Oh Really?

The crackdown on Jamaat Ud Dawa continues as over 71 workers having been arrested and 124 placed under house arrest. But while this continues no one seems to care about the consequences of this action or the real questions. Does Jamaat Ud Dawa have anything to do with terrorism and Lashker E Toiba at all or has it just been dreamed up by the Indian media and politicians? How credible are Indias claims considering Hemant Karkares investigations suggested that it was not Lashker E Toiba that was responsible? Why is Pakistan taking action against Jamaat Ud Dawa one of the largest charities in Pakistan serving over 80000 people when there is no proof that it is involved in  terror related activities. Despite this why are we taking action on JuD when on the other hand there are Indian radical organizations that have massacred thousands of Muslims Christians and Sikhs but no action is taken against them?

The government of Pakistan not only continues with the policies of its predecessors but has gone several steps further than them dangerously oblivious to the alienation and sense of deprivation that the people of Pakistan have begun to feel over their actions and the massive level of rage and frustration that is building up due to unparalleled corruption and poor policies in all fields of Pakistani society. Recently what has wounded the Pakistani people the most is that the Pride they used to feel being Pakistanis itself is at stake. It is the view of the common man that the identity and sovereignty of Pakistan has been completely sold. The ban on Jamaat Ud Dawa has given further rise to such feelings and many now people think that there is absolutely no hope.

As a result of the unjust ban on JuD there is a feeling that any Pakistani can be framed anywhere in the world for doing nothing and the Government of Pakistan does not in anyway care about the people of Pakistan or the interests of the Country and will therefore do nothing in order to protect these Pakistani citizens. On paper and in their speeches the officials always seem to stress that the interests of the Pakistani people reign supreme and there will be no compromise on our sovereignty but they do not follow up with actions on their words. This scenario and the governments tall claims have been exposed with the ban and many people ask how stealing the bread of 80000 people just for the benefit of Indian blame and propaganda going to benefit us? How does taking action against a charity serve the interests of Pakistan?

Jamaat Ud Dawa was one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Pakistan. It had over 160 schools, 143 medical healthcare facilities and also fed many people two times a day. As a result a total of 80000 people were being served by the charity in total. 40000 of these were students and many of these could not afford the education and it is uncertain as to what will happen to their future. They were the first to react to both the Kashmir quake and the most recent one in Ziarat, Baluchistan. Jamaat Ud Dawa had major aid operations in Ziarat to help the Earthquake victims by building over 600 houses and providing education food and relief equipment to affected people. As a result of the ban sadly hundreds have been left freezing in the cold.

US and India have failed to answer the question of what terror group indulges itself in this kind of charity work and is helping the common people rather than terrorizing the World? Do the terror groups such as Ansar Ul Islam, Jaish E Mohammed, Al Qaeda, Taliban or Indian Mujahideen all do charity work? It seems that Jamaat Ud Dawa is more of a scapegoat than a “terrorist organization.”

Not only the humanitarian aspect of this organization has cast a shadow of doubt over the allegations but also the fact that all the benefactors of this charity were not Muslims and many were Christians and Hindus as well. It was only a month ago several poor Sindhi Christians and Hindus who had been supported by the organization rose in order to support it claiming that the organization was innocent and had nothing to do with terrorism or with Lashkar E Taoiba. Several protestors questioned how this organization could be a front for a terrorist group when it had helped them despite being Muslim. India’s propaganda campaign it seems has been put in peril when the question of would Non-Muslims really support an Islamic Terrorist Organization was raised.

Almost all the development, relief and humanitarian work in Pakistan is done by charity organizations and specially in this time when the Pakistani economy is in a crisis the common mans reliance upon them is much greater. The government itself over admits that over 40% of the development and relief work in Pakistan is done by humanitarian organizations like Jamaat Ud Dawa, Edhi and Ansar Burney Trust. The government also admits that whenever it tries to interfere or take control of the organizations they are overwhelmed by corrupt practices and criminal elements being given positions who are rather there for their own or their parties benefit rather than humanity. Knowing this it is natural for us to question what the government was really thinking when banning an organization on which so many are dependent. This action is forced upon us and by going along with it the government does not create anger against India or the United States but itself and is putting its own position at risk.

