By Havi Zayed

The Nationalist Monthly has remained the primary magazine for Pakistani Nationalists residing in North America for the past 2 years. It is available for distribution across the United States and Canada chapters of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and has been the only magazine available for members of all the various movements in these two countries. It allows Nationalists to stay updated on current news events concerning Pakistan expressed from a Nationalist outlook and about events impacting their own community. It is published in Canada. However recently certain members have expressed reservations over the content being too Canada focused. Zarir, a key member of the Pakistan Nationalist Association residing in Newyork, United States has been the most outspoken of these.

In an open letter addressed to the Canada Chapter of the Pakistan Nationalist Association Zarir Khalid has requested for changes to be made in the content appearing in the Nationalist Monthly. Zarir’s work mostly involves sending money back to Pakistan for various social projects and is known more often as a sponsor for certain various organizations social activity rather than an active worker of the movement. However his influence in the movement has grown in the past two years with his increased donations to humanitarian aid groups.

In the letter he writes “Instead of focusing on Pakistani politics and Nationalist activity in Pakistan where it actually matters the magazine seems obsessed about what members did in Canada, events taking place in Toronto where the Nationalist community is involved and other chapter specific information no one really cares about”

Information gathered at our Toronto office in Thorncliffe further reinforces what Zarir has said. Many members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the information provided in the magazine claiming it is sometimes irrelevant to what they are actually looking for. Ahmed a Toronto based member says “What we want in the Nationalist Monthly and on the website is Pakistan related information. We want to stay updated about what’s going on there because helping Pakistan is our goal. To achieve that goal we need to know about each and every single thing that takes place in Pakistan.”

Another member Ali backs Ahmed up. “We already know about the events taking place here as we are invited to them anyway. Every event that takes place in Toronto, we are a part of it. We are closely connected with Nationalism in Canada but the problem is staying updated on Pakistan. I will not be treated like a “burger” outsider when I return to my own country. The information in the Nationalist Monthly needs to be more Pakistan centric. As for the website it needs to be broader and should have more regular postings.”

Zarir further adds. “To be clear the Canada chapter is made up of about 250 Nationalists all divided amongst various organizations. The majority of members, about 9000 of them are in Pakistan so clearly that’s where we should be focusing on. The writers of the magazine may be in Canada but they must remember they are writing about Pakistan not the Canada Chapter of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.”

At the same time Zarir has also gone further to criticize the Pakistan Nationalists Associations web effort describing it as extremely shallow. “I mean the entire site is filled with praise for certain Canadian or British chapter members, information about long forgotten death threats which are again an exclusively Canada-chapter issue, and articles written about certain topics related to Pakistan’s current affairs by a small group of writers with the same names appearing constantly one of which is the Chapter head. It’s just surprising how shallow the content is and over-focused it is with the Canada Chapter even though its the only site run by Nationalists. It’s actually surprising you are thinking of buying a domain. There should be a detailed report on every event that takes place in Pakistan and it should be turned into a news source so that rather than reading the propaganda of the Times daily we can read something worth our time.”


All these views are not new and have been stated in the past but no changes have been made to the content citing the fact that there is a vacuum of information arriving from Pakistan due to a lack of magazine reporters in Pakistan. There have also been limited writers for both the magazine and web effort. However everyone agrees it may well be time for at least some changes in the Nationalist Monthly allowing for the inclusion of more Pakistan centric information that replaces the Canada chapter based information. This specially stands true as the latest information reveals the Nationalist Monthly has been gaining a small readership in Pakistan as well.


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This is the promo for the largest event that is coming in Nationalist history, the 14th August Yawm E Pakistan Mela. This ad was published in the Nationalist Monthly. Many Pakistani Nationalists from chapters outside Pakistan are rushing to Pakistan because of this. It has caused the greatest frenzy for everyone to get back to Pakistan. Some members are leaving their education right in the middle to ensure they are in Pakistan on 14th August. A similar rush has been created in Pakistan where Nationalists are not used to organizing such a big event and struggle to make sure it happens as promised.

