Yawm E Pakistan Mela Ad/Promo free for download

July 8, 2010

Produced by Havi Zayed (Revolutionary Studios)

This is the promo for the largest event that is coming in Nationalist history, the 14th August Yawm E Pakistan Mela. This ad was published in the Nationalist Monthly. Many Pakistani Nationalists from chapters outside Pakistan are rushing to Pakistan because of this. It has caused the greatest frenzy for everyone to get back to Pakistan. Some members are leaving their education right in the middle to ensure they are in Pakistan on 14th August. A similar rush has been created in Pakistan where Nationalists are not used to organizing such a big event and struggle to make sure it happens as promised.


One Response to “Yawm E Pakistan Mela Ad/Promo free for download”

  1. pakdevil said

    Havi dude at least tell the world that you are the one making the designs and doing all the graphic arts be it for crescent shield or the Yawm e Pakistan Mela. I mean really this work deserves to be appreciated and you spent time on it. Why keep it in the dark dude?

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