The Patriot Magazine for Europe under Samir Hayat

August 9, 2010

By Havi Zayed

The Patriot Magazine

Pakistani Nationalists in Pakistan, the Middle East and North America have an impeccable source of information for monthly details, information about Nationalist Movements and Pakistan related events across the World in the form of the Nationalist Monthly the very magazine this Website is directly related to. The Nationalist Monthly has slightly altered versions each for the Regions it is available in such as Pakistan, the Middle East and North America and adds a little local flavor in each considering Nationalist News and Events within those regions but has no version for consumption in Europe even though one of its most prestigious writers Feroz Nabi is from the UK.

Since the Nationalist Monthly has been the only Nationalist Magazine that is available for consumption outside Pakistan the direct result has been that for many years Europe always seemed to have been left behind from the sharing information and news about Nationalist activities. But this is not the case anymore. Britain the nerve center of Pakistani Nationalism in Europe has proven yet again that the Pakistani community is not asleep and several members of various Nationalist Organizations joined hands to work together on The Patriot a monthly magazine appealing to Pakistani Nationalists. This magazine is the brainchild of Samir Hayat who is arranging almost the entire funding for the project. As a result of these efforts The Patriot is now available to members of any Nationalist Organization in Europe.

Behind the Scenes: Samir Hayat

Samir Hayat was once a politically motivated individual and supported certain political parties with great zeal. He is now a die hard Nationalist. This is because Samir has personally seen the bloodshed some political parties can organize to further their own selfish desires and the corruption prevalent in Pakistan’s flawed government. He has seen how ministers and other important figures use their influence and illegally earned money to influence the judicial process when justice is sought against their money laundering and tax evasion. Samir noticed this for a long time but ignored it for a long time since he was a government employee but the change came when he learned a few years ago that some Pakistan Peoples Party Leaders are directly involved in Kidnap for Ransom cases and car snatching cases in Karachi which caused a major change of heart.

Today he is campaigning constantly for Nationalists to take a direct approach to such actions and believes that it is the responsibility of Pakistanis to stand for justice and to protect their country from being looted even if it means consequences from the corrupt leaders who are occupying prestigious posts in the government. He has taken up the pen as his trusty sword in this battle. Though the Patriot is a rather new investment by him another magazine known as the Inqilaab is also published in Pakistan from his funding.

Recently the Inqilaab and the August edition of The Patriot has featured a damning article written by him with evidence of certain PPP leaders involvement in crimes such as tax evasion, car and cell snatching, target killings and other forms of organized violence which has recently seen him shoot to fame in Nationalist Circles. He is also writing an article about the Mutahida Qawmi Movements hand in direct killings and disrupting the peace of the city. He believes in a more direct approach to dealing with the self interest and corruption prevalent in Pakistani politics. This direct approach is winning him immense support.

The Ideology behind The Patriot

The Patriot is much more supportive of the Left Wing Ideology of Pakistani Nationalism encompassing ideas such as “direct action.” However surprisingly Samir has managed to steer clear of Traditionalism believing that it is more of an ideology dedicated to living in fear. His views on this are clearly stated in The Patriot questions page and answers page where he is asked about the liberal thought process, publicity this will gain in circles outside the Nationalist Movements and the prevalent hatred against our movements. Samir therefore his answer a statement for the magazine.

“Yes there is hatred against Patriotic Pakistanis. The corrupt Leaders want to eliminate us and our direct stand against International interference in our countries affairs may cause problems with foreign terrorists as time has proven. But the real issue is if we stay silent there will never be anyone to speak out about the crimes. This is how these murderer politicians and traitors to Pakistan have been getting away with their crimes against our country for so many years but then these enemies of our country also repeat them without any fear of being caught. Nationalists are only about 10000-14000 people but the total population of Pakistan is about 180 Million. We cannot change the thinking of the 180 Million until we change. The Traditionalist way of doing things does not benefit Pakistan anymore. It is now time for direct action to bring down those who wrong our country.”

Whether it has Left Wing influences or not The Patriot is ready to make waves in the Nationalist community and the new thought process coming out in this magazine has proven to be very welcome indeed. The final objective of our movement is to ensure National Interest is the driving force behind Pakistan’s decisions and a sense of justice prevails with those who have wronged Pakistan punished for their crimes. The Patriot is another step towards that goal and is welcomed by every Nationalist no matter what his or her ideology.


2 Responses to “The Patriot Magazine for Europe under Samir Hayat”

  1. YK said

    Great Work. We need people like Samir around.

  2. Ali Sajid said

    The statement is amazing. Samir also worked for flood victims and gave lot of Donation to the Relief Group

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