By Rezab Alim

There have been a lot of questions about the exact number of people in the Nationalist Movement and constantly we estimate our numbers but they end up being incorrect numbers.

There was a survey going on in Pakistan to count the number of total people inside Pakistan Nationalist Organizations. That survey in Pakistan that has been going on is completed but the foreign chapters still have to complete the survey. The team put together to organize the information says it was a very difficult job because of confusion in collecting information. This is because many members that are in one organization are also in another which cause a lot of problems. Each organization for this task has to be in very good contact with each other and with the United team put together, even when there are some differences. Also the team has to have a member from all organizations and some people always feel it is biased.

So finally the results for Pakistan are here up till December 2010. The result for other Chapter may take much more time.

The Pakistan Chapter has 9,958 members.



By Havi Zayed

Though reports are sketchy at this moment it has been confirmed that Halzaar, who gave the gift of education to many poor children despite being from a very poor background, has perished. Though it is not yet clear the very reason for this may be militant activity. The report came in on the 20th of this month and Nationalist media sources had been waiting for confirmation of the incident before releasing it on our sources.

Halzaar who was often called Thomas has been a jewel within the organization for a very long period. In the year 2007 he took it upon himself to put every ounce of his meagre wealth to the promotion of education in Pakistan and started up his first school with the help of other Nationalist volunteers in rural Sindh. In the subsequent years his fame within the various Nationalist organizations skyrocketed as it does in almost all situations where a member donates funds but Halzaar constantly dreamed of a similar school in his own district of Hangu, which was the reason he had spent the end of the last year surveying the district for the poorest of the poorest village to build his second school.

The details surrounding Halzaar’s death are still unknown but family members who live in Karachi confirm that the 32 year old liberal went to visit his home in Thal, Hangu but they had not heard of him since he began the trip. The breakthrough only came recently when villagers from Targhundai found a bullet riddled body in the areas surrounding it which has been identified as Thomas. The village has also suffered a rocket attack recently which has been reported in the news.

If this is proven to be militant activity rather than personal enmity this may very well be the first time a Nationalist of civilian origin has been slain by the militants. In the past some of our men who joined the army voluntarily in order to destroy the terrorist menace have been killed in attacks primarily due to the Nationalist battle zeal that separates our units from others when facing enemies of the state. It is well known that Nationalists with Leftist tendencies and Military ones tend to almost worship the land as a mother tolerating nothing against it.

Most Nationalist leaders including those from the Watan Parast Tehreek which Halzaar primarily served were not available for comment immediately about the death of one of their most important members. However children from Halzaar’s school who are eager to learn are already depressed about what the future may hold for them. “Halzaar used to pay my child’s fees” a parent says. “Will anyone be able to take this man’s place to support the poor people of rural Sindh?

The question remains to be answered.

By Havi Zayed

Lord Zerab Salamat the supreme leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has released a statement saying that the Nationalists would rest at nothing less than the hanging of American agent Raymond Davis who was arrested for cold blooded murder of two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore. Another car belonging to the American embassy mowed down a Pakistani motorcyclist while heading towards Davis.

Pakistani annoyance with America has been reaching its peak as the country continually blames Pakistan for its own mistakes and has been treating Pakistan as a pet dog rather than as an equal ally. After the American invasion of Afghanistan the insurgency the United States created to fight the Soviets has spilt into Pakistan. Yet Pakistan is being made the focus of International blame due to the American media despite both its losses and the fact that without the United States the country could not even have thought of facing the Soviets.

Pew Global Polls a US based research group shows that the image of the United States in the country is still highly negative and has fallen from 60% of the population holding negative views of USA in 2005 to 68%. At the same time positive views of the country have also fallen. The recent incident is sure to ensure that the trend continues or is perhaps excelled.

Zerab Salamats Speech

To a gathered crowd of about 300 young Pakistani men and women in Muqaddar Mansion, Zerab gave a fiery statement in regard to the brutal killings by Raymond Davis which the US government is trying to cover with the excuse of diplomatic immunity.

The speech which lasted about 12 minutes answered a number of questions present in the minds of many Nationalists about the movements regards to foreign interference.

It was also a lashing attack on American behaviour in the region. He said that Pakistan was important to the rest of the World and if the USA did not stop treating Pakistan as a colony the people of the country may get sick of the behaviour and rise up in revolt. At the same time he made it clear that terrorism was a major threat that had to be dealt with or without the presence of the USA. “It would be a great pleasure not to have allies that betray their friends but it is clear that the militants are a threat and are just waiting to be used (by foreign powers). They must be eliminated for daring to wage war against the country. They have shown their true face as the betrayers they are by blowing up their own people. If their war was against the US why are they attacking us and weakening our country?” This reiterated the point that the Taliban and USA’s hypocritical attitude towards Pakistan is equal in Nationalist eyes.

To a question concerning American links to Taliban activities in the region the veteran replied “there is no doubt about it that the Americans are hiding something and we know well that their embassies are hotspots for their secret operatives whom they cover as staff. We also know that the US has worked with the terrorists in the past and forced us on the path (Soviet Afghan War) and are now trying their best to pin the blame on our revered institutions. We understand someone is clearly supporting the Taliban both monetarily and with weapons as the findings of our commission reveal. Since we have limited access to the region we have been unable to find out who but it is clear that such a thing can be done by a traitorous ally who can use the traitorous Taliban as puppets for its gains (Referring to the Soviet era).”

