Havi Zayed writing a book on Pakistan’s War on Terror

June 11, 2010

By Feroz Nabi

It seems that Canada always has its bit of news. At least that’s the case ever since the young kid became a leader! The same person who has become controversial after his election being spoken of proudly by a large section the community but at the same time taking the anger of the traditionalists over his liberal policies and out of the box ideas. It seems that this person is planning to write a book.

The articles though gaining limited attention anywhere other than the Nationalist Organizations were just warming him up. Havi does not plan to stop writing articles but he definitely plans to start writing a book. Although this piece of art is still in the works I had the luck to take a look at it on Havi’s own personal invitation over a can of Pakola.

The name of Havi’s venture is Badal. Badal means revenge in Pashto and refers to the Pashtuns right to take revenge. This creates a cycle of violence sometimes. The title fits the situation because a young illiterate boy whose house is destroyed in an American airstrike killing his family seeks revenge against the Pakistan army after the Taliban use the airstrike to indoctrinate him against those that protect the very Nation the USA does not want to see prospering.

The book obviously takes a look at how Pakistani people feel about the American War on Terror where Pakistan is being used a scapegoat and how many Pakistanis are tired of the corrupt government of Pakistan and its bad work. But it also looks at the problems that have caused an organization such as the Taliban to be planted and used in the massacre of innocent Pakistanis. An organization that actually only exists because of interference in other countries of the USA itself who created it.

It also looks at plight of civilians and even the problems and mistakes both the government and army made in this war to eradicate the Nation’s enemies who use USA as an excuse to kill innocent Pakistanis. It deals with a lot of emotions and lots of different people from bureaucrats to criminals to military men to Taliban levy troops to the average common people who are affected with the insurgency.

The books takes the reader across many insurgency struck locales from Ladda village in South Waziristan which is today known to be the center of the Taliban insurgents to large city like Rawalpindi which is the general headquarters of the Pakistan Army.

No one can say for sure how this book will look in the end because it is still under writing but we know one thing. That until the creative and liberal mindset of Havi keeps running the Nationalist community in Canada will always be in the news and will have something good for us to cheer about.


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