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By Feroz Nabi

It is still sad that the growing influence of Pakistani Nationalism there is still no real estimate about the total number of Pakistani Nationalists in the country and those abroad the country to support it with their funds and money and plans to improve it.

How can we do anything for Pakistan when we do not even know our own total strength and even worse how much we are affecting the hearts and minds of the Pakistani people? Statistics and proper information is a very important if Pakistani Nationalist Organizations are to achieve any single goal.. The little information about what we are doing why we are doing it and what the real result is is what causes the doubts in the new Nationalists who have recently taken oath and entered our circles. The new Nationalists should be properly briefed and a common goal for all of us has to be established for each piece of work each person is doing.

We need to start from getting proper information about our members and the exact number of members in each Nationalist Organization. For this each one of the Nationalist Organizations will have to share information. All Nationalist Organizations need to form a mission or group that can find information through surveys and other such material.

To complete anything the first step is finding our total number and keeping an exact record of our number at all times. With estimates by different groups putting our total number from 8000-14000 across the World it is clear that all Nationalists are not united and the different organizations follow their own agenda. This is not only the friction between Left Wing, Military Wing/Associated and Right Wing groups but also in between these groups. All Nationalist groups need to work together to get the exact figure so that we can estimate how we can work for Pakistan and whether we are making a difference on Pakistan and how.