Crescent Network Shield: Anonomizer Service for Nationalists

June 28, 2010

By Yousuf Khokar

Editting by Havi Zayed

Crescent Network Shield is an ananomizer service has been launched specially to keep Pakistani Nationalists secure while browsing the internet. If the green and white skin is not enough for your liking then the green crescent and star which is the icon of Crescent Network Shield should be more than enough. What’s more it has been designed by a young IT student from Karachi who happens to be a member of at least four Nationalist Movements and although it is still new with minor bugs being fixed it definitely has no loops when it comes to protection.

For those who are new to the World of anonomizers basically the way this works is it hides your IP address and offers you protection over the internet. An IP address is your personal ID on the internet. It can be used to detect your location and other such information. Unfortunately it can be seen by anyone while you are browsing the internet. Basically Crescent provides HTTPS encryption and ensures that your internet usage information and personal information stay to yourself.

So first this software involves installation. Once installation is complete you need to change the proxy settings on your web browser and configure the settings as advised by the tutorial which is also installed. Once these settings have been changed you can easily access the internet

It’s purpose and why would you want it? This system will keep your personal information safe and will make your internet usage anonymous. Please be reminded that this service is much more important as Nationalist Leaders have been abused over the internet in the past. Also when Facebook or Youtube is blocked and you are itching to use them and tearing at your hair in frustration then you would be literally be a happy person to have downloaded this software. And then of course when using Rapidshare you can use turn Crescent network shield on to get multiple downloads. Definitely a good deal right?

O My Gosh! Is it illegal?

Yes it’s totally illegal! Just kidding.

Please understand using proxy servers to hide your IP is absolutely not illegal! In fact it is very wise in a World of piracy, hackers and internet theft. This is specially the case if some of those hackers may have an interest in sending death threats to our members.

Your IP address can be used to find your location and with the suspicion that surrounds Pakistanis today a single message to the ISP can give such people your personal information including your name and number right down to your exact location. Nationalists are advised to use Crescent Network Shield without fail. Some security conscious people use JonDo, Hotspotshield or other services and that is perfectly fine too but this service gives even more anonymity, is faster, is offering encryption at the same time and is specially made for Pakistanis and is very likely to confuse anyone wanting to lessen your privacy.

Please do not continue to think that it is illegal. Many people are even willing to go to lengths to pay for this kind of service. It is to keep you safe when you are using the internet.


6 Responses to “Crescent Network Shield: Anonomizer Service for Nationalists”

  1. Rizwan said

    How do you get Crescent Network Shield?

    • The software should be out for usage by now. You will have to pay though but of course if u belong to Pakistan there’s a special discount and if you are a member of any of our organizations you will receive it free. Article 34 applies.

      Oh ya and your IP will always show as Canada, on each site. You can get through blocked sites in Pakistan but the problem is most of us Nationalists want an IP address showing Pakistan. However until u use ananomizer ur confidentiality is at risk and with the death threats our members received I would advice extra caution.

      I think a trial will be available on mysoftwaredownloads soon otherwise for further information u will have to wait for the author of this article Yousuf Khokar to reply to you.

  2. I don’t understand it

    • The software protects ur privacy on the internet. The ip address can be traced to your computer and ur machine and people can find the owners name adress and information. This software denies hackers and more advanced computer users this right. Go whatismyipadress it will give you a hint. Every site you go to records your IP. You can bypass blocking in ur respective country using this.

      Remember the software is free if you are within our movement. Otherwise a little passion for Pakistan might get u a good discount.

  3. Muneer said

    Jamshed if the software isn’t protecting against the type of monitering software or whatever some motherfuckers use to get into our host everytime it is USELESS.

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