24×7 Advertisement for Crescent Network Shield

July 8, 2010

Crescent Network Shield is up and ready to protect Internet users in every way. Only for a small payment you can start using this software today. This advertisement has been designed by Revolutionary Studios, a Pakistani Graphic Design company associated with the Pakistan Nationalist Association and any copyright infringement is absolutely illegal!

Remember if you believe this is irrelevant to Pakistani Nationalism please understand that both Crescent Network Shield and Revolutionary Studios that produced are the creation/product of Pakistani Nationalists and Nationalist minds. Crescent Network Shield is a new innovation in itself by a bright youth from Karachi. This signifies the increasing capabilities of the Nationalists as newer minds bring new ideas and thought.

We welcome the bright future of our country-the next generation of Pakistani Nationalists. The first generation drained their blood fighting in the field of battle for the country. We the sons have inherited their responsibility to rebuild the dream by using our skills to develop our country.

(Ad designed by Havi Zayed, Revolutionary Studios)


5 Responses to “24×7 Advertisement for Crescent Network Shield”

  1. Ali Sajid said

    Well looks like Yousuf got someone to do his advertising now?

  2. Mansur said

    No offense to Y but this is the most useless anonomizer software there is and facebook and other forum type sites where more than one person using creescent shield comes up there are problems because of the same IP and they think its the same.

    The internet isn’t fast enough yet too. More users are needed for that I think. Its a good try to protect Nationalists after the death threats but it is hard to use.

  3. Mansur said

    And as I just proved there are more problems when more than few users comes. It can fool people and hacker but it can’t really be used easily. Other ananomizer don’t have this many problem.

    • We all knew many of the problems even before its launching.

      I think it just confuses to make believe and directs anyone to the same pc. Its not great also because the MnFrm’s still at risk sometimes nd ppl can remote monitor. Its a difficult world i guess. All we can do is try to protect ourselves but i’ll be out in the open all the time i guess. 😦

      In any case we’re shutting it down and changing locations for a while. ISP change, MnFrm in different country. Lets see how that goes. The not in Canada anymore.

      • Guys whatever the problems this is the most advance system to hide your pc when you are on net. It confuses hackers and protects from remote monitering too.

        There is one PC that is more vulnerable than others and thats the main one which will be yours. IF we had more money we could organize real MnFrm. It uses completely different system Mansur thats why there are problem and you guys just aren’t used to it bbut protection wise it is great. I can bet you no one can find my PC or yours. IT will always show screen of MnFrm link. Also yes users are aproblem. The more users the faster it will be.

        By the way its not closed. We’ll just chnge SSR location which may change ISP. Everything always depend on MnFrm.

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