Okay, its clear that someone had to post something here about what is going on now. Havi has resigned as leader of the PNA, Canada. Mansur Elahi has taken his place as temporary Chapter head and will most likely be leading the organization for the coming years.

There have been many rumors these days. Many of the are TRUE. Sultan, as his close friends all know him is leaving the country for good. He is really sick and is not in the condition to speak with anybody. The disease he has is currently unknown but he will be taking further tests to determine what is going on. Crescent Shield will be shut down until further notice as the server location will most probably be shifted.

Everyone knows who has been behind this public effort to make the Nationalist voice heard. If this person is sick or moves out of Canada the effects and stops working for PNA the effects will be:

1) An end of PNA Public Wing and any public effort because we all know how difficult things have been in the past. Nationalists are already ready to believe that others don’t want us to express our views at all or some other unjustified idea.

2) More traditionalist thought will come forward to fill the gap and of course many people will make fun of what actually happened here ‘because of some stupid Liberals’ and see it as proof of the failure of new ideas.

3) No public effort will be launched after such a sudden end to this one.

And ofcourse sooner or later because of lack of staff to maintain it or because of the hawks back at home in Pakistan any public effort will be shut down.

This web presence is now officially closed until further notice. There will be no posting. The site will remain to remind us of a goal some of us believed in and if maybe one day there is a leader or chapter head who takes a stand this site may start posting again.

Additional Note: News is also coming in about 6 newly selected chapter heads for 6 overseas nations and the division of the Pakistan Chapter into 4 provincial bodies for easier management.


An anonymous letter (translated)

Pakistan has been in existence for more than 60 years. In this time this Nation has seen it all. War, death, destruction, internal strife, corruption, power-hungry heads of state, severe foreign interference. Everything. Everything but the progress and prosperity we dreamed off. Power to some extent we have attained but still how does it matter when 60% of our people still live below a dollar a day? In this case it is something to wonder why we are constantly interfering in wars and countries where we do not belong. Why not concentrate almost completely on developing the country?

Recently we received a letter from a member describing his experiences in the past and questioning when we would rise above our differences and start putting Pakistani interest first rather than taking the first opportunity we find to interfere in another Nation. The letter also asked why we are worshiping US aid, much of which is eaten by the corrupt bureaucracy.

The letter also questions why despite all our sacrifices the west does nothing but treat us as terrorism suspects and how can we continue in this way if we are being treated as an inferior group of people even while we take their losses. Here is the letter.

Dear Zerab,

I became a part of the movement on 4th of July 1986, the years of the Soviet Afghan war. I saw the turmoil that the war had brought. I watched the years pass as the drugs, the illegal weapons and the refugees filled my land becoming a burden on our beloved country. I, a resident of Peshawar watched as my beloved city was turned into a refugee camp. All this was happening when we could barely feed our own. Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan is often a hotly debated subject when there are people of highly religious backgrounds present but most today agree that it was one of our foreign policy blunders that resulted in three things:

1)      More fanaticism in society

2)      US achieved its goals in defeating the Soviets but when it did the aid to us ended. A valuable lesson.

3)      Taliban gained an opportunity to spread terrorism in Afghanistan successfully making it a fanatical nation till the Allied invasion.

What happened during the War should have become a valuable lesson for us that taught us that interfering in another country always has consequences and should be avoided no matter how horrible the situation of that country seems to be. But we don’t learn our lesson’s because when the United States again came to us asking us to declare war against their own funded terrorists we accepted. Now this would have been a brilliant thing if it was not for the truth that we would be the ones who took all the losses and directed a highly fanaticized population against ourselves. We have taken more causalities than the United States and the war is being fought right on our land.

I doubt the Nationalist values of honour and many of our members thirst for vengeance will allow them to even think about not waging war on Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan movement. But maybe it is more than time to declare ourselves completely neutral to what happens in Afghanistan, that means both to the USA and the Taliban. This will:

1)      Destroy TTP’s excuse that we are supporting the USA which they use to recruit and brainwash. An upcoming withdrawal by NATO forces will improve the situation in Pakistan further. We just need wait. This should leave their most fanatical core. That core must still be finished.

2)      Pakistan will stop being treated as a colony by the USA and we will at least live with some honour. Their agents like Raymond Davis won’t be killing our people in broad daylight for one.

