A Salute to the Pakistani Nation!

October 20, 2010

Pakistan Nationalist Association salutes the men and women of our armed forces who have drained their blood for their country and yet for their sacrifice all they have to hear is “do more” or blame that the Intelligence network that provides them with the information that allows them to move into those areas and successfully clear the militants is playing a “double game”. Betrayed by their so called closest ally these men fight the intolerance of the Taliban and in many cases the severe corruption and the sale of National Interest internally. Their sacrifice from the 1948 conflict to today in itself explains the very reason why the army is so respected in our country and why this one institution still manages to hold influence and authority despite efforts by the corrupt and foreign powers to malign it. Influence it will continue to hold no matter what psychological war is being conducted.  Though not without its faults the Military still is the only institution that can help Pakistan. One of the primary reasons is it is significantly less corrupt than other institutions.

PNA also officially expresses solidarity with the men and women of Pakistan who are continually suffering due to the treason of a few individuals. Be they political criminals or mobsters who steal mobiles and cars, the hidden politicians supporting them believing no one knows them or too few people know to cause any major difference, people who believe they have a right to practice corruption while 60% of our population lives below $2 a day, or fanatical terrorists and mass murderers. The treason within Pakistan remains the gravest threat to the country not foreign interference. Foreigners cannot interfere unless someone allows himself to be sold while ignoring the best interests of his own country. We as Pakistanis cannot continue the way we are going. We must accept the ideal of “National Interest First” even before our own interest and help other Pakistanis in need regardless of race, religion and without any other thought. Every decision we take makes a difference. It should be calculated beforehand whether it will cause our country pain or will it improve things.

It should also be clear that when the majority of the population feels that the successive governments have done nothing to alleviate their problems and survive on the bare minimum it is natural the Taliban and its foreign employers have a market to tap into. According to reports many joining their ranks are extremely poor people who have been utterly ignored by the government being paid to fight rather than being those with limited knowledge about Islam like the Taliban and bloodthirsty in nature.

The Nationalist Movements have suffered in the past for their outspoken criticism of those who have ignored their country for their pathetic gains regardless of what authority or power they possess but this suffering has made the movement stronger and this strength will only increase. Rest assured in the future every child that goes to one of our schools will emerge a Nationalist. Another generation of Nationalists is ready.


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