The Pakistani government speaks much about its commitment to Pakistan and how Pakistan’s interest comes first but again it has been shown that under a little pressure we are willing to succumb and sell the interests of our country. Even our Indian adversaries seem to have the authority over us nowadays and have gone as far as telling us what to do. The government continues with the old game. The blame is continuously put on the doorstep of the previous government but the fact is even the Musharraf government would never sell itself to India or bow down to them in such a way.

It seems the government has a lot to do in terms of winning the confidence of the people and needs to follow up on its words.  Otherwise the government is putting itself in peril by selling the Nation and compromising on the nation itself. The people of Pakistan are unwilling to sell their identity which is like their mother. They can sell all but their Pakistani identity.


Over a month has passed since the Mumbai attacks yet the blame game has not subsided and several Indian warmongers have gone as far as to say that they are justified to launch airstrikes in Pakistan over the attacks. Only 10 minutes had the attack passed and as usual the Hindutva media machinery came to life blaming Pakistan for the attacks just like in the past. This warmongering still continues as several media outlets have called for open war against Pakistan. The chief of RSS K.S. Sudarshan a Right Wing Hindu Organization even went as far as saying that nuclear war with Pakistan was the only solution to banish evil from India.

However this rhetoric does not change the fact that the reality behind this attack is still shrouded in mystery. And unfortunately the Anti-Pakistani Campaign being built up by the Indian media seems to falling apart as sane minds are coming forward to find the real facts and circumstances behind the attack. Despite the Indian media and Politicians trying their level best to lay the blame on Pakistan’s doorstep by saying that the so called “Ajmal Amir Qasab” the lone surviving terrorist from the incident was from Faridkot in Punjab, Pakistanis remain unmoved and see this as nothing but blame which India is very famous for. Sadly this new Bollywood action movie coming from the Indian media has been met by harsh criticism from the Pakistani side and from Intellectuals and thinkers within India and across the World. Any knowledgeable person who has been looking at history and at India’s habit of blame knows that taking these claims too seriously is not a very wise path. Pakistan or Bangladesh based militants have been blamed for the past 40 major attacks in India. All these militant groups are blamed to be Pakistani by the Hindutva forces and to have links with Pakistan’s Intelligence Service ISI according to the Indian media and politicians. This has been denied constantly in the past by both Pakistan and Bangladesh. The terrorist himself is captured talking in Hindi and even spoke Marathi according to Maharashtra Times. There is absolutely nothing that suggests he is a Pakistani as in Pakistans records there is no family in Faridkot by the name of Qasab and he is not in the government records either.

Is Qasab Hindu or Muslim?

India is also well known and very famous for Muslim and Hindu violence. In 1993 Bal Thakerey the Chief of Shiv Sena ordered his Seniks to destroy a 16th Century Mosque known as the Babri Masjid in Ayodha which led to riots where over 3000 Muslims were killed. Later in 2002 in Gujrat Hindu mobs supported by the Chief Minister of Gujrat Nirender Modi massacred over at least 5000 innocent Muslim civilians. Even since 2008 massive attacks on Christians resulted in 1200 Christians being slaughtered, hundreds of Christian houses and Churches being destroyed and thousands of Christians were forced to flee to refugee camps. All this was after a VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was killed in an attack claimed by the Maoist rebels but used as an excuse by Hindu terrorists. Therefore such spasms of violence are not uncommon in India and communal tension is very common. Also it is very irrational to assume that there can be no attack in India from within India despite the fact that India comprises almost 1/5 of the World population with such a poor record in terms of its religious tolerance. Despite this for the last 40 attacks it is Pakistan that has been blamed by the Hindutva forces in India and the Anti Pakistan campaign has been fed on by several politicians and the government controlled media in such a way that many Indians are unable to realize and see the facts for themselves.