3)      Will allow us to look at other foreign policy options. The relationship with USA is outdated. In the beginning of this war they were mad but now they are stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, bullying Iran and Syria, they won’t do anything to make the matter any worse. We should use the opportunity to slowly draw away from the country and look at a closer relationship with Russia. After all at least they are more reliable allies.

4)      Pakistanis are being pulled out of lines at airports. A suspect generally has to be Pakistani. Further evidence is our own chapter heads in some countries are becoming victims of severe persecution. We are treated as terrorists when we have the highest number of losses. Even patriotism is a crime today. We have nothing to lose. We had more respect before.

I hope our various organizations follow this strategy and accept it as our policy idea. There is no end in sight to this madness and only if we adapt a principle of non interference no matter what the situation can we succeed. What happens outside our country is not our problem.

(Member not comfortable with releasing name here)

By Rezab Alim

There have been a lot of questions about the exact number of people in the Nationalist Movement and constantly we estimate our numbers but they end up being incorrect numbers.

There was a survey going on in Pakistan to count the number of total people inside Pakistan Nationalist Organizations. That survey in Pakistan that has been going on is completed but the foreign chapters still have to complete the survey. The team put together to organize the information says it was a very difficult job because of confusion in collecting information. This is because many members that are in one organization are also in another which cause a lot of problems. Each organization for this task has to be in very good contact with each other and with the United team put together, even when there are some differences. Also the team has to have a member from all organizations and some people always feel it is biased.

So finally the results for Pakistan are here up till December 2010. The result for other Chapter may take much more time.

The Pakistan Chapter has 9,958 members.


By Havi Zayed

Though reports are sketchy at this moment it has been confirmed that Halzaar, who gave the gift of education to many poor children despite being from a very poor background, has perished. Though it is not yet clear the very reason for this may be militant activity. The report came in on the 20th of this month and Nationalist media sources had been waiting for confirmation of the incident before releasing it on our sources.

Halzaar who was often called Thomas has been a jewel within the organization for a very long period. In the year 2007 he took it upon himself to put every ounce of his meagre wealth to the promotion of education in Pakistan and started up his first school with the help of other Nationalist volunteers in rural Sindh. In the subsequent years his fame within the various Nationalist organizations skyrocketed as it does in almost all situations where a member donates funds but Halzaar constantly dreamed of a similar school in his own district of Hangu, which was the reason he had spent the end of the last year surveying the district for the poorest of the poorest village to build his second school.

The details surrounding Halzaar’s death are still unknown but family members who live in Karachi confirm that the 32 year old liberal went to visit his home in Thal, Hangu but they had not heard of him since he began the trip. The breakthrough only came recently when villagers from Targhundai found a bullet riddled body in the areas surrounding it which has been identified as Thomas. The village has also suffered a rocket attack recently which has been reported in the news.

If this is proven to be militant activity rather than personal enmity this may very well be the first time a Nationalist of civilian origin has been slain by the militants. In the past some of our men who joined the army voluntarily in order to destroy the terrorist menace have been killed in attacks primarily due to the Nationalist battle zeal that separates our units from others when facing enemies of the state. It is well known that Nationalists with Leftist tendencies and Military ones tend to almost worship the land as a mother tolerating nothing against it.

Most Nationalist leaders including those from the Watan Parast Tehreek which Halzaar primarily served were not available for comment immediately about the death of one of their most important members. However children from Halzaar’s school who are eager to learn are already depressed about what the future may hold for them. “Halzaar used to pay my child’s fees” a parent says. “Will anyone be able to take this man’s place to support the poor people of rural Sindh?

The question remains to be answered.

By Havi Zayed

Lord Zerab Salamat the supreme leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has released a statement saying that the Nationalists would rest at nothing less than the hanging of American agent Raymond Davis who was arrested for cold blooded murder of two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore. Another car belonging to the American embassy mowed down a Pakistani motorcyclist while heading towards Davis.

Pakistani annoyance with America has been reaching its peak as the country continually blames Pakistan for its own mistakes and has been treating Pakistan as a pet dog rather than as an equal ally. After the American invasion of Afghanistan the insurgency the United States created to fight the Soviets has spilt into Pakistan. Yet Pakistan is being made the focus of International blame due to the American media despite both its losses and the fact that without the United States the country could not even have thought of facing the Soviets.

