For years major terrorist organizations in India have been given a free hand to massacre and terrorize minorities. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered by them and they continue to operate putting not only India but also the entire region at risk. The Successive Indian governments have for years not only allowed these organizations to operate but have also denied and hidden the terror related activities of these fascist outfits denying the minorities justice who have suffered at their hands. These fascist outfits are largely ignored and kept away from the attention of the World Media leaving no chance of minorities getting justice for the crimes committed by them or any chance for the World to know about their doings.

It is true that no religion deserves to be highlighted for terrorism and harmony must be promoted at all costs. Also it must be understood that it is not the religion that promotes terrorism but there are certain elements that move away from that religion that promote such anarchy. However the issue in India remains the level of destruction and damage these terrorist organizations are causing and despite this the absolute denial of such criminal and terrorist elements even though they have taken part in the murder of thousands of innocent people.

muslim man surrounded by rioters begs indian police f4 help

Terrorist Organizations such as the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, VHP (Vishva Hindu Parisad) and the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are all ignored and their horrible crimes not only being hidden by members of the government but also being promoted by them. Several members of the Indian government themselves are part of this campaign of terror and have massacred thousands of innocent civilians and not on one occasion is action taken against them.

It is noticeable in almost all past incidents of such religious violence passed off as riots (even though they resulted in a systematic massacre of a certain religious group which can be defined as genocide) that members of these terrorist organizations are actively involved. If we look at all the instances of such violence in the past 30 years we will see this trend and will notice the damage they have caused to the Indian State:

  • In 1984 there was a planned massacre of Sikhs by these same extremists after the tragic death of Indira Gandhi. Over 5000 Sikhs were killed and it has been defined by several Sikh Writers as a “Genocide against the Sikh Community” and a “War against the Sikh Faith” considering the fact that just a few months ago Operation Bluestar had resulted in death of at least 8000 Sikhs. The figures are highly disputed with vast variations between the figures by Humanitarian Organizations, the Indian government and the Sikh Freedom Movements. The fact however is that the people belonging to the same organizations struck here as well. It is also interesting to note that several Politicians as well have been blamed for having a part in this massacre such as Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and RK Anand who are in the government even now. The police and government did absolutely nothing allowing mobs to loot Sikh property, torture, rape and murder.
  • In 1992 they struck again and Babri Masjid a Seventh Century Islamic Mosque was burned down to the ground by Hindu Terrorists resulting in a major culmination of riots which resulted in the death of at least 5000 Muslims according to several Islamic Groups and Humanitarian Groups. Again the trend was the same with politicians and police taking a part in the massacre. According to Tehelka News the police not only remained silent spectators but even participated in the genocide often attacking Muslims and pointing them out for the mobs.  There was also proof against Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thakarey who ordered his followers to murder Muslims in the riots and also in the riots that ensued after the Bombay Blast which is claimed to be by Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. Madhukar Sarpotdar a Shiv Sena MP was jailed for his connections to Hindu terrorists and for inciting them to attack Muslims. Other leaders joined the rhetoric by calling for attacks on Muslims including Girijaj Kishore.
  • In 2003 a major massacre of Muslims was committed in the Province of Gujarat and this massacre is often attributed to Nirender Modi who is still the Chief Minister of Gujarat and a member of the Right Wing Hindu Nationalist Party BJP. Almost all humanitarian organizations and all groups found exclusive proof that the trail to the massacre indeed did lead to him. However he has been elected for another year as Chief Minister of Gujarat despite this and no action has ever been taken against him. Nirender Modi is also said to have protected a terrorist known as Babu Bajrangi an Ex VHP Leader who has now become a leader of the Terrorist Organization Bajrang Dal. He famously boasted to Tehelka News how he “ripped open a pregnant woman’s stomach” and how he wanted to wipe out 25000-50000 Muslims. Another criminal leader is Giriraj Kishore who is a leader of the VHP and is known to have incited the mobs to attack and kill Muslims just like in . These are not the only people from these terrorist organizations to have taken part in this massacre but there are many more. This was undoubtedly the most horrible pre planned attack on any minority in India and has resulted in over 20000 deaths whereas several claims go up to the 200000 mark and can by all means be defined as a Genocide. The massacre and the fact that none of the leaders associated with it have been punished proves that several Hindu terrorists have high jacked the government and are already in a position where they can destroy the lives of innocents. India has admitted that there are links to these people in these attacks but says it will “hurt the country” if any action is taken against them.
  • Finally even in Mid 2008 after the murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati Hindu Mobs from these organizations have become thirsty for Christian blood and till now may have murdered over a 1000 Christians burning over 1800 Christian homes and many churches and left about 60000 Christians homeless. Most have either fled to the woods or are in refugee camps. Again the figures are highly disputed and different sources have different estimates. The highest claim is by the Union of Catholic Asian News which claims that over 100,000 Christians could have been killed between August 23 and September 4. This is considered a smaller massacre but several analysts have suggested that the growing agitation against Christians in the area may result in a much larger pogrom next time.

