By Havi Zayed

Lord Zerab Salamat the supreme leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has released a statement saying that the Nationalists would rest at nothing less than the hanging of American agent Raymond Davis who was arrested for cold blooded murder of two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore. Another car belonging to the American embassy mowed down a Pakistani motorcyclist while heading towards Davis.

Pakistani annoyance with America has been reaching its peak as the country continually blames Pakistan for its own mistakes and has been treating Pakistan as a pet dog rather than as an equal ally. After the American invasion of Afghanistan the insurgency the United States created to fight the Soviets has spilt into Pakistan. Yet Pakistan is being made the focus of International blame due to the American media despite both its losses and the fact that without the United States the country could not even have thought of facing the Soviets.

Pew Global Polls a US based research group shows that the image of the United States in the country is still highly negative and has fallen from 60% of the population holding negative views of USA in 2005 to 68%. At the same time positive views of the country have also fallen. The recent incident is sure to ensure that the trend continues or is perhaps excelled.

Zerab Salamats Speech

To a gathered crowd of about 300 young Pakistani men and women in Muqaddar Mansion, Zerab gave a fiery statement in regard to the brutal killings by Raymond Davis which the US government is trying to cover with the excuse of diplomatic immunity.

The speech which lasted about 12 minutes answered a number of questions present in the minds of many Nationalists about the movements regards to foreign interference.

It was also a lashing attack on American behaviour in the region. He said that Pakistan was important to the rest of the World and if the USA did not stop treating Pakistan as a colony the people of the country may get sick of the behaviour and rise up in revolt. At the same time he made it clear that terrorism was a major threat that had to be dealt with or without the presence of the USA. “It would be a great pleasure not to have allies that betray their friends but it is clear that the militants are a threat and are just waiting to be used (by foreign powers). They must be eliminated for daring to wage war against the country. They have shown their true face as the betrayers they are by blowing up their own people. If their war was against the US why are they attacking us and weakening our country?” This reiterated the point that the Taliban and USA’s hypocritical attitude towards Pakistan is equal in Nationalist eyes.

To a question concerning American links to Taliban activities in the region the veteran replied “there is no doubt about it that the Americans are hiding something and we know well that their embassies are hotspots for their secret operatives whom they cover as staff. We also know that the US has worked with the terrorists in the past and forced us on the path (Soviet Afghan War) and are now trying their best to pin the blame on our revered institutions. We understand someone is clearly supporting the Taliban both monetarily and with weapons as the findings of our commission reveal. Since we have limited access to the region we have been unable to find out who but it is clear that such a thing can be done by a traitorous ally who can use the traitorous Taliban as puppets for its gains (Referring to the Soviet era).”

Falshim Amerat another very famous leader of the Organization who was contacted also called for action against American mercenary groups. “Pakistan is not a tool for the west to use and abandon. This is our land and they will realize that even if they have bought the government they cannot challenge the might of Pakistani law or the entire country will rise up. Davis must be hanged. We often find ourselves at odds with the religious parties when it comes to how much of a role religion should have in the country’s rule but here we agree completely. A traitor is a traitor whether American, Indian or a separatist and there is no doubt in our minds how one of such breed should be treated. CIA must stop all activities in Pakistan.”

This is indeed a very important point in Pakistani American relations that will decide the countries future. Either the Americans back off and accept the will of the Pakistani people or understand that this government is about to fall and may be replaced by one much less accommodating to American demands.


By Havi Zayed

Increasing Publicity & newly found solutions to our problems

It is now common knowledge that some of the Nationalist Movements have gone public and are now using more aggressive promotion and advertising means to bring forth the message of nationalist ideology and thought process, yet this also means that we are now operating differently than we used to. This is where the confusion lies; the question everyone seems to be asking is whether some of the old rules and regulations still apply or are they completely outdated as a result of Organizational expansion.

Article 34 still applies!

