National Anthem now obligatory for all members

October 9, 2010

It has come to our attention that several of our members do not even know Pakistan’s National Anthem. A survey taken revealed that 39% of the members who were asked to recite the Anthem of their country failed to do so correctly. About 14% of these members did not even know two lines of the anthem.

As a consequence the Pakistani National Anthem is now obligatory for all members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.The fact that some members do not know the National Anthem is a very sad matter and means that certain members are not taking the standard doctrine of the PNA seriously. It is clear that no organization claiming to be Nationalist in nature can have members that do not know the National Anthem of their Country. Therefore as of today all Nationalists are required by law and regulation (Article 120) to know the National Anthem. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion from the Pakistan Nationalist Association. This rule is soon to be implemented in the various other Nationalist Organizations as well so there is no “escape” from this law.


Remember members we consider ourselves different from others within our country because we have realized our duty to our motherland and bow our heads in humility to our countries interests. We have sworn to do everything in our power to defend Pakistani interests and help our people in every way from education to healthcare and do nothing that hurts our country. Even if this means putting forth our lives, finances and everything else we value on the line Nationalists are expected to abide. And in the past Nationalists have sacrificed everything for their country

Our patriotism should be represented in our actions rather than our words. Learning a new language spoken years ago to preserve it and isolating ourselves from the general public in the fear that they will not accept us is no way in the interests of the country. Members are constantly demanded to seek knowledge and enhance their capabilities so they can do something positive for their country.

The Pakistan Nationalist Association encourages its members to specialize in certain areas and use their acquired skills and abilities towards the improvement of their Nation. In this way we wish to be the most powerful and self sufficient organization to have ever been created in National history. In context the anthem is something minor and very simple. It must be memorized by heart by our members.


One Response to “National Anthem now obligatory for all members”

  1. Leghari said

    Its pathetic that our members don’t know the anthem. Just brilliant. These guys should not be inside PNA. They should know the anthem or be ready to go. News is that even some leaders don’t know the anthem properly.

    Its good they made it obligatory. We are not a joke.

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