Years of unrelenting terror and its local fallout

Despite the success of the army operations in Swat and Malakand there have been continual complaints from the local people over the fact that many militant commanders still remain at large. This is one of the many factors contributing to the fear that the militants will take control of the region when the army will leave. The fact that the militants are still capable of continually bombing their cities and attacking their elders is also contributing to this fear.

However the biggest issue is how the militant organizations have been able to survive time after time despite constant operations launched for the purpose of eradicating them seemingly coming out again and again to claim assassinations and bomb attacks. This has resulted in resentment locally and much speculation from neo liberal anchors and media persons very used to following the traditional US line who question whether the Pakistan Army is serious about eliminating the militants. Since the media has no hope to offer much of this frustration is carried on to the common man who is exasperated that the insurgency simply does not seem to end and the war that makes their lives so miserable goes on unrelenting.

As a result many people even within the areas where terrorists have made local lives difficult making military operations imminent blame the government or the army for many of their problems including the war on terror which many people feel their country has no reason to be in. There is a reason to this dissatisfaction. People within the areas where war is being waged are frustrated by constant curfews which hurt locals and the shelling and aerial bombardment that often lead to civilian causalities.

To make it worse many issues the people face are even turned a blind eye further aggravating the situation. This in turn puts the idea in their minds that the Pakistan Army is playing a double game to milk western aid and killing its own people to earn it rather than terrorists who are few in number and manage to escape. A theory that would be very plausible had Pakistan not suffered $48 Billion of damage in acts of terrorism till today with the army suffering at least $4 Billion of those losses.

In any case the local causalities are indeed giving the impression that is already common in most Pakistani minds that the government is fighting a war it has no stake in, killing its own people and selling the Nation just so that it can fill its own pockets with American Dollars.

The situation truly needs to be addressed and people need to feel the army is on their side but the question remains who gains from this situation where the trust between the army and certain segments of the public has been reduced to such an extent where some people are not willing to trust the same men whose principle is supposed to be to protect the very lives of Pakistan’s public?

Pakistan becomes a scapegoat

While the USA ups the ante and continues blaming Pakistan for an insurgency the United States own money helped fund and create many generals within the Pakistan Army themselves strongly believe that their so called ally has been supporting local terrorists in Pakistan through the supply of arms, ammunition and various forms of financial support. To the liberals this may sound far-fetched but in reality it’s not very hard to believe considering the United States has done so in the past funnelling over 4 Billion dollars which included lump sums to commanders, arms, ammunition and training to the many mujahedeen groups during the Afghan Soviet War.

Much of the aid naturally happened to reach the Taliban with the full support and blessing of the CIA according to now declassified CIA documents but the powerful American media flanked by its Indian cohorts has successfully made Pakistan the scapegoat. This isn’t a difficult task since Pakistan is the country that had been passing on the United States assistance to the Taliban as the intermediary throughout all this time. The fact that Pakistan has a weaker media that still finds it difficult to take a Nationalist stand and show the Pakistani side of the picture while American media such as The Times or Fox News continues to portray Pakistan as a country that is playing a double game does little to reduce this perception.

Learning Lessons from the Afghan/Soviet War

The result of years of living under a terrorist threat that does not seem to disappear but just bounces back with every action the country takes is clear. Certain small and frustrated segments of society have cropped up to put the entire blame squarely on the ISI and the Army without thought. However according to most of Pakistan’s elite and middle class the blame often goes to Zia Ul Haq for creating the kind of mindset organizations such as the Taliban thrive on but few seem to remember that it was the Americans who came to him promising their full cooperation and opening up the doors of military aid and economic assistance to Pakistan in return for support against the Soviets. If this was the case at that time how different was it after the 9/11 attacks when the Americans came to Pakistan again demanding us to fight the same people they funded and created. If we were used at that time taking all the losses and took the blame later isn’t that exactly what’s happening again and what guarantee do we have that we are not going to be abandoned when the war is over like we were in past?

Zia Ul Haq today is Pakistan’s scapegoat with much of the population blaming his Islamicization for the problems we face today. This is indeed true but we fail to realize that he was used by the Americans in their war and made the very same mistake we are making today. He trusted the Americans over their claims that they would support Pakistan both economically and militarily. The support as it turned out lasted until the Soviets withdrew.

Zia Ul Haq even in his dreams would not have thought of facing the Soviets in the 1980’s if not for the insistence of the greatest superpower in the World, a superpower that awarded his country’s dedication to supporting them with the Presler Amendment, arms embargoes and an end to economic aid when it was handling an influx of 3 Million Afghan refugees other than the fact that about 70% of its own population were living in difficult economic conditions.