The first major issue for the soothsayers in India is that all these claims have been proven false on many occasions in the past and have left India with little credibility when it blames a foreign nation. This lack of credibility is a challenge to Indias radicals who seek to portray Pakistan as a terrorist state. A factor contributing to this lack of credibility is the Samjhauta Express Bombings in February 2007 for example where over 50 Pakistanis were killed in a bomb attack on a train carrying passengers from India to Pakistan which was also blamed on Pakistani Lashker E Toiba militants from across the border and Indian leaders claimed it to be supported by ISI. Another attack the Malegaon blasts where the attack was concentrated on a Muslim area and therefore a large number of Muslims were killed was also blamed on ISI. However the carefully thought out Village folk tale suffered a major setback when Hemant Karkare a young police officer in India blew the cover and his investigations clearly proved that Hindu Fanatics were involved in both of these attacks.

According to Mr. Karkares investigations it was found that a Colonel in the Army Srikhant Purohit was responsible for the Samjhauta Express bombings and Karkares investigations were set to implicate even more people in the attacks. Another Sadhvi Pragya was arrested in the case and as a result of these arrests for the first time India saw Hindu terror outfits being implicated for violence even though it is common knowledge among secular Hindus and Minorities that these same Hindu terrorists had attacked Muslims and minorities before. Even more surprising is the fact that it is the same Hemant Karkare who was actually one of the first persons to be killed in the attack that actually lasted for 60 hours, only a day after Hemant Karkare had received death threats from Hindu radicals for his investigations. Several Hindu radical circles celebrated at his death saying that he deserved what he got for ‘framing’ Hindus as no Hindu can be a terrorist. This put the version of events by the media and politicians at stake as several intellectuals questioned it. Several minority leaders said Hindu terrorists were responsible for the attack while the biggest blow came when A.R Antulay, Minister for Minority Affairs demanded an investigation be launched into the murder of Hemant Karkare saying Hindu fanatics were responsible for the attack. For these comments he was forced to resign as it raised a major uproar amongst Hindu leaders who had spread the news of the attack being committed by Pakistanis with their baseless comments. Shiv Sena leaders even suggested Antulay should be hanged as no Hindu could be a terrorist.

As if this was’nt bad enough another fact adding to the Hindu Radical elements worries is the several circles are wondering how the timing of the attack seemed to be just before the state elections. The attacks gave a major boost to the Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Party BJP which is vouching for tougher anti terror laws such as the POTA (Prevention of terrorism act) and is more representative of many Hindu terrorists rather than the minorities. Modi for example is a member of this party even though it is known that he has slaughtered thousands of Muslims in Gujarat.

The Indian Media, Politicians and Police officers have also raised suspicions by giving contradictory statements about the attacks with someone saying one thing and another person saying something else making it hard for people to understand what to believe. For example at first it was being claimed that the attackers had Mauritius and Malaysian ID’s with them but later this was denied by other government officers saying they were from Pakistan. It was also claimed that Deccan Mujahedeen had claimed responsibility for the attack but this was also denied as later the media tried its best to prove Pakistani involvement even though the interviews of the terrorists clearly proved they were from Hyderabad. The media as well continues to say one thing and then contradict itself. This has added to the confusion and the several different versions of events given by Officials seem to point to the fact that something is being definitely hidden.

Jamaat Ud Dawa was blamed to be a terrorist organization and a front for Lashker E Toiba but this was proven untrue when Pakistan’s minority Hindus and Christians marched in its support saying that it was not a terrorist organization in anyway as it had helped them for years and it was an attempt to frame the group. This opinion was voiced by not only Pakistanis across the World who had done social work and knew of its 160 schools and 60000 people who benefitted from its education, healthcare, relief and aid programs but also by BBC which raised questions as to what kind of Islamic terrorists would receive support from different religious minority groups.

The greatest blow and proof that all this is true however comes when the lone surviving terrorist claimed to be of Pakistani origin is caught on tape wearing a band that Hindu terrorists usually wear making the entire scenario extremely suspicious and it throws water on the fire the media and politicians are trying to flare in the name of ‘Pakistani terrorism’ on Indian soil. Not only that but there is enough evidence of him being a very avid speaker of Hindi and he is even fluent in Marathi according to Maharashtra Times which was proven when he spoke to a ward boy in the hospital in Marathi.