Pew Global Polls a US based research group shows that the image of the United States in the country is still highly negative and has fallen from 60% of the population holding negative views of USA in 2005 to 68%. At the same time positive views of the country have also fallen. The recent incident is sure to ensure that the trend continues or is perhaps excelled.

Zerab Salamats Speech

To a gathered crowd of about 300 young Pakistani men and women in Muqaddar Mansion, Zerab gave a fiery statement in regard to the brutal killings by Raymond Davis which the US government is trying to cover with the excuse of diplomatic immunity.

The speech which lasted about 12 minutes answered a number of questions present in the minds of many Nationalists about the movements regards to foreign interference.

It was also a lashing attack on American behaviour in the region. He said that Pakistan was important to the rest of the World and if the USA did not stop treating Pakistan as a colony the people of the country may get sick of the behaviour and rise up in revolt. At the same time he made it clear that terrorism was a major threat that had to be dealt with or without the presence of the USA. “It would be a great pleasure not to have allies that betray their friends but it is clear that the militants are a threat and are just waiting to be used (by foreign powers). They must be eliminated for daring to wage war against the country. They have shown their true face as the betrayers they are by blowing up their own people. If their war was against the US why are they attacking us and weakening our country?” This reiterated the point that the Taliban and USA’s hypocritical attitude towards Pakistan is equal in Nationalist eyes.

To a question concerning American links to Taliban activities in the region the veteran replied “there is no doubt about it that the Americans are hiding something and we know well that their embassies are hotspots for their secret operatives whom they cover as staff. We also know that the US has worked with the terrorists in the past and forced us on the path (Soviet Afghan War) and are now trying their best to pin the blame on our revered institutions. We understand someone is clearly supporting the Taliban both monetarily and with weapons as the findings of our commission reveal. Since we have limited access to the region we have been unable to find out who but it is clear that such a thing can be done by a traitorous ally who can use the traitorous Taliban as puppets for its gains (Referring to the Soviet era).”

Falshim Amerat another very famous leader of the Organization who was contacted also called for action against American mercenary groups. “Pakistan is not a tool for the west to use and abandon. This is our land and they will realize that even if they have bought the government they cannot challenge the might of Pakistani law or the entire country will rise up. Davis must be hanged. We often find ourselves at odds with the religious parties when it comes to how much of a role religion should have in the country’s rule but here we agree completely. A traitor is a traitor whether American, Indian or a separatist and there is no doubt in our minds how one of such breed should be treated. CIA must stop all activities in Pakistan.”

This is indeed a very important point in Pakistani American relations that will decide the countries future. Either the Americans back off and accept the will of the Pakistani people or understand that this government is about to fall and may be replaced by one much less accommodating to American demands.

By Havi Zayed

The Nationalist Monthly has remained the primary magazine for Pakistani Nationalists residing in North America for the past 2 years. It is available for distribution across the United States and Canada chapters of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and has been the only magazine available for members of all the various movements in these two countries. It allows Nationalists to stay updated on current news events concerning Pakistan expressed from a Nationalist outlook and about events impacting their own community. It is published in Canada. However recently certain members have expressed reservations over the content being too Canada focused. Zarir, a key member of the Pakistan Nationalist Association residing in Newyork, United States has been the most outspoken of these.

In an open letter addressed to the Canada Chapter of the Pakistan Nationalist Association Zarir Khalid has requested for changes to be made in the content appearing in the Nationalist Monthly. Zarir’s work mostly involves sending money back to Pakistan for various social projects and is known more often as a sponsor for certain various organizations social activity rather than an active worker of the movement. However his influence in the movement has grown in the past two years with his increased donations to humanitarian aid groups.

In the letter he writes “Instead of focusing on Pakistani politics and Nationalist activity in Pakistan where it actually matters the magazine seems obsessed about what members did in Canada, events taking place in Toronto where the Nationalist community is involved and other chapter specific information no one really cares about”

Information gathered at our Toronto office in Thorncliffe further reinforces what Zarir has said. Many members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the information provided in the magazine claiming it is sometimes irrelevant to what they are actually looking for. Ahmed a Toronto based member says “What we want in the Nationalist Monthly and on the website is Pakistan related information. We want to stay updated about what’s going on there because helping Pakistan is our goal. To achieve that goal we need to know about each and every single thing that takes place in Pakistan.”

