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October 20, 2010

Pakistan Army is offering newer special Counter Terrorism courses concerned with clearing up buildings and fighting in an urban environment. Pakistan has for many years had great ability for conventional war but dealing with internal strife created by foreign intelligence agencies and powers has never really been a strong suit. Now is the time for a change in strategy and an increased focus on CQB training.

Sometimes fighting a war is the only option remaining with a country. This is that time.

Do remember that in 1947 when our great country was being formed there were those amongst us very similar to the Taliban. They disguised themselves as religious and pious Muslims in nature but they did not even want Pakistan to be formed. When people such as the Quaid E Azam and his group of most loyal followers had suffered and sacrificed to form this independent Nation they quickly joined the Pakistani camp understanding they would have more influence in a predominantly Islamic country where much of the population was illiterate and had limited knowledge of Islam. Pakistan must hunt people who can so easily drain the blood of their fellow people. They are worse than animals.

It has constantly been speculated by Nationalist media that there is foreign support. Agreed. But no amount of foreign support can succeed unless there is treason locally. It is our duty as Pakistanis to root out that treason within our society.


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