It is quite sickening that there would be people in this country that actually celebrate the murder of another human being. This scenario has been most evident in the recent murder of Punjab governor Salman Taseer by his guard Malik Hussain Qadri of the Elite Force.

Even the religious parties instead of coming out and condemning the killing have used the murder as another opportunity to continue with their piggish ranting over not repealing the Blasphemy law without concern for how the law is being used even while a murder has taken place in the country .

The Blashphemy Law: Legalizing Terrorism

The blasphemy law has no doubt become a tool for terrorists to use to punish and murder innocent people. This entire debate has nothing to do with the Prophet being insulted. It is simply about the fact that terrorists and such like-minded individuals continue to have the right to frame innocent people for acts of blasphemy they never committed in the first place. Over 90% of the cases of Blasphemy are raised on the basis of people trying to settle personal scores and blaming others to achieve their land or settle a dispute in their own favor. Not all of them are even Non Muslim but still the terrorist supporters have such influence that they continue supporting the law. These core supporters of terrorism are the real troublemakers as they try to make the others believe that repealing the law is actually against Islam even when the law is so vaguely worded and murderers and killers are using it.

This terrorist law is being used to frame innocent people of having insulted Islam and anyone can make that dubious claim. Even a cleric who has released fatwas against terrorism have been killed by mobs who claim he was a blasphemer. In another famous case Akhter Hamid Khan who was working for the people of Orangi in Karachi to help them move to a better standard of living was booked under the law by criminals and other groups with vested interests who did not want his development work to continue in Orangi because it was against their own. He was booked under false charges of the blasphemy law even though he never insulted the Prophet or Quran as he was Muslim himself. Of course the terrorists on the other hand go unpunished as they kill and pillage because of this law every single time and get what they want. In fact this is a law that facilitates terrorism and it is terrorists who are actually defending the law.

The fact that Salman Taseer was killed because he rightly opposed this law must ensure that the law is destroyed completely and a message be sent to the traitorous terrorists and their cohorts that they will not be allowed to treat Pakistan as their play area.

I personally am not a supporter of Salman Taseer and I agree that he was corrupt and has habits that may be described as UnIslamic but murdering someone just because we disagree with him is TERRORISM. The groups celebrating the brutality committed this day must be very ashamed of themselves.

The Quran states “Whoever kills a human being it is as if he has killed all of humanity”

It also states “Let my faith be mine and yours be yours.”

We have no right NO RIGHT to kill someone because we see him as Unislamic. Malik Hussain Qadri has committed a major crime and people must stop presenting him as a hero because he is not. He is a major traitor who has committed an unforgivable crime. Salman Taseer may have been many things but he was not a blasphemer and we have no right to randomly name anyone as such much less kill him.

It is sad that Pakistanis are simply not understanding the idea of live and let live. Some of these people supporting the murder may think they are the better Muslims but they are in reality the ones who have deviated from their religion.


Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan

On October 3rd 2010 the Nation suffered a major blow with the death of one of its most prestigious individuals. Doctor Mohammad Farooq Khan was a scholar who had written many books about Religion, was a psychiatrist who ran his own clinic in Mardan and had also written many articles. He was also the Vice Chancellor of Swat Islamic University and had briefly had a political career. His colleagues describe him as a practicing Muslim and a patriotic person who was proud of his Pashtun identity.

He was murdered at around 1:30 in his clinic when two armed individuals who are suspected of having ties with the Taliban entered Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan’s clinic in Mardan and shot him along with his assistant Mohammed Saleem. After the brazen murder the assailants evaded capture and escaped.

The suspected reason for the murder is his brazen criticism of terrorist activities such as suicide bombing and murder of innocent civilians which are both unlawful according to the Quran and Hadith. The name of his latest book is “Jehad and Qatil” which goes on to explain the difference between Jihad (struggle for rights: peaceful or by arms) and Qatil (murder).

Omer Farooq a spokesman for the Abdullah Azzam Brigade which is linked to the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan made a call to the press club and claimed that they had committed the murder because of the scholar’s outspoken criticism of terrorist activities and suicide bombing. They made it clear that instead of learning about Islam from a scholar who had given it a good name they would rather spread bloodshed in the region under the facade that they are “good Muslims.” Surah Baqara in the Quran states:

And when told to stop making mischief on earth nor create discord, they say: “But we only try to bring people to abandon the wrong course of life and conduct and adopt the right one till the new principle governs their thoughts”.

It further says:

Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.

Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan was indeed an asset to the Nation and he will surely be missed. By gaining martyrdom and standing valiantly in the path of traitors to both our religion and our Nation he has achieved what many of us could only wish for. May his soul rest in peace and may he enter paradise. Ameen.

He was not among our movement but in principle he was a patriotic man according the reports reaching us. We advise our forces to punish the Taliban for their brutality. Even some of our members have been slain by the traitors.


If you do not know about Dr Mohammed Farooq Khan or for further information about some of the work he has done please visit his profile at:

Dr Mohammed Farooq believed in 10 fundamental values that should be honoured in order for a religion, society, nation or ethnic group to succeed.

  • Human equality and democratic culture
  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Merit
  • Hard work and thorough struggle
  • Law abiding mentality
  • Wisdom and patience
  • Education
  • Health
  • Strong and well-coordinated welfare institutions for the down trodden classes.

May his work inspire others and create a thousand more men like him.