The truth is it’s great to look within and accept the problems in our society. It is an undeniable truth that there is intolerance and bigotry in our society which needs to be eradicated. It is clear that whenever our army has taken part in an internal operation it has often left more grievances and only partially solved the problem. The formation of Bangladesh and the simmering resentment in Baluchistan are clear examples. It is also evident that Pakistan has no business physically interfering in the affairs of another country no matter how bad things may appear.

Finally it’s imminent for us to understand that we cannot let foreign Nations continue to interfere in our country and influence our policies for their own benefits. Zia Ul Haq got the push to support the insurgency in Afghanistan from the United States, an insurgency Pakistan should never have had a part in as it produced only radicalism and if it was senseless to join that war on American insistence, Pakistan should never have had a part in the war today.


Pakistan Nationalist Association salutes the men and women of our armed forces who have drained their blood for their country and yet for their sacrifice all they have to hear is “do more” or blame that the Intelligence network that provides them with the information that allows them to move into those areas and successfully clear the militants is playing a “double game”. Betrayed by their so called closest ally these men fight the intolerance of the Taliban and in many cases the severe corruption and the sale of National Interest internally. Their sacrifice from the 1948 conflict to today in itself explains the very reason why the army is so respected in our country and why this one institution still manages to hold influence and authority despite efforts by the corrupt and foreign powers to malign it. Influence it will continue to hold no matter what psychological war is being conducted.  Though not without its faults the Military still is the only institution that can help Pakistan. One of the primary reasons is it is significantly less corrupt than other institutions.

PNA also officially expresses solidarity with the men and women of Pakistan who are continually suffering due to the treason of a few individuals. Be they political criminals or mobsters who steal mobiles and cars, the hidden politicians supporting them believing no one knows them or too few people know to cause any major difference, people who believe they have a right to practice corruption while 60% of our population lives below $2 a day, or fanatical terrorists and mass murderers. The treason within Pakistan remains the gravest threat to the country not foreign interference. Foreigners cannot interfere unless someone allows himself to be sold while ignoring the best interests of his own country. We as Pakistanis cannot continue the way we are going. We must accept the ideal of “National Interest First” even before our own interest and help other Pakistanis in need regardless of race, religion and without any other thought. Every decision we take makes a difference. It should be calculated beforehand whether it will cause our country pain or will it improve things.

It should also be clear that when the majority of the population feels that the successive governments have done nothing to alleviate their problems and survive on the bare minimum it is natural the Taliban and its foreign employers have a market to tap into. According to reports many joining their ranks are extremely poor people who have been utterly ignored by the government being paid to fight rather than being those with limited knowledge about Islam like the Taliban and bloodthirsty in nature.

The Nationalist Movements have suffered in the past for their outspoken criticism of those who have ignored their country for their pathetic gains regardless of what authority or power they possess but this suffering has made the movement stronger and this strength will only increase. Rest assured in the future every child that goes to one of our schools will emerge a Nationalist. Another generation of Nationalists is ready.

Enlist Now!

October 20, 2010

Pakistan Army is offering newer special Counter Terrorism courses concerned with clearing up buildings and fighting in an urban environment. Pakistan has for many years had great ability for conventional war but dealing with internal strife created by foreign intelligence agencies and powers has never really been a strong suit. Now is the time for a change in strategy and an increased focus on CQB training.

Sometimes fighting a war is the only option remaining with a country. This is that time.

Do remember that in 1947 when our great country was being formed there were those amongst us very similar to the Taliban. They disguised themselves as religious and pious Muslims in nature but they did not even want Pakistan to be formed. When people such as the Quaid E Azam and his group of most loyal followers had suffered and sacrificed to form this independent Nation they quickly joined the Pakistani camp understanding they would have more influence in a predominantly Islamic country where much of the population was illiterate and had limited knowledge of Islam. Pakistan must hunt people who can so easily drain the blood of their fellow people. They are worse than animals.

It has constantly been speculated by Nationalist media that there is foreign support. Agreed. But no amount of foreign support can succeed unless there is treason locally. It is our duty as Pakistanis to root out that treason within our society.

The Taliban militants have been continually murdering the most educated and greatest intellectuals in the region. The brutal murder of Dr Mohammed Farooq Khan, an outspoken scholar and critic of Taliban terrorism and brutality has sent shockwaves in the region and has made it clear that the Taliban is unwilling to stop its tradition of murder and ruthlessness which has been passed on like a disease from the CIA during the Soviet invasion when they were trained in assassination and bombing tactics.

As a result of Taliban’s madness and treason a major operation has been launched in Mardan and curfew has been declared. The Nationalist media usually does not report such operations since there is always other news media to report it and traditionally the movement has concentrated on affairs within the organization and on a wider scale within the movement.

However this time our organization has a stake in the operation. Leaders of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and other influential members of our movement have severely protested the murder of the great thinker Mohammed Farooq Khan and at least one of our Officers is administering this operation in order to teach the militants a lesson.

