Urdu letter received by PNA Pakistan from an anonymous member

March 1, 2011

An anonymous letter (translated)

Pakistan has been in existence for more than 60 years. In this time this Nation has seen it all. War, death, destruction, internal strife, corruption, power-hungry heads of state, severe foreign interference. Everything. Everything but the progress and prosperity we dreamed off. Power to some extent we have attained but still how does it matter when 60% of our people still live below a dollar a day? In this case it is something to wonder why we are constantly interfering in wars and countries where we do not belong. Why not concentrate almost completely on developing the country?

Recently we received a letter from a member describing his experiences in the past and questioning when we would rise above our differences and start putting Pakistani interest first rather than taking the first opportunity we find to interfere in another Nation. The letter also asked why we are worshiping US aid, much of which is eaten by the corrupt bureaucracy.

The letter also questions why despite all our sacrifices the west does nothing but treat us as terrorism suspects and how can we continue in this way if we are being treated as an inferior group of people even while we take their losses. Here is the letter.

Dear Zerab,

I became a part of the movement on 4th of July 1986, the years of the Soviet Afghan war. I saw the turmoil that the war had brought. I watched the years pass as the drugs, the illegal weapons and the refugees filled my land becoming a burden on our beloved country. I, a resident of Peshawar watched as my beloved city was turned into a refugee camp. All this was happening when we could barely feed our own. Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan is often a hotly debated subject when there are people of highly religious backgrounds present but most today agree that it was one of our foreign policy blunders that resulted in three things:

1)      More fanaticism in society

2)      US achieved its goals in defeating the Soviets but when it did the aid to us ended. A valuable lesson.

3)      Taliban gained an opportunity to spread terrorism in Afghanistan successfully making it a fanatical nation till the Allied invasion.

What happened during the War should have become a valuable lesson for us that taught us that interfering in another country always has consequences and should be avoided no matter how horrible the situation of that country seems to be. But we don’t learn our lesson’s because when the United States again came to us asking us to declare war against their own funded terrorists we accepted. Now this would have been a brilliant thing if it was not for the truth that we would be the ones who took all the losses and directed a highly fanaticized population against ourselves. We have taken more causalities than the United States and the war is being fought right on our land.

I doubt the Nationalist values of honour and many of our members thirst for vengeance will allow them to even think about not waging war on Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan movement. But maybe it is more than time to declare ourselves completely neutral to what happens in Afghanistan, that means both to the USA and the Taliban. This will:

1)      Destroy TTP’s excuse that we are supporting the USA which they use to recruit and brainwash. An upcoming withdrawal by NATO forces will improve the situation in Pakistan further. We just need wait. This should leave their most fanatical core. That core must still be finished.

2)      Pakistan will stop being treated as a colony by the USA and we will at least live with some honour. Their agents like Raymond Davis won’t be killing our people in broad daylight for one.

3)      Will allow us to look at other foreign policy options. The relationship with USA is outdated. In the beginning of this war they were mad but now they are stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, bullying Iran and Syria, they won’t do anything to make the matter any worse. We should use the opportunity to slowly draw away from the country and look at a closer relationship with Russia. After all at least they are more reliable allies.

4)      Pakistanis are being pulled out of lines at airports. A suspect generally has to be Pakistani. Further evidence is our own chapter heads in some countries are becoming victims of severe persecution. We are treated as terrorists when we have the highest number of losses. Even patriotism is a crime today. We have nothing to lose. We had more respect before.

I hope our various organizations follow this strategy and accept it as our policy idea. There is no end in sight to this madness and only if we adapt a principle of non interference no matter what the situation can we succeed. What happens outside our country is not our problem.

(Member not comfortable with releasing name here)


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