Another member Ali backs Ahmed up. “We already know about the events taking place here as we are invited to them anyway. Every event that takes place in Toronto, we are a part of it. We are closely connected with Nationalism in Canada but the problem is staying updated on Pakistan. I will not be treated like a “burger” outsider when I return to my own country. The information in the Nationalist Monthly needs to be more Pakistan centric. As for the website it needs to be broader and should have more regular postings.”

Zarir further adds. “To be clear the Canada chapter is made up of about 250 Nationalists all divided amongst various organizations. The majority of members, about 9000 of them are in Pakistan so clearly that’s where we should be focusing on. The writers of the magazine may be in Canada but they must remember they are writing about Pakistan not the Canada Chapter of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.”

At the same time Zarir has also gone further to criticize the Pakistan Nationalists Associations web effort describing it as extremely shallow. “I mean the entire site is filled with praise for certain Canadian or British chapter members, information about long forgotten death threats which are again an exclusively Canada-chapter issue, and articles written about certain topics related to Pakistan’s current affairs by a small group of writers with the same names appearing constantly one of which is the Chapter head. It’s just surprising how shallow the content is and over-focused it is with the Canada Chapter even though its the only site run by Nationalists. It’s actually surprising you are thinking of buying a domain. There should be a detailed report on every event that takes place in Pakistan and it should be turned into a news source so that rather than reading the propaganda of the Times daily we can read something worth our time.”


All these views are not new and have been stated in the past but no changes have been made to the content citing the fact that there is a vacuum of information arriving from Pakistan due to a lack of magazine reporters in Pakistan. There have also been limited writers for both the magazine and web effort. However everyone agrees it may well be time for at least some changes in the Nationalist Monthly allowing for the inclusion of more Pakistan centric information that replaces the Canada chapter based information. This specially stands true as the latest information reveals the Nationalist Monthly has been gaining a small readership in Pakistan as well.

By Havi Zayed

Though members were always barred from promoting any political party or displaying or bringing any of their ethnic or religious divisions into the framework of not just the Pakistan Nationalist Association but all other organizations there was no real article that banned such behavior with the threat of expulsion from the movement. There is now such a rule even within the Pakistan Nationalist Association.

The Pakistan Nationalist Association’s purpose is to promote unity amongst Pakistanis. Until we keep seeing ourselves as separate entities rather than only and only as Pakistanis we are only causing issues for ourselves and our country. No comment that is even mildly insulting to any member of any ethnic or religious group in Pakistan will be tolerated even as a joke.

The habit of dividing ourselves further and further has allowed political parties to use and pitch us against ourselves. In the end it is the very land our forefathers sacrificed their lives for that suffers.

Our ultimate loyalty is to the Pakistani motherland, not to a political party, not to our religious sect and neither to our ethnic identity all of which must be abandoned and forgotten for the best interest of the Pakistani State. One approach to help abandon this tradition of dividing ourselves further and further is that our future generations, our children must not even be told which ethnic group they belong to and taught at least five languages spoken within the borders of Pakistan to ensure that they only see themselves as Pakistanis. We on a basic level must not tell anyone which ethnic group or religious sect we belong to, if someone asks our members must tell them “I do not divide myself unnecessarily for I am not a traitor to my land. I am a Pakistani only and that is only the identity that matters.”

This is the only way for progress.No developed country, no people, no race in the world allows itself to fall to such pathetic divisions. We cannot let our perceived differences control our mindsets.

Supporting Political Parties on PNA platform strictly forbidden

No one can stop our members from voting as that is a constitutional right of every individual. However extreme loyalty or support for any political party that borders almost to the extent of the Love our members have for their country is unacceptable. There is no ban on supporting the parties. Supporting them too much and being incapable of hearing criticism for them is a problem. The fact is there are corrupt enemies of the Pakistani people in every political party and they have hijacked our land.

In fact it is the over loyalty to these political parties and ethnic identities that has led to much of the violence in Karachi and causes even further divisions. The party leaders have young foolish men who are slaves to the parties and blindly support them to kill other Pakistanis. This leads to an explosive ethnic atmosphere.

The ideal behind these rules

The ideal of these newly introduced rules is to forge unity and reiterate our older point. There is absolutely nothing that our members can be more loyal to or love more than their country. If they hold anything above the divinity of the Pakistani state or even close to it this movement is not for them.The movement was formed for those that understood their responsibility to their motherland and did something about it.

