By Havi Zayed

Though reports are sketchy at this moment it has been confirmed that Halzaar, who gave the gift of education to many poor children despite being from a very poor background, has perished. Though it is not yet clear the very reason for this may be militant activity. The report came in on the 20th of this month and Nationalist media sources had been waiting for confirmation of the incident before releasing it on our sources.

Halzaar who was often called Thomas has been a jewel within the organization for a very long period. In the year 2007 he took it upon himself to put every ounce of his meagre wealth to the promotion of education in Pakistan and started up his first school with the help of other Nationalist volunteers in rural Sindh. In the subsequent years his fame within the various Nationalist organizations skyrocketed as it does in almost all situations where a member donates funds but Halzaar constantly dreamed of a similar school in his own district of Hangu, which was the reason he had spent the end of the last year surveying the district for the poorest of the poorest village to build his second school.

The details surrounding Halzaar’s death are still unknown but family members who live in Karachi confirm that the 32 year old liberal went to visit his home in Thal, Hangu but they had not heard of him since he began the trip. The breakthrough only came recently when villagers from Targhundai found a bullet riddled body in the areas surrounding it which has been identified as Thomas. The village has also suffered a rocket attack recently which has been reported in the news.

If this is proven to be militant activity rather than personal enmity this may very well be the first time a Nationalist of civilian origin has been slain by the militants. In the past some of our men who joined the army voluntarily in order to destroy the terrorist menace have been killed in attacks primarily due to the Nationalist battle zeal that separates our units from others when facing enemies of the state. It is well known that Nationalists with Leftist tendencies and Military ones tend to almost worship the land as a mother tolerating nothing against it.

Most Nationalist leaders including those from the Watan Parast Tehreek which Halzaar primarily served were not available for comment immediately about the death of one of their most important members. However children from Halzaar’s school who are eager to learn are already depressed about what the future may hold for them. “Halzaar used to pay my child’s fees” a parent says. “Will anyone be able to take this man’s place to support the poor people of rural Sindh?

The question remains to be answered.