By Feroz Nabi

It is still sad that the growing influence of Pakistani Nationalism there is still no real estimate about the total number of Pakistani Nationalists in the country and those abroad the country to support it with their funds and money and plans to improve it.

How can we do anything for Pakistan when we do not even know our own total strength and even worse how much we are affecting the hearts and minds of the Pakistani people? Statistics and proper information is a very important if Pakistani Nationalist Organizations are to achieve any single goal.. The little information about what we are doing why we are doing it and what the real result is is what causes the doubts in the new Nationalists who have recently taken oath and entered our circles. The new Nationalists should be properly briefed and a common goal for all of us has to be established for each piece of work each person is doing.

We need to start from getting proper information about our members and the exact number of members in each Nationalist Organization. For this each one of the Nationalist Organizations will have to share information. All Nationalist Organizations need to form a mission or group that can find information through surveys and other such material.

To complete anything the first step is finding our total number and keeping an exact record of our number at all times. With estimates by different groups putting our total number from 8000-14000 across the World it is clear that all Nationalists are not united and the different organizations follow their own agenda. This is not only the friction between Left Wing, Military Wing/Associated and Right Wing groups but also in between these groups. All Nationalist groups need to work together to get the exact figure so that we can estimate how we can work for Pakistan and whether we are making a difference on Pakistan and how.

Current Leaders for Various PNA Chapters and Factions

By Feroz Nabi

The news that a Public Wing of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has finally been hosted has been the subject of much talk lately. However there is still much confusion about the recent election and many Nationalists barely know who their leaders are.

A leader who is responsible for the day to day running of affairs will be chosen every 2 years in each of the respective countries. Therefore for the various chapters the next election will be held in early January 2012. On the other hand the Supreme Leader is someone who is known for ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan and will be elected by every member of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and must be a member of the organization for over 2 years. He will be responsible for the overall running of the organization and will run affairs in Pakistan.

This is a list of the leaders who have been elected for the main chapters of our organization and their background:

Zerab Salamat, Supreme Leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.

Zerab Salamat is a name that has become a legend in the Nationalist Circles. The entire Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Nationalism was his brainchild. Almost this entire movement is run from the money that comes from him and he is responsible for hosting Pakistani Nationalist events across not only Pakistan but across the UAE and Saudi Arabia as well. This has brought him immense support and recognition.

Zerab is reputed to be an ace with his AK-101 and is responsible for the death of two Taliban traitors to the Motherland having joined the army in order to take part in Operation Raah E Rast. It was his patriotism that led him to the field of battle. Other than displaying his patriotism by putting his life on the line for his Country he has done the same by building a school and managing it in interior Sindh. Zerab is also revered by minorities as he advocates for a Secular Pakistan where all are treated as equal yet is still considered religious and prays 5 times a day.

Zerab is most well known for his emotions. Buying food for a poor woman and her children in a Kachi Abadi of Karachi and making sure they get their bread two times a day daily, giving a thousand Rupees to a beggar at Sohrab Goat while at the same time losing his temper and screaming and slapping a person at Karsaz who was insulting Pakistan despite eating and living in it, crying over the death of a Captain in the Pakistan Army in the field of battle are all events that are well remembered by the community and spoken of about him.

By profession Zerab is actually a doctor owns a Medical Institute in the heart of Karachi that gives free healthcare sometimes. However being multi-talented he is also known as a very tough soldier who has fought in Swat and as an example of Pakistani Nationalism. On the other hand Zerab has been actively fighting corruption and corrupt government officials. He is one of the rare people to have done this successfully. Zerad also knows 7 different languages spoken within the boundaries of Pakistan.

Being a perfectionist he seeks to achieve perfection, after all he is such an immense figure in Pakistani Nationalism and spoken of by all Nationalists with pride he serves as an example to the entire community.

*More information about him has not been shared on his own request.

