Another victim of Taliban brutality

October 4, 2010

Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan

On October 3rd 2010 the Nation suffered a major blow with the death of one of its most prestigious individuals. Doctor Mohammad Farooq Khan was a scholar who had written many books about Religion, was a psychiatrist who ran his own clinic in Mardan and had also written many articles. He was also the Vice Chancellor of Swat Islamic University and had briefly had a political career. His colleagues describe him as a practicing Muslim and a patriotic person who was proud of his Pashtun identity.

He was murdered at around 1:30 in his clinic when two armed individuals who are suspected of having ties with the Taliban entered Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan’s clinic in Mardan and shot him along with his assistant Mohammed Saleem. After the brazen murder the assailants evaded capture and escaped.

The suspected reason for the murder is his brazen criticism of terrorist activities such as suicide bombing and murder of innocent civilians which are both unlawful according to the Quran and Hadith. The name of his latest book is “Jehad and Qatil” which goes on to explain the difference between Jihad (struggle for rights: peaceful or by arms) and Qatil (murder).

Omer Farooq a spokesman for the Abdullah Azzam Brigade which is linked to the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan made a call to the press club and claimed that they had committed the murder because of the scholar’s outspoken criticism of terrorist activities and suicide bombing. They made it clear that instead of learning about Islam from a scholar who had given it a good name they would rather spread bloodshed in the region under the facade that they are “good Muslims.” Surah Baqara in the Quran states:

And when told to stop making mischief on earth nor create discord, they say: “But we only try to bring people to abandon the wrong course of life and conduct and adopt the right one till the new principle governs their thoughts”.

It further says:

Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.

Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan was indeed an asset to the Nation and he will surely be missed. By gaining martyrdom and standing valiantly in the path of traitors to both our religion and our Nation he has achieved what many of us could only wish for. May his soul rest in peace and may he enter paradise. Ameen.

He was not among our movement but in principle he was a patriotic man according the reports reaching us. We advise our forces to punish the Taliban for their brutality. Even some of our members have been slain by the traitors.


If you do not know about Dr Mohammed Farooq Khan or for further information about some of the work he has done please visit his profile at:

Dr Mohammed Farooq believed in 10 fundamental values that should be honoured in order for a religion, society, nation or ethnic group to succeed.

  • Human equality and democratic culture
  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Merit
  • Hard work and thorough struggle
  • Law abiding mentality
  • Wisdom and patience
  • Education
  • Health
  • Strong and well-coordinated welfare institutions for the down trodden classes.

May his work inspire others and create a thousand more men like him.


5 Responses to “Another victim of Taliban brutality”

  1. Ali Sajid said

    The Taliban have to be killed now with very heavey hand. These people don’t really deserving to live.

  2. Leghari said

    CIA supported chimps.

  3. Mardan Nationalist said

    The Taliban will not be left alone for doing this. I knew this man and I am from Mardan. We will send the pigs back to where they came from. They think they can do anything. Police and army has to take action now.

    Wallah Taliban dallal di.

  4. We should never have let these people survive in Pakistani society. Now look what they are doing.

    • I agree with you. The problem is on our side too.

      These Taliban are a threat. In fact the mindset is a problem and its quite common in Pakistani society. The culture of intolerance has to end. Live and let live.

      What another person does is not our concern. First of all that ideal needs to be promoted. This idea of seperating ourselves is bad for the nation. We r thinking as a small community, shia sunni mohajir pathan sindhi etc. Its quite pathetic and even in sunni there are thousands of ideals and perceptions. We cannot impose one on anybody.

      Some ppl hav asked me why i have written articles promoting secularism… thats why. Because the Islamic system cannot work for a society like Pakistan. Its ust our emotions leading us.

      Nationalism is the only solution to Pakistan’s problems. National Interest must be at the heart of every decision every thought.

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