Words on Salman Taseer’s Murder

January 5, 2011

It is quite sickening that there would be people in this country that actually celebrate the murder of another human being. This scenario has been most evident in the recent murder of Punjab governor Salman Taseer by his guard Malik Hussain Qadri of the Elite Force.

Even the religious parties instead of coming out and condemning the killing have used the murder as another opportunity to continue with their piggish ranting over not repealing the Blasphemy law without concern for how the law is being used even while a murder has taken place in the country .

The Blashphemy Law: Legalizing Terrorism

The blasphemy law has no doubt become a tool for terrorists to use to punish and murder innocent people. This entire debate has nothing to do with the Prophet being insulted. It is simply about the fact that terrorists and such like-minded individuals continue to have the right to frame innocent people for acts of blasphemy they never committed in the first place. Over 90% of the cases of Blasphemy are raised on the basis of people trying to settle personal scores and blaming others to achieve their land or settle a dispute in their own favor. Not all of them are even Non Muslim but still the terrorist supporters have such influence that they continue supporting the law. These core supporters of terrorism are the real troublemakers as they try to make the others believe that repealing the law is actually against Islam even when the law is so vaguely worded and murderers and killers are using it.

This terrorist law is being used to frame innocent people of having insulted Islam and anyone can make that dubious claim. Even a cleric who has released fatwas against terrorism have been killed by mobs who claim he was a blasphemer. In another famous case Akhter Hamid Khan who was working for the people of Orangi in Karachi to help them move to a better standard of living was booked under the law by criminals and other groups with vested interests who did not want his development work to continue in Orangi because it was against their own. He was booked under false charges of the blasphemy law even though he never insulted the Prophet or Quran as he was Muslim himself. Of course the terrorists on the other hand go unpunished as they kill and pillage because of this law every single time and get what they want. In fact this is a law that facilitates terrorism and it is terrorists who are actually defending the law.

The fact that Salman Taseer was killed because he rightly opposed this law must ensure that the law is destroyed completely and a message be sent to the traitorous terrorists and their cohorts that they will not be allowed to treat Pakistan as their play area.

I personally am not a supporter of Salman Taseer and I agree that he was corrupt and has habits that may be described as UnIslamic but murdering someone just because we disagree with him is TERRORISM. The groups celebrating the brutality committed this day must be very ashamed of themselves.

The Quran states “Whoever kills a human being it is as if he has killed all of humanity”

It also states “Let my faith be mine and yours be yours.”

We have no right NO RIGHT to kill someone because we see him as Unislamic. Malik Hussain Qadri has committed a major crime and people must stop presenting him as a hero because he is not. He is a major traitor who has committed an unforgivable crime. Salman Taseer may have been many things but he was not a blasphemer and we have no right to randomly name anyone as such much less kill him.

It is sad that Pakistanis are simply not understanding the idea of live and let live. Some of these people supporting the murder may think they are the better Muslims but they are in reality the ones who have deviated from their religion.


7 Responses to “Words on Salman Taseer’s Murder”

  1. Hasan said

    The questions is, what will it take for the educated masses of Pakistan to realize they are being played by the Mullah. There has been no condemnation ‘yet’ from the politico-religious groups who were demonstrating against amendments on the 31st December.

    If this Mullahism isn’t put to end, many more incidents like this are bound to occur in the near future.

    • I agree with you. Our religion is a personal issue. No one should be able to influence us.

      In 1947 there was a group who did not want Pakistan to be formed, only in the end knowing they would be influential in a pre dominantly Muslim nation where they could sway the masses they joined up with Pakistan. Today these same traitor Mullahs have shown their traitorous face to their countrymen and many are allowing themselves to be used by them. Disagreement with Salman Taseer does not mean we kill him. Also there are valid reasons why people want to remove the blasphemy law. Its caused only suffering to innocent people both muslim and of other religions. These terrorist maulvis want to protect the Taliban who use the blasphemy law to frame good people but the people don’t see it and think someone is trying to insult Islam when they try to remove the law. A typical emotional response by people who can’t understand the core issue.

      And in reality not only we can be used by the Mullahs but the Mullahs can be used like puppets by the west. These taliban and other terrorists were used in the 1980’s to fight the Soviets and after defeating them, when the war was done they were abandoned to grow even more fanatical.

      Now today they are being used again but in a different way. USA has the policies to make them burn angrily and they are too stupid to understand that just because they hate US policy or don’t agree with it they are attacking and killing their own people like little dogs and doing nothing but making the same Americans happy. Its what happens when people haven’t been gifted with brains.

    • The problem I would define it as people are simply not willing to mind their own business and are just too judgmental of others, too intolerant. The idea of freedom Quaid E Azam encouraged simple hasn’t reached the Pakistani people.

      Others are ignorant of their country and believe corruption and crime are nothing wrong.

