Members Confused over Past Rules and Regulations and their relation to Threat Issues

August 16, 2010

By Havi Zayed

Increasing Publicity & newly found solutions to our problems

It is now common knowledge that some of the Nationalist Movements have gone public and are now using more aggressive promotion and advertising means to bring forth the message of nationalist ideology and thought process, yet this also means that we are now operating differently than we used to. This is where the confusion lies; the question everyone seems to be asking is whether some of the old rules and regulations still apply or are they completely outdated as a result of Organizational expansion.

Article 34 still applies!

There is a lot of confusion of late in our movements concerning our move to go public over the old rules and regulations and members are simply using their own judgement to decide which rules exist. Many of our members do not understand whether this means that Article 34 which was originally introduced to avoid danger to members of the organization after certain members received death threats in Canada and the United States is now obsolete.

First of all it must be understood that the differences and changes now taking place in the movement by no chance means that the entire organization’s past rules, regulations and policies are now going to be completely obsolete. This is especially in the case of laws that have been made to protect our members from serious injury or death. If any member is under the false impression that going public will make us safer and article 34 is completely not needed after the death threats the member is fooling himself.

Every individual is entitled to his or her views. The Pakistan Nationalist Association though having some core ideals and believing in them with absolute conviction encourages the ideal of debate and free thinking. But in every society there are those who are always eager to impose their thought on others and unwilling to accept anything contrary to their beliefs.  The fact is that such people do exist and they have natural ill intentions towards Pakistani people in general and especially those who are active in the community. The Pakistan Nationalist Association has very strong beliefs about foreign interference, National Interest, corruption and betrayal to the land and our members mostly being young and passionate can often easily be identified and marked by such dangerous individuals. These threats can often not even be traced, a clear example of this are the E mail threats some Nationalists had to endure in Canada.

Resolving our long existent Internet Crisis

Crescent Network Shield

In the past most of the abuse and threats received by members have been over the internet through E mail. The user sends a single hateful E-mail several times from the same account which is  cloaked by an ananomizer hiding his IP address. This makes it impossible for the individual to be traced. A similar software to the one that was used to avoid being traced after harassing our members is now available for use to members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association to maintain their own privacy when surfing the net.

Designed by Yousuf Khokar, Crescent Network Shield is a special software offering encrypted web browsing and is especially designed to ensure privacy and security while surfing the net. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect your privacy over the internet. We strongly advise our members to use this software though there is no such rule making it mandatory. However this software will be used in all our meeting points where we have computers including Pak Mahal and Independence locations across Pakistan and it is also advised for personal usage when it comes to browsing the Internet.

New Rules and Regulation papers released

Nationalists must rest assured that many rules that existed in the past still exist today. The only issue has been that ever since the Pakistan Nationalist Association announced that it was going public our members have been forced to use their own judgement when it comes to the past Rules and Regulations.

This is not the case anymore because new Rules and Regulations papers have now been released after careful consideration over every rule by Leaders and followers alike. There is now no reason to be confused over past rules and new rules and old rules have been removed or updater while newer ones have also been added.

Most of the regulations deal with Organizational, operational and management changes but others specially those rules within the special section applying to foreign Chapters of the PNA deal with maintaining a decent amount of privacy about the movement that is enough not to draw unnecessary attention from the possibly more hostile elements of society while at the same time increasing our Public Relations effort. As a result there are surprisingly many old rules which were promised to be done away with by certain leaders that are still seen on the pages of the new papers. Furthermore as far as Nationalist Affairs are concerned members are simply advised to share limited information about themselves with people they don’t know well until they can be absolutely trusted. Furthermore a newly revised Article 31 and 32 states that calls related to Nationalist Affairs need to be made from and taken at home or at the recognized Pakistan Nationalist Association headquarters or locations in that country while information about Organization projects and future plans must only be discussed when members have sufficient privacy. This will cause some differences in our operation schedule and will bring less unnecessary public attention to our members. However it is in the best interests of our member’s security that these rules have been introduced.


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  1. pakdevil said

    U forgot your name again on the top. U got a problem with publicity mate?

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