There is a lot of confusion of late in our movements concerning our move to go public over the old rules and regulations and members are simply using their own judgement to decide which rules exist. Many of our members do not understand whether this means that Article 34 which was originally introduced to avoid danger to members of the organization after certain members received death threats in Canada and the United States is now obsolete.

First of all it must be understood that the differences and changes now taking place in the movement by no chance means that the entire organization’s past rules, regulations and policies are now going to be completely obsolete. This is especially in the case of laws that have been made to protect our members from serious injury or death. If any member is under the false impression that going public will make us safer and article 34 is completely not needed after the death threats the member is fooling himself.

Every individual is entitled to his or her views. The Pakistan Nationalist Association though having some core ideals and believing in them with absolute conviction encourages the ideal of debate and free thinking. But in every society there are those who are always eager to impose their thought on others and unwilling to accept anything contrary to their beliefs.  The fact is that such people do exist and they have natural ill intentions towards Pakistani people in general and especially those who are active in the community. The Pakistan Nationalist Association has very strong beliefs about foreign interference, National Interest, corruption and betrayal to the land and our members mostly being young and passionate can often easily be identified and marked by such dangerous individuals. These threats can often not even be traced, a clear example of this are the E mail threats some Nationalists had to endure in Canada.

Resolving our long existent Internet Crisis

Crescent Network Shield

In the past most of the abuse and threats received by members have been over the internet through E mail. The user sends a single hateful E-mail several times from the same account which is  cloaked by an ananomizer hiding his IP address. This makes it impossible for the individual to be traced. A similar software to the one that was used to avoid being traced after harassing our members is now available for use to members of the Pakistan Nationalist Association to maintain their own privacy when surfing the net.

Designed by Yousuf Khokar, Crescent Network Shield is a special software offering encrypted web browsing and is especially designed to ensure privacy and security while surfing the net. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect your privacy over the internet. We strongly advise our members to use this software though there is no such rule making it mandatory. However this software will be used in all our meeting points where we have computers including Pak Mahal and Independence locations across Pakistan and it is also advised for personal usage when it comes to browsing the Internet.

New Rules and Regulation papers released

Nationalists must rest assured that many rules that existed in the past still exist today. The only issue has been that ever since the Pakistan Nationalist Association announced that it was going public our members have been forced to use their own judgement when it comes to the past Rules and Regulations.

This is not the case anymore because new Rules and Regulations papers have now been released after careful consideration over every rule by Leaders and followers alike. There is now no reason to be confused over past rules and new rules and old rules have been removed or updater while newer ones have also been added.

Most of the regulations deal with Organizational, operational and management changes but others specially those rules within the special section applying to foreign Chapters of the PNA deal with maintaining a decent amount of privacy about the movement that is enough not to draw unnecessary attention from the possibly more hostile elements of society while at the same time increasing our Public Relations effort. As a result there are surprisingly many old rules which were promised to be done away with by certain leaders that are still seen on the pages of the new papers. Furthermore as far as Nationalist Affairs are concerned members are simply advised to share limited information about themselves with people they don’t know well until they can be absolutely trusted. Furthermore a newly revised Article 31 and 32 states that calls related to Nationalist Affairs need to be made from and taken at home or at the recognized Pakistan Nationalist Association headquarters or locations in that country while information about Organization projects and future plans must only be discussed when members have sufficient privacy. This will cause some differences in our operation schedule and will bring less unnecessary public attention to our members. However it is in the best interests of our member’s security that these rules have been introduced.

By Havi Zayed

The Yawm  E Pakistan Mela is being hosted at Pak Mahal II, in Karachi at 5 pm and most guests will start arriving after 7pm. Although there has been some agitation to shift the event to Islamabad by some members who will be unable to visit if it is not this will not happen as the venue had been decided for almost three months giving ample time to members for preparation.