In light of all this the Indian terrorist elements seem to be pulling at their hair and screaming in the face of the mounting evidence against them and the response by the elements of not only Pakistani society but of all societies all across the World who want the truth to be exposed. The plot to frame Pakistan for these attacks is wearing thin as intellectuals realize the facts behind the attacks, the suspicious nature behind them and the history of blame. Several people from India themselves have raised the question of the truth behind these attacks and are still trying their level best to get to the real facts.

It is imperative that the Indian government abandon its game and tell its people the truth. Karkare who died to ensure justice and each one of those 170 deserve justice and the only way for them to gain justice is when the governments don’t hide the facts. There is a great amount of evidence that suggests Hindu terrorists were responsible for this attack. Indian people must not be cheated into believing something untrue by the Indian media that they can decide for themselves. An investigation should be launched and links to Hindu terror outfits investigated. The information about who really committed the terrorist attack must be brought forward so that justice can be done.

A Hindu hand exposed.

The Indian government and the Hindutva media has once again gone on a bloodlust after the Mumbai attacks where only 10 terrorists held the city hostage for over 60 hours massacring over 170 people. Several leaders of Hindu terrorist outfits held in high regard in India such as the VHP, Shiv Sena and RSS have stated that war with Pakistan is the only solution. The RSS chief even suggested all out nuclear war to cleanse the World of “Evil Pakistan”.

While this warmongering and the blame game continued unabated several intellectuals and the intelligentsia from the Indian, Pakistani and even Western societies have gotten together and decided to find out who was really behind the attack knowing that the government was unlikely to give justice to all those who were killed and had no wish to expose the true perpetrators of the attack. These people seem to be the only hope for the World as they work tirelessly to expose the truth and have already uncovered several evidences of Hindu involvement proving a strong Shiv Sena link.

Let us take a look at the several facts that are before us, the information that they have uncovered and the questions they have raised that seem to have proven the Hindutva Media and Politicians bedtime story about “The big bad Pakistani Wolf” a Myth:

1 Pakistan and Bangladesh based militants with the support of ISI have been blamed for almost every attack in India. Can it really be true that no attack takes place without Pakistan being blamed even though India makes 1/5th of the World Population and is known for religious violence?

2 The terrorists were talking in Hindi their speaking style their interviews with the media proved they were from Hyderabad as was stated by them. Many Hyderabadis themselves confirmed that they really were from the region of Hyderabad seeing their speaking style and interview.

3 Hemant Karkare had implicated Colonel Prasad Purohit and a number of Indian Hindu terrorists for the attacks and stated that some BJP leaders could be responsible for the attacks. He was killed within the first 10 minutes of the attack. Several BJP leaders have said that “he got what he deserved” and some fanatic hindu websites stated he was a “slave of muslims”

4 It is speculated that Hemant Karkares widow did not take Modi’s compensation for this very reason and she knew he was trying to capitalize on the anger left after the attacks as a basis to demonize Muslims and blame Pakistan. Several people suggested she might have thought or known he was responsible for the attacks as well. Why did Karkares wife deny the compensation if she did not know that there was definitely something fishy surrounding the murder of here husband?

5 Hemant Karkare received death threats from Hindu fanatics a day before he was killed and he had exposed a group named Abhinav Bharat and had said it was involved in previous attacks against Muslims. Could this have been the cause of his death and the members of this shadowy outfit the perpetuators?

6 Indian forces inability to stop only 10 terrorists who caused so much damage casts major doubts about the Indian government description of the events. Several people are wondering how just 10 terrorists could cause such a massive scale of carnage killing over 170 civilians without being stopped.

7 The timing of the attacks could not be any better. Elections were just a few days ahead and this attack was set to give BJP a Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Party a major boost in the elections.

8 Jamaat Ud Dawa is a charity and all of Pakistan rallies in its support and surprisingly even the Hindus and Christians in Pakistan rallied for it claiming it was in no way a terrorist organization as it provided them with education and healthcare. JuD have over 180 schools, 40000 students and thousands who live on their aid and medical supplies daily. Is this really a terrorist organization or a victim of the same blame its neighbours that India has been doing for years. Shweta Mayur has specifically raised this point.