Haavi Zayed, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, Canada Chapter:

Having suffered major terrorist death threats from Hindutvadi terrorists in Canada and USA over a mistaken identity of another Nationalist and from Taliban terrorists in Pakistan over his direct assault over whose interests they are serving may have forced one of the youngest Nationalist Leaders to be quieter and more careful about what he shares and who he shares it with but it has certainly not reduced his Nationalism but increased it.

Perhaps this is the reason he has been elected the President of Pakistan Nationalist Association’s Canada Chapter. Haavi is one of the most active people to be floating the idea of a Public Wing of Pakistan Nationalist Association which has finally been successful. His articles featured in the Magazine the Nationalist Monthly in Canada have been very famous and cover subjects such as Minority Rights, the intense Foreign Interference in Pakistan’s affairs, hypocrisy presented by such Nations and their interests, Pakistani music and of course news related to Pakistani Nationalism. This site has many articles by him for the reason there are very few writers. He is also writing a book.

Other than this he is a perfect graphic designer and has designed the logos and promos for over 12 Nationalist groupings for a much lower price than it would cost them otherwise. This is one of the means he is currently earning. However instead of investing the limited money he earns on his family which needs it he has invested if not all of it then much of it on Pakistan, namely the school for poor children in Gulshan E Iqbal. To add to this he has the rich experience of social work and has arranged several Pakistani Events for Nationalist Wings in Canada.

Despite this experience Haavi has been reluctant to take on the position as a leader. However after being pushed by the Nationalist community he has taken his position as President of the Canada Wing. He has become an extremely famous figure due to both his work and his social nature.

Tariq Ziyad, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UAE Chapter:

This is one of the few leaders using a traditional Urdu name who has been elected but Tariq has some very strong beliefs about the use of the Urdu language when using names and has not adopted Hazai at all even to make the language survive.

Tariq Ziyad is known to promote Urdu literature and is planning to release a book of Ghazal’s himself. He works in a Computer firm and can type in Urdu with a good speed. However Tariq’s beginnings are extremely humble and he has come to achieve the current position with effort alone. He believes in hard work and loving ones country which had actually led him to the Nationalists in the first place.

Tariq has also hosted many get-togethers and is very involved in trying to create Nationalism among the youth. He is involved with a number of public aid agencies and humanitarian outfits such as the Citizens Foundation and the Sufferers Witness.

Tariq is fluent in English, Arabic and Farsi other than his remarkable Urdu. He has utilized these languages to host events appealing to these groups and has created a lot of friends for the Pakistani Nationalists amongst many Arabs and Iranians who have common interests and goals as we do. He is also sending a great deal of money to schools in Rural Sindh and Balochistan. Tariq is also very vocal against the terrorists waging war against the Pakistani Nation.

Shabir Awan, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UK Chapter:

Shabir Awan is known to be very rich and he is one of the few people who have utilized this richness in the best way possible. By giving his country all he can. He is as cunning as a politician and knows their mindset through years of dealing with them. This is why when he sends money to Pakistan he ends up paying nothing to corrupt government officials who stand to take money out of even what is meant for aid projects.

After the death of his sister in artillery bombardment during the Kargill war Shabir has worked tirelessly worked to promote Pakistani interests and worked to make Pakistan a better place to live in. He is actively supporting with his generous wealth many business growth programs and education programs across the country. One of the programs is very famous where farmers from Sindh and Balochistan are being paid for sending their children to school. He has also undertaken the reconstruction of many schools and healthcare units in Rural areas.

Shabir is also a believer in the idea that it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to support his country industry and people. As such he is trying to promote these ideas in the youth through a program called “Live for Pakistan, Die for Pakistan” a campaign he started himself. It has been very well received by a section of the youth but needs better promotion.

* Shabir is isolated in nature and doesn’t want his good acts to be known by everyone. Therefore further information about him is not shared. This man is more commonly known by his Nationalist name which is not being shared too.