Falshim Amerat another very famous leader of the Organization who was contacted also called for action against American mercenary groups. “Pakistan is not a tool for the west to use and abandon. This is our land and they will realize that even if they have bought the government they cannot challenge the might of Pakistani law or the entire country will rise up. Davis must be hanged. We often find ourselves at odds with the religious parties when it comes to how much of a role religion should have in the country’s rule but here we agree completely. A traitor is a traitor whether American, Indian or a separatist and there is no doubt in our minds how one of such breed should be treated. CIA must stop all activities in Pakistan.”

This is indeed a very important point in Pakistani American relations that will decide the countries future. Either the Americans back off and accept the will of the Pakistani people or understand that this government is about to fall and may be replaced by one much less accommodating to American demands.

By Havi Zayed

Education is the universal right of each and every individual. However continuously due to the utter corruption and failure of successive governments this field has been pathetically neglected in Pakistan. Even today the expenditure on education in Pakistan is one of the lowest in the world and usually sits at 2% of the GDP most of the time. The maximum it has ever reached is 2.80%.

Currently Pakistan has a literacy rate of approximately 57% which is one of the lowest in the World, though independent observers agree that literacy has increased in the past years. However the number can be expected to be lower than the 57% estimate considering the fact that an apathetic government has had a role in accumulating these figures.

Our description of how we find the literacy rate is defined as “aged 10 and over can read and write.” If a child who is ten years of age can somehow sign his name on a piece of paper he is literate according to the government. This apathy and ignorance towards education has led to a major problem in Pakistan and is not only prevalent in the government but also in many circles of the poverty stricken masses.

Why Primary Education, why not a complete Universal Education System?

In any country, especially one that has a high illiteracy rate like Pakistan all education must be a must and enrolment in primary institutions ensured. However we are talking about making only primary education must by law because it is an achievable target which can be accomplished provided the law is implemented and children in those age groups found roaming the streets on week days are picked up and sent right to school as they deserve to be.

Every great intention starts with a single step in the right direction, therefore it is a sensible for a start rather than impose a law the country simply does not have the means to administer.

By estimate we have 156,653 Primary institutions in the country which should be enough to accommodate Pakistan’s population of children of about 4-10 years. This estimate is gained by multiplying 156,653 primary institutions into an average number of students they can accommodate (Approximately 100). This gives the figure 15,665,300 which is the number of students these institutions can accommodate. This is approximately the total population of children between those age’s in the country.

Therefore according to these numbers Pakistan does have enough primary institutions in the country to though it is clear that many being concentrated in the cities and urban areas, there will be children in the rural areas who do not have a primary school in their area to go to at all. In these areas work needs to be started immediately on a school for the children to go to.

Problems involved: Corruption & Non Implementation of Laws

Pakistan is fully capable of enforcing such a rule as there are enough Primary schools in Pakistan to accommodate these children.

The most important factor in the implementation of this ideal is indeed the old issue in Pakistan of what role the police and the other upholders of the law will play. In Pakistan the problem is often that there are laws but those same laws are ignored and not properly implemented. A fine of 500 Rupee’s will have to be imposed on anyone who refuses to send their children to school while the police will have to enforce the rule rather than ignoring someone who disregards it.

Another problem is rampant corruption, especially when it is the rich or middle class involved the exchange of bribes becomes common. Therefore a great deal lies on whether the primary schools run by the government do not have all their funding being eaten by corrupt officials. Indeed many rural schools in Pakistan lack teachers who stop teaching because they aren’t being paid by the government. Many schools listed are even bogus with the local official in charge claiming their presence simply to take the funds for himself. Though this is a separate topic the government will have to bring transparency here and ensure that the funds are properly being utilized. Proper audits and checks must be maintained.

How to go about implementing it?

Enforcement would no doubt start from the urban centers and would most affect the young street urchins we see on the streets of our famous cities begging as a means to sustain themselves. The rural towns and villages close to these urban centers would be the next where the effects of this law are implemented and felt.

The task will begin to get more difficult as the program moves further into the rural areas that are more further from these urban population centers. Here the problem of people unwilling to send female children to school will become all the more apparent, though the problem would be existent in other areas including the Urban ones as well people. They must be convinced by separate classes or if possible separate school buildings for the students of different sexes.

In the far flung and remoter rural areas that are cut off from other parts of the country implementing this will be a very difficult task. In these areas the difficulty to enforce such a law will be magnified by the fact that there are no real police stations for miles and no real administrative authorities to enforce it. This also further increases the chances of corruption taking place. There is no doubt that it can be accomplished but it will require resolve.

In reality everything lies with the will of the Pakistani people to change their own standard of living. If they use this and every such opportunity to develop their country to steal from it or ignore their duties the result of any scheme or plan will be a failure. Education is the right of every Pakistani. It is time to take a small but necessary step in this direction.