Food will be served and entry is free for all Nationalists who will be able to prove their identity. The ID cards must be shown at the gates in order to gain entrance. A card includes details such as the Organization the member serves the country under, the chapter the holder serves it under specially in the case of Pakistan Nationalist Association which has now gone public and of course the Name and Identity Number of the holder. The card will be in a card holder held by a thin cord attached around the users neck at all times  to identify him or her.

This is a sample card for our readers benefit.


Although the environment will be celebratory and Nationalists are always extremely emotional about this one day no pushing and shoving through crowds or fighting will be tolerated and discipline must be maintained at all costs. The Nationalist Race has a responsibility to serve as an example to the entire Nation in not just its words and policy but its actions as well especially now as are activities are being made public on our own accord. As members of the Nationalist organizations that have served the country with their blood when the necessity arose we must remember that we represent hope and order where chaos and selfishness exists. In light of this please be reminded that rowdiness will be awarded only by the person of group of persons being thrown out of Pak Mahal II and banished from joining any Nationalist Organization ever again. The Nationalists are members of professional organizations seeking to end the culture of indiscipline currently prevalent in Pakistan. For this the leadership is willing to go to any length. Pakistanis need to understand that laws are to be obeyed and maintaining order is a sacred duty as citizens of the Nation.

Shows and Events

Due to this great gathering of Nationalist minds a large number of shows and events have been planned out at Pak Mahal II.Due to this a stage has been set up replacing the lawn that used to be there. This stage will be used for a number of shows.

A guard force of 30 soldiers will be performing and displaying some of their martial arts skills showcasing the skills they have and entertaining jubilant crowds with wild acrobatic acts.  After this  models from the Nationalist community will don new clothes and outfits revealing the newer trends in the World of fashion. Other than this the Nationalist band “Mashal” coming all the way from Canada will be performing along with host bands “Inqilaab” from Karachi and “Saaya” from Lahore. The best band will be given a prize.

If this is not enough a collection of newly acquired Nationalist arms, ammunition and weaponry will be displayed in glass enclosures in the upper hall where the old library used to be. This is likely to be a great boon for the gunslingers and Military men in our midst. Clearly many Nationalists would be keen to try the weapons out to ensure they will be useful for the defense of the country in the case of danger to the country however this cannot be allowed with such a huge crowd and accidents can occur in these cases. Therefore no use of firearms is permitted on the premises and anyone breaking the rules will be expelled from the Pakistan Nationalist Association.The only people carrying firearms on the premises will be the Guardsmen of the Security Company hired to maintain peace and order. It would seem unacceptable to certain more traditional members that outsiders control the guardsmen maintaining peace at an event that is managed by Nationalists but please  note that a Nationalist General owns the company responsible for the security of this event.

Finally since more than 1000 Nationalists are expected to be gathered at a single place large though it may be in size Nuzab will be giving a speech and addressing the entire membership of the Pakistan Nationalist Association along with all other Nationalist Fronts taking part in the event. Clearly there is no better chance for a leader to adress the coming generation other than when they are all gathered at one place rare as it may be.


The main sponsors of this event are the Pakistan Nationalist Association, Azadi Unit, Pakistan National Forums, and Pakistan Nationalist Force.

Pakistan Nationalist Association with the help of a huge contribution from Lord Zerab Salamat has served Pakistan in a variety of ways for a very long time. It is well known from the other social work and Nationalist activities carried out in the past while at the same time it is one of the largest Nationalist Organizations.

Azadi Unit is a powerful movement trying to build a sense of responsibility within the Pakistani community and remind them with what great sacrifices this land came to be. They do no social work such as building or maintaining schools or health care facilities like the PNA but they do host a lot of events that remind Pakistanis of their responsibilities and build up a sense of National Pride.

On the other hand Pakistan National Forums is just a forum for the discussion of Pakistans problems and how to solve them currently operating only in Pakistan while the Pakistan Nationalist Force is the private force for the protection of Nationalist properties and assets and of course a force ready to defend the country till death, each member having sworn that he would fight till the last breathe if his country is invaded.