      Its not only the influence certain people using the disguise of Islam hiding in wolves clothing can use but also the level of basic intolerance within all of us that is evident not only on the religious level but on the ethnic one as well. We pin our blame onto someone who is not one of our own for everything .

      To the mohajirs, pashtuns are always the fun totting criminals in Karachi, to balochs the punjabis and only them are the usurpers of their rights, to sindhis mohajirs are usurpers and have come and taken their land while they (sindhis themselves) gave the mohajirs protection after 1947, to the sunnis shias have horrible faces that are bereft of light as they are away from Islam.

      I am not saying everyone thinks this way but wherever you go even within your family the thought process is prevalent. I mean I admit it is in my family, but that is the message of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and our movement, we were born to rise up above those differences.

      Even purely blaming the mullah. Even if 80% of the mullah’s are using religion for their own motivations there are those 20% who keep to themselves and are not terrorist in nature right?

      We need to put our perceptions away and rise above our differences for the betterment of our country. That is the message of our movement and that is why we isolated ourselves, but we survived even in times of immense persecution.

      True this wave of terrorism that has gripped our country and its supporters must be crushed with ultimate might but I am must making a point because some day we or other patriotic men or women will have to take governance especially the way things are going today.

      • The only thing Nationalization and persecution of our leaders during Bhuttos time just because we disagreed with policy especially on east pal only distanced movement from public population just as they wanted. Power hungry Bhutto devided not only East Pakistan with mistreatment but caused cracks in a united Nationalist movement. Even Leftism started from there.

        I don’t think most educated Pakistanis today want to live with the same kind of hatred and stupid talk some of their uneducated elders make of political parties and ethnic and religious difference but want to create unity. They only need someone to lead them. Maybe if in those time we had taken mantle. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged anyway.

        Pakistan needs to promote ideas of tolerance as you said but we need a very strong patriotic leadership. Not one that runs away about blasphemy law even though they know its wrong just because of some terrorist supporter mullah who stabbed Pakistan in back. They say Zia supported the mullahs, has civilian governments done any better?

  2. Anon Nationalist said

    crescentshield leftism is a label given to us by people who want to make everyone believe they are original Nationalists.

    Leftism didn’t start when bhutto came but during Yahya time and East Pakistan distaster, it was original ideology as Major Arif refused to fire at east pakistani civileans. It was direct disobeyance to wrong order. If our country is running badly its duty to change things with our hands that what it proven.

    And even if we believe this not one leftist has been found taking justice in own hand. Just look at the patience even after many Leftists are victims of political or other crime by traitors.

    Anyway most Leftists are Traditionalist which is largest ideology in movement. Pakistan needs tolerance and and patriotic leadership but Nationalists need to stick to original ideas until time is right or someone will once again try to destroy Nationalism to protect his own illegally gained corrupt wealth or defend his criminals and terrorists in our country.

    We need to be powerful to have publicitry. We are just 12000 maybe.

    • Hi, I am kind of glad that someone from the Traditionalist pov found the time to comment even if we won’t know who it was.
      I must say most of the people that come here are liberals which makes balancing views difficult. We need variety in views and one of the reasons we started this up was to debate Nationalist ideology and thought so you are very welcome here.

      Okay now to answer your post.
      In the year or so + we started this web presence not a single pure traditionalist has shown up before u ofcourse. What did it do? It silenced your voice. No one knows what the traditionalist mind is thinking and why u guys are against publicity. Some people may think you are ignorant.

      This is exactly what staying quietly on the sidelines will do and this is what the corrupt people you talked about want. Our voice to be silenced so that we do not replace these selfish and power hungry men with Nationalists who really want to make a difference to the country. Who would rather die than take a bribe or destroy the opportunity for another Pakistani to prosper.

      Lets look at the Canada death threats case. Very hyped up in our community. What would happen if the 200 Pakistani nationalists here came up to a Canadian police station asking arrest of those who did it and recieved active support from 9000+ at home in PAK? It would atleast make the police write a report and give the message that there is a group of Pakistanis here that does NOT like being harassed and will go to the police. I mean the way we are going isn’t this what these guys wanted? For us to sit quitely in a corner. I mean the Indian terrorist group or thugs who arranged those threats are most likely out there using their voice to raise hate for Pakistan and maybe have even been the ones causing half this trouble with the locals while we sit like children.

      Perhaps yes specially after the Bhutto regimes Nationalization destroying our businesses traditionalism maybe the original ideology but maybe its time for some change? How long will we keep using the excuse of ‘persecution’ to sit quietly not expressing our views which are nothing wrong btw.

    • And anon how about instead of focusing on the whims Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the 70’s how about we focus on how far we have come. With heavy links in the military and Nationalists in many important locations where it matters, it is much harder for the corrupt or power hungry to touch us today. 12000 is a large number.

      If we don’t go public now the number won’t grow. The numbers show that the increase in the past years has only been by 10 or 12 members yearly. Hardly the rate we need.

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