exclusively private and other Chapters won’t have the chance to enjoy it but it seems that this time no Nationalist will want to be outside the country on 14th August for Remembrance Day because this will be the Mother of all Events.

*This article appeared in the Nationalist Monthly in the May 2010 edition published recently due to a delay. For the online version sections have been deleted due to the charged atmosphere including a paragraph about the time, date and venue due to the risk of dangerous elements who have been threatening our members. Please contact us for further information about the events.


3 Responses to “Biggest Event in Nationalist History being hosted”

  1. Muneer said

    Kosh tarze gona mare tash kersam ne dora shaster

  2. Muneer said

    I am really happy about this. Weve been wanting change and it seems change is here but this Canada event has been delayed for far 2 long since this bullshit just began.

    The best news is from Pakistan. Is bar to Pakistan me hi hona he chahe kuch bhi ho jae

  3. pakistaniprincess88 said

    I can’t wait to be in Karachi. Canada event was good. But I think the real event will be Pakistan because we have larger audience and they are organizing big show with models, weapons display for military people and Mashals live band performing as well.

    This will be a great event. I am glad we went public. But I still think they won’t give up on speeches this easily. There will still be speech.

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