The Pakistan Nationalist Force is the crown of Pakistani Nationalism and is the pride of every Nationalist. Apparently the inept government has given permission for it to operate due to pressure from Nationalist Generals and Nationalist members within the government but the strong support from the 12000 strong Nationalists and the groups very heavy links with the military makes it difficult for them to withdraw their decision and dismiss the Force as they see the force ensure that only National Interest prevails.


Though this might be a Nationalist dominated event the organizers it seems will not be from amongst our organizations. The people organizing this event and ensuring this ends up being a smooth event that brings both entertainment to our members  and renewed vigor to the organizations are the Rehman Faisal group. Though they have little to do with Nationalism or Nationalists they are professional event organizers. This has been a necessity as Nationalists lack the capability and know how to host such a large event especially due to the fact that the movements have refused to come out in the public in the past and this is the first time such a huge event is being hosted.

Update: There is a very slight possibility due to the huge number of Nationalists expected to be attending this event that the venue for the event may be changed to Meher Hall instead of Pak Mahal II especially in the case that Pak Mahal cannot hold such a huge amount of people even if the gates are opened and a crowd is accommodated on the street outside. If this change does take place members will be informed. However this site is the best way to remain updated.

Current Leaders for Various PNA Chapters and Factions

By Feroz Nabi

The news that a Public Wing of the Pakistan Nationalist Association has finally been hosted has been the subject of much talk lately. However there is still much confusion about the recent election and many Nationalists barely know who their leaders are.

A leader who is responsible for the day to day running of affairs will be chosen every 2 years in each of the respective countries. Therefore for the various chapters the next election will be held in early January 2012. On the other hand the Supreme Leader is someone who is known for ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan and will be elected by every member of the Pakistan Nationalist Association and must be a member of the organization for over 2 years. He will be responsible for the overall running of the organization and will run affairs in Pakistan.

This is a list of the leaders who have been elected for the main chapters of our organization and their background:

Zerab Salamat, Supreme Leader of the Pakistan Nationalist Association.

Zerab Salamat is a name that has become a legend in the Nationalist Circles. The entire Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Nationalism was his brainchild. Almost this entire movement is run from the money that comes from him and he is responsible for hosting Pakistani Nationalist events across not only Pakistan but across the UAE and Saudi Arabia as well. This has brought him immense support and recognition.

Zerab is reputed to be an ace with his AK-101 and is responsible for the death of two Taliban traitors to the Motherland having joined the army in order to take part in Operation Raah E Rast. It was his patriotism that led him to the field of battle. Other than displaying his patriotism by putting his life on the line for his Country he has done the same by building a school and managing it in interior Sindh. Zerab is also revered by minorities as he advocates for a Secular Pakistan where all are treated as equal yet is still considered religious and prays 5 times a day.

Zerab is most well known for his emotions. Buying food for a poor woman and her children in a Kachi Abadi of Karachi and making sure they get their bread two times a day daily, giving a thousand Rupees to a beggar at Sohrab Goat while at the same time losing his temper and screaming and slapping a person at Karsaz who was insulting Pakistan despite eating and living in it, crying over the death of a Captain in the Pakistan Army in the field of battle are all events that are well remembered by the community and spoken of about him.

By profession Zerab is actually a doctor owns a Medical Institute in the heart of Karachi that gives free healthcare sometimes. However being multi-talented he is also known as a very tough soldier who has fought in Swat and as an example of Pakistani Nationalism. On the other hand Zerab has been actively fighting corruption and corrupt government officials. He is one of the rare people to have done this successfully. Zerad also knows 7 different languages spoken within the boundaries of Pakistan.

Being a perfectionist he seeks to achieve perfection, after all he is such an immense figure in Pakistani Nationalism and spoken of by all Nationalists with pride he serves as an example to the entire community.

*More information about him has not been shared on his own request.