As a result of the operation 10 terrorists have been slain and according to daily times over 800 people have been arrested and the operation is still continuing. However the FC has admitted that not all of them are terrorists and some of those arrested are just people who do not have identity cards or are illegally in the region and have the potential of being common criminals.

This action should make it clear that the Pakistan Nationalist Association is not asleep when the patriotic men and women of the country are slaughtered. This is most evident from the large number of members from our ranks who have joined the military almost only because of the Taliban’s war against the Pakistani people.

Through this operation in Mardan the terrorists have been told that for every single Nationalist Pakistani they kill over ten times as many of them will be killed and Pakistanis will continue to strive for prosperity no matter how much they want to keep them backwards.

It has come to our attention that several of our members do not even know Pakistan’s National Anthem. A survey taken revealed that 39% of the members who were asked to recite the Anthem of their country failed to do so correctly. About 14% of these members did not even know two lines of the anthem.

As a consequence the Pakistani National Anthem is now obligatory for all members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.The fact that some members do not know the National Anthem is a very sad matter and means that certain members are not taking the standard doctrine of the PNA seriously. It is clear that no organization claiming to be Nationalist in nature can have members that do not know the National Anthem of their Country. Therefore as of today all Nationalists are required by law and regulation (Article 120) to know the National Anthem. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion from the Pakistan Nationalist Association. This rule is soon to be implemented in the various other Nationalist Organizations as well so there is no “escape” from this law.


Remember members we consider ourselves different from others within our country because we have realized our duty to our motherland and bow our heads in humility to our countries interests. We have sworn to do everything in our power to defend Pakistani interests and help our people in every way from education to healthcare and do nothing that hurts our country. Even if this means putting forth our lives, finances and everything else we value on the line Nationalists are expected to abide. And in the past Nationalists have sacrificed everything for their country

Our patriotism should be represented in our actions rather than our words. Learning a new language spoken years ago to preserve it and isolating ourselves from the general public in the fear that they will not accept us is no way in the interests of the country. Members are constantly demanded to seek knowledge and enhance their capabilities so they can do something positive for their country.

The Pakistan Nationalist Association encourages its members to specialize in certain areas and use their acquired skills and abilities towards the improvement of their Nation. In this way we wish to be the most powerful and self sufficient organization to have ever been created in National history. In context the anthem is something minor and very simple. It must be memorized by heart by our members.

Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan

On October 3rd 2010 the Nation suffered a major blow with the death of one of its most prestigious individuals. Doctor Mohammad Farooq Khan was a scholar who had written many books about Religion, was a psychiatrist who ran his own clinic in Mardan and had also written many articles. He was also the Vice Chancellor of Swat Islamic University and had briefly had a political career. His colleagues describe him as a practicing Muslim and a patriotic person who was proud of his Pashtun identity.

He was murdered at around 1:30 in his clinic when two armed individuals who are suspected of having ties with the Taliban entered Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan’s clinic in Mardan and shot him along with his assistant Mohammed Saleem. After the brazen murder the assailants evaded capture and escaped.

The suspected reason for the murder is his brazen criticism of terrorist activities such as suicide bombing and murder of innocent civilians which are both unlawful according to the Quran and Hadith. The name of his latest book is “Jehad and Qatil” which goes on to explain the difference between Jihad (struggle for rights: peaceful or by arms) and Qatil (murder).

Omer Farooq a spokesman for the Abdullah Azzam Brigade which is linked to the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan made a call to the press club and claimed that they had committed the murder because of the scholar’s outspoken criticism of terrorist activities and suicide bombing. They made it clear that instead of learning about Islam from a scholar who had given it a good name they would rather spread bloodshed in the region under the facade that they are “good Muslims.” Surah Baqara in the Quran states:

And when told to stop making mischief on earth nor create discord, they say: “But we only try to bring people to abandon the wrong course of life and conduct and adopt the right one till the new principle governs their thoughts”.

It further says:

Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.

Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan was indeed an asset to the Nation and he will surely be missed. By gaining martyrdom and standing valiantly in the path of traitors to both our religion and our Nation he has achieved what many of us could only wish for. May his soul rest in peace and may he enter paradise. Ameen.

He was not among our movement but in principle he was a patriotic man according the reports reaching us. We advise our forces to punish the Taliban for their brutality. Even some of our members have been slain by the traitors.


If you do not know about Dr Mohammed Farooq Khan or for further information about some of the work he has done please visit his profile at:

Dr Mohammed Farooq believed in 10 fundamental values that should be honoured in order for a religion, society, nation or ethnic group to succeed.

  • Human equality and democratic culture
  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Merit
  • Hard work and thorough struggle
  • Law abiding mentality
  • Wisdom and patience
  • Education
  • Health
  • Strong and well-coordinated welfare institutions for the down trodden classes.

May his work inspire others and create a thousand more men like him.