9 Why was Mr Qasab wearing a band that only Hindus can wear? This is the greatest blow and reveals the truth about the attacks and the attackers.  The band he was wearing is a band that is worn by Hindu terrorists of the RSS.

10 Lashker E Toiba and ISI have been blamed before in Samjhauta Express and Malegaon attacks as well & it was later proven that Purohit was actually involved for both. Over 50 Pakistanis died in the same attack and this was also blamed on the Lashker E Toiba at first. So how credible is Indias version of events and what is being hidden this time?

11 The list of 20 people India gave to Pakistan include names of dead people, people not in Pakistan and people who have been in jail for years. Is this list a joke?

12 There is no family by the name of Qasab back in Faridkot Pakistan. Many Indian story tellers tried their level best to somehow change that and made fools out of themselves trying to find a Pakistani link. Some even went as far to say they found the family and Qasabs parents had accepted he was their son after seeing his picture. However no record of Qasab exists in Pakistani Records.

13 Many Indian intellectuals and think-tanks have raised the issue of the falsity of Indian governments claims and their disapproval of finger pointing saying hindu fanatics in India have committed the attack. One of these was AR Antulay Minority Affairs Minister whose comments are the biggest blow to expose the real version of events and said Karkare has been killed by Hindu fanatics and it should be probed.

14 Several Shiv Seniks had been talking about such an attack to “awaken hindus” across India and make them aware of the Islamic plot against them. RSS chief said such an attack was needed to make Hindus fight against the demon (Islam according to them)

15 A strange group of Islamic terrorists would go to a bar and have several drinks and start their rampage from there. Intellectuals have been wondering what kind of Islamic terrorists come in T-shirts and jeans completely clean shaven and would start their rampage from a bar.

16 The terrorist that killed Hemant Karkare spoke Marathi according to Maharashtra Times itself. Marathi is only spoken within India. Is he really a Pakistani or a victim of the blame game.

17 Several Police Officers have broken the silence and said that it was standard procedure to blame Pakistan for terrorist attacks. A  Muslim Police Officer even stated that he was not sure that Ajmal Amir Qasab was a Pakistani.

18 It is claimed by the media that the attackers came from Karachi by sea. What was the coastguard doing all this time? And over 200 miles were crossed without the Indian coastguard noticing at all.

19 No one except Mr Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the same person who is said to be responsible for the massacre of over 3000 muslim civilians in cold blood even thought about compensating the victims. What is this proving? That Hindus should follow terrorists like Modi instead of more secular Hindu parliamentarians because he is the only one who cares about terrorism?

20 The events were changed several times and several conflicting statements were made by different sources. First Mauritius ID cards were found with the terrorists, then they were not. The contradictory statements by different government officials and investigators cast a shadowy image to this situation.

21 Conveniently the same terrorist caught on tape was the one who was captured. Not only that but conveniently this same terrorist seems to be walking casually at the train station with an Ak47 in his hands and does not notice someone with a mobile camera taking pictures of him in what seems to be an empty place.

22 There was also a last letter Karkare had left if something were to happen to him to his friend in the ATS. The friend did not reveal the content but said that it would surprise the World and there were many more people that could be involved in the Samjhauta Express case.

23 The terrorists definitely knew the city inside out. They were well aware of the locations to strike and were so well acquainted with the city that they knew every corner. Even many Indians themselves did not know about the Jewish community center. Several sources have claimed that they had been living in Mumbai for at least a year to know the city so well. Were they Indian or Pakistani?

24 Why would the terrorists call their alleged leader Hafiz Mohammed Saeed through VOIP in the middle of the fight when Indian commandos were pounding at the hotel? Did the terrorists really want themselves to be traced back to where they actually came from and came with all preparation passports and documents to prove they were Pakistani?

25 Several Indian media circles even went as far as to claim that the attack was the handiwork of ISI. Now what kind of intelligence agency would launch an attack that could actually be traced right back to itself? It seems that “Pakistan’s Powerful Spy Agency” is more often than not a victim of the failures of others.