Haavi Zayed, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, Canada Chapter:

Having suffered major terrorist death threats from Hindutvadi terrorists in Canada and USA over a mistaken identity of another Nationalist and from Taliban terrorists in Pakistan over his direct assault over whose interests they are serving may have forced one of the youngest Nationalist Leaders to be quieter and more careful about what he shares and who he shares it with but it has certainly not reduced his Nationalism but increased it.

Perhaps this is the reason he has been elected the President of Pakistan Nationalist Association’s Canada Chapter. Haavi is one of the most active people to be floating the idea of a Public Wing of Pakistan Nationalist Association which has finally been successful. His articles featured in the Magazine the Nationalist Monthly in Canada have been very famous and cover subjects such as Minority Rights, the intense Foreign Interference in Pakistan’s affairs, hypocrisy presented by such Nations and their interests, Pakistani music and of course news related to Pakistani Nationalism. This site has many articles by him for the reason there are very few writers. He is also writing a book.

Other than this he is a perfect graphic designer and has designed the logos and promos for over 12 Nationalist groupings for a much lower price than it would cost them otherwise. This is one of the means he is currently earning. However instead of investing the limited money he earns on his family which needs it he has invested if not all of it then much of it on Pakistan, namely the school for poor children in Gulshan E Iqbal. To add to this he has the rich experience of social work and has arranged several Pakistani Events for Nationalist Wings in Canada.

Despite this experience Haavi has been reluctant to take on the position as a leader. However after being pushed by the Nationalist community he has taken his position as President of the Canada Wing. He has become an extremely famous figure due to both his work and his social nature.

Tariq Ziyad, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UAE Chapter:

This is one of the few leaders using a traditional Urdu name who has been elected but Tariq has some very strong beliefs about the use of the Urdu language when using names and has not adopted Hazai at all even to make the language survive.

Tariq Ziyad is known to promote Urdu literature and is planning to release a book of Ghazal’s himself. He works in a Computer firm and can type in Urdu with a good speed. However Tariq’s beginnings are extremely humble and he has come to achieve the current position with effort alone. He believes in hard work and loving ones country which had actually led him to the Nationalists in the first place.

Tariq has also hosted many get-togethers and is very involved in trying to create Nationalism among the youth. He is involved with a number of public aid agencies and humanitarian outfits such as the Citizens Foundation and the Sufferers Witness.

Tariq is fluent in English, Arabic and Farsi other than his remarkable Urdu. He has utilized these languages to host events appealing to these groups and has created a lot of friends for the Pakistani Nationalists amongst many Arabs and Iranians who have common interests and goals as we do. He is also sending a great deal of money to schools in Rural Sindh and Balochistan. Tariq is also very vocal against the terrorists waging war against the Pakistani Nation.

Shabir Awan, President of the Pakistan Nationalist Association, UK Chapter:

Shabir Awan is known to be very rich and he is one of the few people who have utilized this richness in the best way possible. By giving his country all he can. He is as cunning as a politician and knows their mindset through years of dealing with them. This is why when he sends money to Pakistan he ends up paying nothing to corrupt government officials who stand to take money out of even what is meant for aid projects.

After the death of his sister in artillery bombardment during the Kargill war Shabir has worked tirelessly worked to promote Pakistani interests and worked to make Pakistan a better place to live in. He is actively supporting with his generous wealth many business growth programs and education programs across the country. One of the programs is very famous where farmers from Sindh and Balochistan are being paid for sending their children to school. He has also undertaken the reconstruction of many schools and healthcare units in Rural areas.

Shabir is also a believer in the idea that it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to support his country industry and people. As such he is trying to promote these ideas in the youth through a program called “Live for Pakistan, Die for Pakistan” a campaign he started himself. It has been very well received by a section of the youth but needs better promotion.

* Shabir is isolated in nature and doesn’t want his good acts to be known by everyone. Therefore further information about him is not shared. This man is more commonly known by his Nationalist name which is not being shared too.