It is a grave insult to ask anyone his or her ethnic identity and is equivalent to putting something before Pakistan. Its shameful that people seem to do so with no regret. Members who have shared this information as a non consequential piece of information must now remember Article 13 before they venture into such ridiculous divisions. This rule exists only for the benefit of Pakistan.

Written By Fazl Qureshi*

Edited by Havi Zayed

There has been frustration because many of the Nationalist Organizations are completely disorganized when it is about knowing about their own numbers and their own people. There are sometimes no real records available of members.

A recent meeting of the All Pakistan Nationalist Movement has changed this however. All the largest organizations have agreed that they will put together their resources and conduct a survey with no bias and find the exact number of their members. The numbers of each organization will also be added up finally to give the total number of Nationalists.

This means that a tally of each and every Nationalist is going to take place with all organizations participating. The Pakistan Nationalist Association has already formed a Box at its location and provided a small form for members to put their details into, which they will put into the box. The PNA will then create a database of each and every one of its members with each chapter head responsible for organizing his own chapter. Once all the results have come they will be checked by figures all over and by the “United Statistics Board” which includes even those who are not from inside the PNA to make sure there is no organizational bias. Once the results are confirmed they will be added up with the other organizations and it will be checked which members are in two organizations and the same time so they are not counted. Then these results will be collected and will give the exact number of Nationalists.

Many Nationalists have had a positive reaction to this move. Shehzad Riwayat praised the move as a breakthrough and said it would help in finding the exact number. He also said it was sensible for all the organizations to make a members database of all its members and said that his private group Shehzad Riwayat’s Patriots would help any organization in help needed to create and maintain this database.

Mansur Elahi has said it is a major breakthrough that is going to create major opportunity to “study and analyze” ourselves and understand “where we are today as compared to where we were yesterday.” Sabir Zafar the Chapter head for PNA’s Saudi Arabia Chapter has also welcomed the initiative while Samir Hayat claims that it is a Revolutionary change to see the Organizations working together like this. A similar reaction has been seen by the general mass of Nationalists who believe they are now heading in the right direction.

It must be remembered that in early 2007 a half-hearted attempt at finding the exact number which accumulated in a joint initiative by the Pakistan Nationalist Association and Pakistan Patriotic Front had produced disappointing results and missed out completely on new members who did not have official membership status. It specially caused difficulty with the other organizations who were in confident about being left out of the process.

It is hoped this attempt will result in better results.

*Some parts of this piece were later added by Havi Zayed.

By Feroz Nabi

The Pakistan Nationalist Association’s Relief Group which has recently been created, for the first time for any disaster in Pakistan is now directly sending aid to the flood affected regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Namely Charsadda, Nowshera, Peshawar, Mingora and Mardan. The rest of the donations will be given to other organizations such as the Red Crescent because this is the first time the Relief Group will ever be arranging anything like this.

There will be a fundraiser in all our major cities in Pakistan on the 20th of August which has been well promoted and the first group of members from the Relief Group will hopefully go to Charsadda and Peshawar nearby areas to help the people in need on the 21st. This is a late response but the Relief Group was only recently organized and created.

Foreign Chapters

A fundraiser is being organized for the 22nd of August for the victims of the floods in Pakistan for the Pakistan Nationalist Association’s, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE and UK Chapters. In the same way a fundraiser is being organized in Italy, Norway and France on the 24th of August and many members have already joined public Pakistani organizations in Italy to help in the aid effort. Australia is hosting a large fundraising event on the 27th of August. The foreign chapters with much fewer members but members with much more money for Pakistan provide donations that are very badly needed in this time. We have absolute trust in the community because these same donations have helped run the Pakistan Nationalist Association and its thought process for all this time.

The Relief Group

The Relief Group is a new organization and it is created by Lord Zerab Salamat himself and operates from the city of Karachi. It is a recent venture but a new beginning for Nationalism. The Relief Groups only action till now has been of providing free food aid to a poorer segment of society in Karachi and that has been a very small operation to no more than 50 people who are provided with basic items such as flour, salt, sugar and milk every week.

Please understand that this appeal for donations does not mean we are demanding that the donations be given only to the Pakistan Nationalist Association Relief Group but will also understand if the donations go to a local NGO with a good reputation for relief work and without any embezzlement of funds.

Also the Relief Group is still new and its capabilities will be tested for the first time in reality. There is still more that the organization needs in management so if there is anyone who is good at managing people they should make contact with the organization immediately.

