Crescent Network Shield is up and ready to protect Internet users in every way. Only for a small payment you can start using this software today. This advertisement has been designed by Revolutionary Studios, a Pakistani Graphic Design company associated with the Pakistan Nationalist Association and any copyright infringement is absolutely illegal!

Remember if you believe this is irrelevant to Pakistani Nationalism please understand that both Crescent Network Shield and Revolutionary Studios that produced are the creation/product of Pakistani Nationalists and Nationalist minds. Crescent Network Shield is a new innovation in itself by a bright youth from Karachi. This signifies the increasing capabilities of the Nationalists as newer minds bring new ideas and thought.

We welcome the bright future of our country-the next generation of Pakistani Nationalists. The first generation drained their blood fighting in the field of battle for the country. We the sons have inherited their responsibility to rebuild the dream by using our skills to develop our country.

(Ad designed by Havi Zayed, Revolutionary Studios)