9,958 Nationalists in Pakistan (December 2010)

February 28, 2011

By Rezab Alim

There have been a lot of questions about the exact number of people in the Nationalist Movement and constantly we estimate our numbers but they end up being incorrect numbers.

There was a survey going on in Pakistan to count the number of total people inside Pakistan Nationalist Organizations. That survey in Pakistan that has been going on is completed but the foreign chapters still have to complete the survey. The team put together to organize the information says it was a very difficult job because of confusion in collecting information. This is because many members that are in one organization are also in another which cause a lot of problems. Each organization for this task has to be in very good contact with each other and with the United team put together, even when there are some differences. Also the team has to have a member from all organizations and some people always feel it is biased.

So finally the results for Pakistan are here up till December 2010. The result for other Chapter may take much more time.

The Pakistan Chapter has 9,958 members.



3 Responses to “9,958 Nationalists in Pakistan (December 2010)”

  1. The post has been edited. Rezab when you see this post here please make sure you do the following before sending it to any of our members in order to save us some very serious time in editing:
    1) spelling check
    2) grammar check
    3) proper English check
    4) context check

    Alternatively you can post an Urdu piece as well if you want.

  2. Anon Nationalist said

    I am very strongly against this kind of site and ownn information available publicly. Anyone can put it together to find our locations and we are already giving all information about numbers and leaders.

    I think we forgot very important lesson in Zulfiqar Bhuttos time that corupt and power hungry people will never accept putting Pakistan before and want nothing to stand in way of their hunger for wealth and corruption. Thats why they punish ordinary people daily who don’t even have money to feed themselve filling there own pocket. If our own people treeting us this way how we can say foreigners won’t even have more bias against us?

    We have to follow old ways and work without attention. We are not here for media spotlight that we are doing good thing. We are doing for our country.

    Its specially funny that people in Canada where worst incidents against our community happened are main people who are putting this crazy effort.

    Proof of people with hatred against us.
    Death threats against community leaders (Canada)
    Leaders wife attacked. (Canada)
    Canada listens to a group of Indian terrorists who admit murder. (Canada)
    Political criminals kidnap RS. (Pakistan)
    A Nationalist tries to tell about politicians link to criminals in Karachi. (Pakistan)

    People don’t lik people being too Nationalistic because they are selfish and ignorant. They just can’t accept us. We need to stop this foolishness and become original Nationalist.

    • I agree. There are way to many people that hate us. Many others have a negative view of us and are just waiting for an excuse to take an opportunity to get at us.

      But again there is no place for news where all Nationalists from anywhere can come and see whats going on.

      This information reveals nothing and cannot be personally traced. I am a liberal but I respect my organization and my movement that gave me an identity and the resolve to use every breathe in my lungs for the benefit of my motherland. The very reason I did not dash to the police when I recieved death threats was because of Traditionalist thought being strongly against it. I have put more at stake than anyone.

      Hostility or no hostility Pakistan must prosper even if I breathe no more.

      We are very selective in the type of information we put up here and rather than focusing on hostility maybe we should focus on growth so that instead of 2 ministers we have more.

      We have very heavy links with our army. We are much more influential than we once were. Its time to change approach.

      Zer Daresh noma asafel Watan izzat.
      Pakistan Zindabad.

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