Will the Pakistanis killed ever get justice?

Over 50 Pakistani Civilians were killed in the Samjhauta Express attacks which recent findings prove that a nexus of India’s Hindu terrorists is involved yet the government seems to be completely negligent and ignorant of this. Pakistan not only allowed Lashker E Taiba to be blamed but also let the deaths of its citizens go in vain without ensuring justice despite the fact that Karkares investigations before his death prove for certain that there was a certain Hindu terrorist network involved. How long will this continue and till when will Pakistan allow itself to be trampled like this?

According to various Indian news agencies Colonel Purohit is reported to have procured 60 kg of RDX explosives to the Indian Terrorists who were involved in the Samjhauta Express Attacks which resulted in the deaths of 68 civilians almost all of whom were Pakistani citizens. Interestingly India blamed the Samjhauta Express attacks on the Lashker E Toiba and ISI much like the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai until Hemant Karkare, the Chief of Mumbai Anti Terror Squad arrested several Hindu terrorists who were actually related to the incident. This snuffed out the fires that New Delhi had been spawning for several years over the incident by linking it to “Pakistani terrorism” because in several hours Karkare proved that Lashker was indeed not involved in the bombing. Karkare worked hard trying to attain justice and to ensure that the truth prevailed but unfortunately this Officer was one of the first persons to be gunned down during the Mumbai attacks by the same enemies of peace and humanity that struck in Mumbai.

LeT not only denied being involved in the attacks but also investigations suggested that what was left of this banned organization was completely fund starved and broken. LeT also states is purpose as being to incorporate Indian Occupied Kashmir with the Pakistani Azad Kashmir and is often considered Pro-Pakistani Group. Furthermore it has never been reported that the Organization has attacked Pakistani citizens.

The final blow to the old blame game came when Karkare’s investigations revealed a link to Hindu terrorist organizations and proved that a certain Terrorist named Bhagwan was involved in the Samjhauta Express Attack. It was also proven that Lt. Colonel Shrikanth Purohit who was astonishingly from the Military Intelligence and was known to have secured the release of RDX for the attack. According to a close friend of Karkare it is reported he was certain of Purohits hand in both the Malegaon blasts and the Samjhauta Express blasts. Karkare received death threats only a day before he was killed in the Mumbai Attacks where a similar story was spun by the Hindutva Media and Government to divert the blame on Pakistan.

In light of all this the real question that needs to be asked is if the government is actually willing to protect Pakistani citizens and uphold the honour of the country. Despite knowing the history of India’s blame games and being proven false later the government is not demanding justice or reopening of the Samjhauta Express case despite the fact that it was Pakistanis that actually became victims to it. The question remains shouldn’t we be the ones demanding the custody of Purohit and shouldn’t we use this incident to remember that this is not the first time that Pakistan has been blamed for a terrorist act where Indian Hindutva Terrorists have been involved?

This question should be posed to the government however it seems clear that not only the current government but also the successive Pakistani governments have constantly failed to protect Pakistani lives, interests and most dangerously the honour of the Nation. Pakistan’s version of events and is not even being presented and the weakness of our Information Warfare has become a threat to the very existence of Pakistan.

It is understood that it is the responsibility of every government to protect its citizens and its National Interest yet the fact is that Pakistan today has become the International Scapegoat in the War On Terror and any Pakistani citizen can be framed for anything despite the fact that it is Pakistan itself is the greatest Victim of Terror which includes not only Islamic Terror but also India’s Hindu Terrorism. In spite of this the message from the government today is that Pakistani Civilians can fall victim to terrorism anywhere and be killed in any foreign nation but the Pakistani Government does not care and Pakistani lives have no meaning.

It seems that the so called “democratic” government has a lot to do to prove its commitment to Pakistan and the People of Pakistan because our new “democratic government” has failed miserably in the task to protect the citizens of Pakistan and the image and honour of the Country.