Pakistan, UAE, UK and Canada Chapters hosted

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Public Front for the Pakistan Nationalist Association has been hosted and is now actively searching for members who can prove their Nationality and their absolute loyalty to the Pakistani Nation. As such we need nothing but a Passport or National Identity Card and simply the will and resolve to serve Pakistani Interests.

Do note that we are a professional organization. Do note that we will host events and parties for our members. However we are here to stand for Pakistani Interests. In Pakistan we will be undertaking a number of projects that concentrate on Business growth, Education and Healthcare. One of our tasks in foreign nations is to lobby and lobby hard for our interests to be maintained and kept in mind when making decisions. We will also transfer money from these places and members will be active in deciding where this money is utilized.

Our other tasks include bringing forth the great message of Pakistani Nationalism to the people. Nationalist members from the other fronts are welcome to join. However this is a public organization that will be listed as required by the government and as an aid agency as well.

Please contact us for further information.

Pakistan Always First.

Where do we stand today?

It is the duty of every family to protect its honour and its home. In the same way Pakistan is our home and we are its people. Being a part of this family and as those belonging to this Sacred Nation we have a most basic responsibility to put Pakistan before ourselves and serve it with every passing breathe because without Pakistan we are nothing. We must remember that Pakistan was the only hope when we were oppressed and weak. Pakistan was all we could look forward to when we had no where else to go and this same Nation Pakistan gave us a new life by giving us a land where we could live free of oppression and tyranny. Therefore it is our duty to work for a better future for our Land and our People. It is also absolutely true that Pakistani Nationalism by all means is the hope for our country and for every action we need to think of the benefit and effect it will have on Pakistan.

Therefore with this end in mind and to ensure that there is always a grouping of like minded individuals who understand their responsibility to their Motherland and live and die for the honour of Pakistan the various Nationalist Organizations and Fronts were formed. Their purpose was to guarantee that there is a common platform for all individuals who wish to continuously work for the Unity, Prosperity and finally the Supremacy of Pakistan. Through these same Nationalist Organizations Pakistani Nationalists worked and continue to work today in various fields to make their country a better place and to build that same glorious Pakistan that the Great Quaid E Azam envisioned.

The movement when it began in the aftermath of 1971 expanded rapidly and became powerful quickly. However later hostility by certain corrupt government interests resulted in resentment and the Nationalist Movements were forced to adopt a few changes and kept mostly to themselves in fear that putting themselves in the path of corruption they directed punishment towards themselves.

For a long period the tradition of staying away from the mainstream held on but as a result today it seems that even these movements have begun to falter with only a handful of Nationalists remaining while the population continues to grow.

The Situation Today: From a Nationalist Perspective

The major question remains despite over 30 years since the hosting of Revivalist Nationalist Movements aimed primarily at creating a Pakistan where people were willing to sacrifice all else for their Nation has there been a recorded increase in Pakistani Nationalism? Despite all the tall claims and declarations stating the Rise of Pakistani Nationalism as an ideology the fact is that Pakistanis today are much more disunited and disenfranchised than they ever were ever before and people have almost lost hope rather than adopting the Principles of Pakistani Nationalism. This may be due to the massive scale of corruption, poor governance and criminal gangs of our own politicians terrorizing our people but the question remains have we succeeded in our role? The only solution to deal with these issues is to have a Nationalist Government or Leader who thinks of National Interest and the future repercussions to Pakistan and its people before every decision. The recent surveys prove that we are no where near to achieving this goal because to reach this goal we need our ideology promoted and our numbers increased.

As of April 2009 the total population of Pakistani Nationalists Worldwide is about 10,800 not 14000 or even the 12000 which was often stated as “at least”. Though the movement may have slightly grown in size since 1979 but that does not mean that Pakistani Nationalism is increasing in a way that could create a major social change or make a difference in the basic attitudes of Pakistani Society. Considering the fact that Pakistan’s population is growing by 4 Million every year the slight increase of Pakistani Nationalists is insignificant with only 200 people joining our ranks through various organizations every year.