Though these are not all the incidents of violence where members of these terrorist organizations have shown the World their true colours it is noticeable that in all these cases it has been activists of Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena RSS and other such terrorist organizations involved in the violence which is proven by the accounts of survivors and people who saw the terrorists. It is also very concerning that the police and several government ministers have supported the violence and there is at least one influential person who has either turned a blind eye on the matter, worked to protect these terrorist elements or even worse support them in their horrible deeds. It proves the level of hatred these elements have and how the terrorists have infiltrated all fields of Indian society. All of them have called for the elimination of Pakistan and Islam.

Not only this but these leaders are inspired by Hitler and his genocide of Jews. That is why they are known as representatives of a Fascist ideology since they call for the elimination of certain groups and want to form a “Hindu Rashtra”, an India only for Hindus. Bal Thakarey himself is a great admirer of Hitler.

The fact is India is one of the only Countries where Terrorist leaders like Jagdish Tytler, Bal Thakarey and Nirender Modi who are responsible for past violence are allowed to operate with impunity and endanger the lives of innocent people in the process. All three of these leaders have called for violence against Minorities and are well known to have ordered and commanded their followers to attack minorities yet no action is taken against them or the perpetrators of these horrible and violent crimes. Will all those killed by them ever get justice?

In India there is very heavy handed action against Islamic terror outfits and organizations but this same action is never taken against Hindu terrorists who operate in India with impunity. Therefore there is absolutely no balance and no system of justice for minorities. Several people especially Pakistanis tend to laugh when India blames Pakistan for violence within its borders and “infiltration” considering the fact that these are the sort of people who are present in the Nation. Is it not likely that such a massive campaign of violence will naturally result in Terrorism?

What is even more dangerous is that the terrorists do not even leave those who raise their voice against the atrocities of the Hindu Terrorist organizations and their supporters. It has now become a crime to even speak out against them because any such person who dares to raise his voice is being sent death threats and becomes a victim of a massive harassment and bullying. On the net the terrorists are even worse than Bal Thackeray and conveniently hide behind their computers spreading their campaign of hatred, freely admitting murder rape and torture and sending death threats as if there is no big deal in it and they will never get caught. This extremely worrying trend of death threats, admission of murder rape and torture has all been reported by several other Writers and Rights Workers who have decided to expose the wrong doings. By resorting to these cheap acts these individuals are now expecting to cause fear in Rights Workers and Journalists to somehow make them stop their campaign for justice completely.

Despite all this several Indians continue to claim that it is the internal matter of India and if anyone from Pakistan raises a voice he is interfering in “India’s Affairs”. On the other hand if it is a Local Indian especially from a Minority Community, then he almost immediately becomes Anti-Indian just because he raises his voice for minority rights! In any case the fact is that Pakistanis have a right to speak out because these terrorist groups have not only called for violence on Pakistan and have encouraged their followers to kill Pakistanis but have also attacked Pakistanis before. It must be remembered that the Samjhauta Express attacks where Hemant Karkare pointed out that Colonel Purohit with the help of several Hindu terrorists was responsible for the attack resulted in the death of several Pakistanis.

India must deal with these dangerous elements, ban these organizations and arrest their leaders that are spreading hatred and calling for violence and the Indian politicians who have supported such people and are known to have committed acts of murder on minorities before should be brought to book because in the end it is not Pakistanis nor the Muslims Sikhs or Christians that suffer but all Indians that suffer.


Our Chief Journalist has received E-mail death threats for this article by the same individual who admitted the murder of 27 Muslim civilians in Gujarat. Further proof of India’s tumble into religious chaos and the increasing influence of Hindu terrorists.