The Relief Group has a very solid system of checks and balances. Every transaction will be recorded and the way the money is spent will be watched very efficiently. The Nationalists have always been enemies of corruption trying our level best to punish people who have spread it and we will make sure that it is especially not allowed in the Relief Group. Four witnesses and two others will be present along with documents when money is involved and at least two people must be there to record every single transaction in order to avoid errors and corruption. This process will continue even when the food, blankets, tents and other aid is being handed over to keep a check.

By Havi Zayed

Increasing Publicity & newly found solutions to our problems

It is now common knowledge that some of the Nationalist Movements have gone public and are now using more aggressive promotion and advertising means to bring forth the message of nationalist ideology and thought process, yet this also means that we are now operating differently than we used to. This is where the confusion lies; the question everyone seems to be asking is whether some of the old rules and regulations still apply or are they completely outdated as a result of Organizational expansion.

Article 34 still applies!

There is a lot of confusion of late in our movements concerning our move to go public over the old rules and regulations and members are simply using their own judgement to decide which rules exist. Many of our members do not understand whether this means that Article 34 which was originally introduced to avoid danger to members of the organization after certain members received death threats in Canada and the United States is now obsolete.

First of all it must be understood that the differences and changes now taking place in the movement by no chance means that the entire organization’s past rules, regulations and policies are now going to be completely obsolete. This is especially in the case of laws that have been made to protect our members from serious injury or death. If any member is under the false impression that going public will make us safer and article 34 is completely not needed after the death threats the member is fooling himself.

Every individual is entitled to his or her views. The Pakistan Nationalist Association though having some core ideals and believing in them with absolute conviction encourages the ideal of debate and free thinking. But in every society there are those who are always eager to impose their thought on others and unwilling to accept anything contrary to their beliefs.  The fact is that such people do exist and they have natural ill intentions towards Pakistani people in general and especially those who are active in the community. The Pakistan Nationalist Association has very strong beliefs about foreign interference, National Interest, corruption and betrayal to the land and our members mostly being young and passionate can often easily be identified and marked by such dangerous individuals. These threats can often not even be traced, a clear example of this are the E mail threats some Nationalists had to endure in Canada.

Resolving our long existent Internet Crisis

Crescent Network Shield

In the past most of the abuse and threats received by members have been over the internet through E mail. The user sends a single hateful E-mail several times from the same account which is  cloaked by an ananomizer hiding his IP address. This makes it impossible for the individual to be traced. A similar software to the one that was used to avoid being traced after harassing our members is now available for use to members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association to maintain their own privacy when surfing the net.

Designed by Yousuf Khokar, Crescent Network Shield is a special software offering encrypted web browsing and is especially designed to ensure privacy and security while surfing the net. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect your privacy over the internet. We strongly advise our members to use this software though there is no such rule making it mandatory. However this software will be used in all our meeting points where we have computers including Pak Mahal and Independence locations across Pakistan and it is also advised for personal usage when it comes to browsing the Internet.

New Rules and Regulation papers released

Nationalists must rest assured that many rules that existed in the past still exist today. The only issue has been that ever since the Pakistan Nationalist Association announced that it was going public our members have been forced to use their own judgement when it comes to the past Rules and Regulations.

This is not the case anymore because new Rules and Regulations papers have now been released after careful consideration over every rule by Leaders and followers alike. There is now no reason to be confused over past rules and new rules and old rules have been removed or updater while newer ones have also been added.

Most of the regulations deal with Organizational, operational and management changes but others specially those rules within the special section applying to foreign Chapters of the PNA deal with maintaining a decent amount of privacy about the movement that is enough not to draw unnecessary attention from the possibly more hostile elements of society while at the same time increasing our Public Relations effort. As a result there are surprisingly many old rules which were promised to be done away with by certain leaders that are still seen on the pages of the new papers. Furthermore as far as Nationalist Affairs are concerned members are simply advised to share limited information about themselves with people they don’t know well until they can be absolutely trusted. Furthermore a newly revised Article 31 and 32 states that calls related to Nationalist Affairs need to be made from and taken at home or at the recognized Pakistan Nationalist Association headquarters or locations in that country while information about Organization projects and future plans must only be discussed when members have sufficient privacy. This will cause some differences in our operation schedule and will bring less unnecessary public attention to our members. However it is in the best interests of our member’s security that these rules have been introduced.