Breaking News: Recent Events cause Web Presense to close

May 12, 2011

Okay, its clear that someone had to post something here about what is going on now. Havi has resigned as leader of the PNA, Canada. Mansur Elahi has taken his place as temporary Chapter head and will most likely be leading the organization for the coming years.

There have been many rumors these days. Many of the are TRUE. Sultan, as his close friends all know him is leaving the country for good. He is really sick and is not in the condition to speak with anybody. The disease he has is currently unknown but he will be taking further tests to determine what is going on. Crescent Shield will be shut down until further notice as the server location will most probably be shifted.

Everyone knows who has been behind this public effort to make the Nationalist voice heard. If this person is sick or moves out of Canada the effects and stops working for PNA the effects will be:

1) An end of PNA Public Wing and any public effort because we all know how difficult things have been in the past. Nationalists are already ready to believe that others don’t want us to express our views at all or some other unjustified idea.

2) More traditionalist thought will come forward to fill the gap and of course many people will make fun of what actually happened here ‘because of some stupid Liberals’ and see it as proof of the failure of new ideas.

3) No public effort will be launched after such a sudden end to this one.

And ofcourse sooner or later because of lack of staff to maintain it or because of the hawks back at home in Pakistan any public effort will be shut down.

This web presence is now officially closed until further notice. There will be no posting. The site will remain to remind us of a goal some of us believed in and if maybe one day there is a leader or chapter head who takes a stand this site may start posting again.

Additional Note: News is also coming in about 6 newly selected chapter heads for 6 overseas nations and the division of the Pakistan Chapter into 4 provincial bodies for easier management.


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