If we truly believe in our cause being beneficial for Pakistan and an end to CIA and RAW sponsored terrorism and our own Government’s Anti-Pakistani Policies, constant mismanagement of resources, policies aimed at personal gain, massive corruption and criminal gangs doing the work of these nefarious leaders then we should be aiming at all of the 180 Million People of Pakistan. For that we need to change the way we think and work to spread the movement.

It is indeed worrying that Pakistani Nationalism is not growing as we envisioned but if we do a self reflection about our policies which may be the only basis for any such increase we will clearly understand the reason for this is very simple. Pakistani Nationalists have not tried to promote their cause further. The fact is Nationalists have cut themselves off not only from the World but even from their own fellow Pakistanis which is disastrous. We expect those who find common ground with us over patriotism to come to us but we definitely aren’t easy to find. There may be many people who are willing to sacrifice their lives and all they value for Pakistan but there’s no point if they aren’t even being reached and their patriotism is not being directed in a useful direction.

To further complicate matters some circles have formed an almost cult like atmosphere where membership is almost impossible to attain. These circles refer to those who listen to Indian music or buy foreign goods as “traitors” and resent the fact that they even exist. They despise such people and keep a good distance from their own Pakistanis associating themselves with only those who live and die for Pakistan. This does nothing useful for the Nationalist cause and causes issues for the more Liberal and well known faces of Nationalism rather than for these people themselves who are more like shadows who appear and disappear as they wish and stay amongst themselves. The death threat situation is a clear example.

In either case these elements are making it much harder to promote the cause and find loyalists to expand.

Increased Publicity

The issue is that most people do not believe in the Nationalist ideology because it is human nature to be selfish and to look at personal interest first. Their complaints are more basic in terms of cost of living and daily difficulty of their lives.

As a result most Pakistanis fail to put Pakistan before all else in the way Nationalists have decided to. This can only be combated with increasing Nationalism and Nationalists being more accepting and welcoming of such people. Many of these people will come closer to Pakistan if they have Nationalist friends.

At this stage when the concept of Pakistani Nationalism is not in the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and Pakistanis are simply not aware of the cause at all it is impossible for us to hope for success by continuing in the current fashion.

A very heavy promotion effort is needed to ensure that every Pakistani understands his or her responsibility to the Pakistani Motherland. Pakistani Nationalists must integrate and accept “normal” Pakistanis and must not treat them as traitors because they too love Pakistan but simply do not understand how to put that patriotism into action. These people simply need direction and if we regard them with contempt we are losing out on people who can potentially help their country.

Pakistani Nationalists must understand that if the cause has to be taken further then more publicity and promotion of Pakistani Nationalist Organizations is required and several public fronts need to be formed for the integration of more Pakistanis into our groupings so that there can be a constant stream of Pakistanis working to make Pakistan one of the Greatest Nations in the World. It is true that such a strategy may result in people entering the movement who are not as nationalistic as the rest but it will no doubt increase our numbers and since patriotism and merit are the features for promotion they are unlikely to reach very far in terms of authority and power within the movement.

The fact is Pakistani Nationalism is dying; the people are losing hope and have no time to think about Pakistan or care. The people are simply sick of poor governance, mass corruption, criminal-extortionist gangs run by certain politicians and terrorism. Some are even losing their faith in Pakistan itself not realizing that this Nation is the only hope for all of us and it was our own forefathers who drained their blood for it just to save their future generations. It’s easy for us to stay within our movement and forget how the common man is thinking.

The reason for what we see today naturally remains traitors in all important sectors including the government who have ignored and purposely sidelined the Pakistani people for Years for their own corrupt gains but nothing can change until we enforce Pakistani Nationalism and bring forward those who have a firm belief in their country and want to eliminate the corruption society is wallowing in, to rule Pakistan. This can only be done when the Nationalist cause is promoted and the Nationalist Circles come out in the Public.

In that way we can eliminate the Anti Pakistani policies of the traitors that lead us, eliminate all corruption, crime and terrorism to create a prosperous and united Pakistan.